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RPM of Group Hardware/ISDN

ant-phone-2011.8.29-20.3 A telephone application linux/aarch64
capi4linux-2011.8.29-20.3 CAPI 2.0 tools linux/aarch64
capi4linux-devel-2011.8.29-20.3 CAPI 2.0 library files for development linux/aarch64
capisuite-0.4.5-265.4 ISDN Telecommunication Suite Providing Fax and Voice Services linux/aarch64
gigaset-frontend-0.7.1-1.1 Siemens Gigaset configuration software linux/aarch64
gigaset-frontend-qt-0.7.1-1.1 Siemens Gigaset configuration software (GUI) linux/aarch64
i4l-base-2011.8.29-20.3 ISDN for Linux Basic Utilities linux/aarch64
i4l-isdnlog-2011.8.29-20.3 An ISDN line logging and control utility linux/aarch64
i4l-vbox-2011.8.29-20.3 A Voice Answering Machine for isdn4linux linux/aarch64
i4lfirm-2011.8.29-20.3 ISDN firmware for active ISDN cards linux/aarch64
libcapi20-2-2011.8.29-20.3 CAPI 2.0 library linux/aarch64
libcapi20-3-2011.8.29-20.3 CAPI 2.0 library linux/aarch64
mISDNuser-2.0.17-7.2 Tools and library for mISDN linux/aarch64
sfftobmp-3.1.4-5.1 Tool to convert Structured Fax Files (.sff) to other image formats linux/aarch64
sffview-0.4-275.3 Simple viewer for Structured Fax Files (.sff) used by ISDN applications linux/aarch64

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