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RPM of Group Documentation/Other

IPython-doc-2.1.0-1.1 An Enhanced Interactive Python Shell documentation linux/noarch
LiE-doc-2.2.2-2.1 A Computer algebra package for Lie group computations linux/aarch64
OpenColorIO-doc-1.0.8-4.4 Documentation for OpenColorIO linux/noarch
adolc-doc-2.5.2-1.1 Algorithmic Differentiation Library for C/C++ -- documentation linux/noarch
alsa-docs-1.0.28-5.1 Additional Package Documentation linux/noarch
amavisd-new-docs-2.9.1-2.1 Documentation for the High-Performance E-Mail Virus Scanner linux/aarch64
ant-contrib-manual-1.0b3-2.2 Manual for ant-contrib linux/noarch
apache-commons-daemon-javadoc-1.0.15-4.5 Commons Daemon Javadoc linux/noarch
apache2-doc-2.4.9-1.1 Additional Package Documentation. linux/noarch
apparmor-docs-2.8.96-1.2 AppArmor Documentation package linux/noarch
armadillo-doc-3.930.1-1.1 Documentation for armadillo linux/noarch
asl-doc-1.42_1.22-15.4 Documentation for the AS macro assembler linux/aarch64
axis-javadoc-1.4-289.1 Api documentation for axis linux/noarch
axis-manual-1.4-289.1 Manual for axis linux/noarch
bind-doc-9.9.5P1-4.1 BIND documentation linux/noarch
blitz-doc-0.10-3.4 The Blitz html docs linux/noarch
boinc-client-doc-7.2.42-1.1 Documentation files for boinc-client linux/noarch
books-2009.1.12-20.2 Several Linux Books linux/noarch
cadabra-doc-1.33-1.1 A computer algebra system for solving problems in field theory linux/aarch64
cfengine-doc-3.6.0-2.1 CFEngine automates large-scale IT computing infrastructure - documentation linux/aarch64
cfengine-examples-3.6.0-2.1 CFEngine example promises linux/aarch64
cfitsio-devel-doc-3.360-1.2 Documentation for the cfitsio library linux/aarch64
clanlib-examples-2.3.6-12.6 A Portable Interface for Writing Games linux/noarch
cpptasks-javadoc-1.0b5-1.1 Javadoc for cpptasks linux/noarch
docbook-tdg-2.0.6-398.2 DocBook: The Definitive Guide linux/noarch
dpic-doc-2014.01.01-1.3 Documentation for dpic linux/noarch
elementary-examples-1.9.2-8.1 Elementary examples linux/aarch64
extra-cmake-modules-doc-1.2.0-1.1 Documentation for extra-cmake-modules linux/noarch
fhs-2.3-198.2 File System Hierarchy Standard linux/noarch
firebird-doc- Documentation for Firebird SQL server linux/noarch
flickcurl-doc-1.25-1.1 C Library API to the Flickr Web Service (Documentation) linux/aarch64
gcc48-info-4.8.3+r212056-4.1 Documentation for the GNU compiler collection linux/noarch
gcc49-info-4.9.0+r211729-1.1 Documentation for the GNU compiler collection linux/noarch
geda-doc-1.8.2-1.6 Documentation Files for the gEDA Suite linux/noarch
geda-examples-1.8.2-1.6 Some Example Files for the gEDA suite linux/noarch
gimp-plugin-dds-doc-3.0.1-1.3 Plugin for GIMP providing support for the DDS format -- Documentation linux/aarch64
gle-graphics-doc-4.2.4b-13.5 Documentation for gle-graphics linux/aarch64
glibc-info-2.19-19.1 Info Files for the GNU C Library linux/noarch
glm-doc- Documentation for GLM library linux/noarch
glpk-doc-4.54-1.1 GNU Linear Programming Kit linux/noarch
gnome-devel-docs-3.12.2-1.1 GNOME Platform Documentation linux/noarch
gnome-user-docs-3.12.2-1.1 GNOME Desktop Documentation linux/noarch
gnuradio-doc-3.7.4-5.1 GNU Radio documentation linux/noarch
gputils-doc-1.3.0-1.1 Documentation files for PIC MCUs linux/noarch
gstreamer-plugin-gnonlin-doc-1.2.0-1.1 Non-liner audio and video support for GStreamer -- Documentation linux/aarch64
gtkmm2-tutorial-2.24.1-12.2 C++ Bindings for GTK+ -- Tutorial linux/noarch
gtkmm3-tutorial-3.12.0-1.1 C++ Bindings for GTK+ -- Tutorial linux/noarch
gtkwave-doc-3.3.62-1.1 Documentation for GTKWave linux/noarch
gtkwave-examples-3.3.62-1.1 Examples for GTKWave linux/noarch
hsqldb-manual-2.2.9-3.1 Manual for hsqldb linux/noarch
icecast-doc-2.4.0-1.1 Documentation for Icecast linux/aarch64
icedtea-web-javadoc-1.5-3.1 Java Web Start and plugin implementation (API documentation) linux/noarch
iproute2-doc-3.16-1.1 Documentation to iproute2 linux/noarch
javassist-demo-3.5-13.1 Samples for javassist linux/noarch
javassist-manual-3.5-13.1 Tutorial for javassist linux/noarch
judy-doc-1.0.5-5.5 Development files for Judy linux/noarch
junit-demo-4.11-1.5 Demos for junit linux/noarch
junit-manual-4.11-1.5 Manual for junit linux/noarch
kicad-doc-20130728-3.2 Documentation and tutorials for kicad linux/noarch
kicad-doc-de-20130728-3.2 German documentation and tutorials for kicad linux/noarch
kicad-doc-en-20130728-3.2 English documentation and tutorials for kicad linux/noarch
kicad-doc-es-20130728-3.2 Spanish documentation and tutorials for kicad linux/noarch
kicad-doc-fr-20130728-3.2 French documentation and tutorials for kicad linux/noarch
kicad-doc-hu-20130728-3.2 Hungarian documentation and tutorials for kicad linux/noarch
kicad-doc-it-20130728-3.2 Italian documentation and tutorials for kicad linux/noarch
kicad-doc-ja-20130728-3.2 Japanese documentation and tutorials for kicad linux/noarch
kicad-doc-pl-20130728-3.2 Polish documentation and tutorials for kicad linux/noarch
kicad-doc-ru-20130728-3.2 Russian documentation and tutorials for kicad linux/noarch
kicad-doc-zh_CN-20130728-3.2 Chinese documentation and tutorials for kicad linux/noarch
krb5-doc-1.12.2-1.1 MIT Kerberos5 Implementation--Documentation linux/aarch64
lessons4lizards_en-0.2-91.2 Lessons for Lizards - Understanding openSUSE linux/noarch
libe-book-devel-doc-0.1.1-1.3 Documentation for the libe-book API linux/noarch
libfm-doc- GTK libfm libraries linux/aarch64
libjson-c-doc-0.11-3.1 Documentation files linux/noarch
liblcms2-doc-2.6-1.1 User and developer documentation for lcms2 linux/noarch
liblouis-doc-2.5.4-1.1 Braille Translator and Back-Translator - Documentation linux/aarch64
liborigin-doc-20080225-1.1 Documentation for liborigin linux/noarch
libpresage-doc-0.9.beta20140216-1.1 Intelligent predictive text entry platform (documentation) linux/noarch
librevenge-doc-0.0.1-2.1 Documentation of librevenge API linux/noarch
libsigsegv-doc-2.10-4.5 Library for Handling Page Faults in User Mode linux/aarch64
libsord-docs-0.12.0-3.3 Documentation about the libsord API linux/aarch64
libvorbis-doc-1.3.4-2.1 Documentation of Ogg/Vorbis library linux/noarch
libwpd-devel-doc-0.10.0-1.1 Documentation for the libwpd API linux/noarch
lv2-docs-1.8.0-1.1 LV2 documentation linux/aarch64
mathgl-doc-pdf-2.3-1.1 Documentation for mathgl linux/noarch
mathgl-doc-ru-2.3-1.1 Russian documentation for mathgl linux/noarch
metis-doc-5.1.0-2.1 Metis documentation linux/noarch
msmtp-doc-1.4.32-1.1 Documentation for msmtp linux/aarch64
netcdf-doc-4.3.2-4.1 Documentation for netcdf linux/aarch64
ntp-doc-4.2.6p5-24.1 Additional Package Documentation for ntp linux/aarch64
octave-doc-3.8.2-3.3 Documentation for Octave linux/noarch
openldap2-doc-2.4.39-7.2 OpenLDAP Documentation linux/noarch
openslide-doc-3.4.0-1.2 Documentation for openslide linux/noarch
openvas-scanner-doc-3.4.0-5.5 Additional Package Documentation linux/noarch
otrs-doc-3.3.8-1.1 OTRS Documentation linux/noarch
pcb-doc-20140316-1.1 Documentation for PCB, An interactive printed circuit board editor linux/noarch
pound-doc-2.6-7.4 Doumentation for pound linux/aarch64
python-Flask-doc-0.10.1-2.1 Documentation for python-Flask linux/noarch
python-Kivy-doc-1.8.0-1.1 Documentation for python-Kivy linux/aarch64
python-OpenEXR-doc-1.2.0-10.3 Documentation for python-OpenEXR linux/aarch64
python-SQLAlchemy-doc-0.9.7-1.1 Documentation for python-SQLAlchemy linux/noarch
python-Sphinx-doc-1.2.3-1.1 Documentation for python-Sphinx linux/noarch
python-Werkzeug-doc-0.9.6-1.1 Documentation for python-Werkzeug linux/noarch
python-gunicorn-doc-18.0-1.3 WSGI HTTP Server for UNIX - Documentation linux/noarch
python-mpservlets-doc-1.1.6-38.4 API Reference in HTML and PDF linux/noarch
python-mpservlets-tutorial-1.1.6-38.4 A tutorial on developing web applications using servlets linux/noarch
python-polib-doc-1.0.3-6.1 A library to manipulate gettext files linux/noarch
python3-SQLAlchemy-doc-0.8.3-1.2 Documentation for python-SQLAlchemy linux/noarch
python3-Sphinx-doc-1.2.3-1.1 Documentation for python3-Sphinx linux/noarch
python3-gunicorn-doc-0.17.2-3.5 WSGI HTTP Server for UNIX - Documentation linux/noarch
python3-polib-doc-1.0.3-4.2 Documentation for Library to Manipulate gettext Files linux/noarch
quantum-espresso-doc-5.0.2-1.1 Documentation files for Quantum Espresso linux/aarch64
rfc-2011.9.9-43.1 The RFCs (Request For Comments) linux/noarch
samba-doc-4.1.11-5.1 Samba Documentation linux/noarch
shorewall-docs- HTML documentation for shorewall configuration linux/noarch
siproxd-doc-0.8.1-19.1 Documentation for siproxd linux/aarch64
skinlf-demo-6.7-3.1 Examples for skinlf linux/noarch
slf4j-manual-1.6.1-13.1 Documents for slf4j linux/noarch
solaar-doc-0.9.2-1.1 Documentation for solaar linux/noarch
squidGuard-doc-1.4-22.3 Additional documentation and examples for squidGuard linux/aarch64
srecord-doc-1.64-1.1 Srecord PDF documentation linux/noarch
tanukiwrapper-manual-3.5.25-1.1 Documents for tanukiwrapper linux/aarch64
u-boot-vexpressaemv8a-doc-2014.10~rc2-1.1 Documentation for the u-boot Firmware linux/aarch64
uhd-doc-3.7.2-1.1 Documentation files for uhd linux/noarch
verilator-doc-pdf-3.862-1.1 Documentation for verilator in PDF format linux/noarch
verilator-examples-3.862-1.1 Examples for verilator linux/noarch
vips-doc-7.40.6-1.1 Documentation for VIPS library linux/noarch
xmms2-docs-0.7-30.6 Development documentation for XMMS2 linux/aarch64
xorg-docs-1.7-7.4 Miscellaneous documentation for the X Window System linux/noarch
xsd-doc-4.0.0-1.1 API documentation files for xsd linux/aarch64

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