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RPM of Group Hardware/TV

alevt-1.6.2-94.1 Teletext and Videotext Decoder for the BTTV Driver linux/aarch64
dtv-scan-tables-20150208-1.1 Scan files for digital TV applications v3 linux/noarch
dtv-scan-tables-v5-20150208-1.1 Scan files for digital TV applications v5 linux/noarch
dvb-1.1.1_20150120-1.1 Tools for Digital (DVB) TV Cards linux/aarch64
dvb-utils-1.6.2-2.1 Utilities for DVB devices linux/aarch64
dvbtune-0.5-167.1 Tuning Application for DVB Cards linux/aarch64
libcec-2.2.0-2.1 Control your device with your TV remote control via HDMI linux/aarch64
libplatform1_0-1.0.9-1.1 Platform support library used by libCEC and binary add-ons for Kodi linux/aarch64New
motv-3.103-7.1 Video4Linux TV application (Motif) linux/aarch64
nxtvepg-2.8.1-22.1 Nextview EPG Decoder and Browser linux/aarch64
qv4l2-1.6.2-2.1 Video4linux test control and streaming test application linux/aarch64
runvdr-extreme-systemd-0.5.0-4.1 Startscripts and systemd unit file for VDR linux/noarch
technisat-usb2-firmware-17.63-5.1 Firmware for Technisat SkyStar USB HD linux/noarch
tv-common-3.103-7.1 Frequency tables and some Tools for motv and xawtv linux/aarch64
tvtime-1.0.2-264.1 High Quality Television Application linux/aarch64
v4l-conf-3.103-7.1 Video4linux Configuration Tool linux/aarch64
v4l-tools-3.103-7.1 Video4linux terminal / command line utilities linux/aarch64
v4l-utils-1.6.2-2.1 Utilities for video4linux linux/aarch64
v4l-utils-devel-tools-1.6.2-2.1 Utilities for v4l2 / DVB driver development and debugging linux/aarch64
vdr-2.2.0-2.1 Video Disk Recorder linux/aarch64New
vdr-devel-2.2.0-2.1 Video Disk Recorder linux/aarch64New
vdr-devel-doc-2.2.0-2.1 Video Disk Recorder linux/noarchNew
vdr-plugin-epgsearch-1.0.1.beta5-5.1 VDR epgsearch plugin linux/aarch64
vdr-plugin-femon-2.2.0-1.1 DVB Frontend Status Monitor plugin for VDR linux/aarch64
vdr-plugin-remote-0.5.0-3.1 VDR remote plugin linux/aarch64
vdr-plugin-streamdev-client-0.6.1-4.2 The streamdev plugin adds streaming capabilities to your VDR linux/aarch64
vdr-plugin-streamdev-server-0.6.1-4.2 The streamdev plugin adds streaming capabilities to your VDR linux/aarch64
vdr-plugin-xineliboutput-1.1.0-4.2 VDR xineliboutput plugin linux/aarch64
vdr-xineliboutput-client-1.1.0-4.2 Xinelib-based software output device for VDR - client linux/aarch64
xawtv-3.103-7.1 Video4Linux TV application (Athena) linux/aarch64

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