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RPM of Group Documentation/Man

audiofile-doc-0.3.6-5.1 An audio file library linux/aarch64
bash-doc-4.3-80.1 Documentation how to Use the GNU Bourne-Again Shell linux/noarchNew
cunit-doc-2.1.3-1.1 CUnit documentation linux/aarch64
efl-examples-1.11.3-2.2 Examples of EFL usage linux/aarch64
gtkam-doc-0.2.0-8.1 Documentation for gtkcam linux/aarch64
hxtools-man-20150221-1.1 Manual pages for the hxtools suite linux/noarch
kernel-docs-3.19.1-1.1 Kernel Documentation (man pages) linux/noarchNew
libressl-devel-doc-2.1.4-1.1 Documentation for the LibreSSL API linux/noarchNew
libxcb-devel-doc-1.11-1.1 Documentation for libxcb linux/noarch
man-pages-3.81-1.1 Linux Manual Pages linux/noarchNew
man-pages-cs-0.18.20090209-60.1 Czech Manual Pages linux/noarch
man-pages-fr-3.70-1.1 LDP man Pages (French) linux/noarch
man-pages-it-3.64-1.1 LDP Man Pages (Italian) linux/noarch
man-pages-ja-20141115-1.1 LDP Manual Pages (Japanese) linux/noarch
man-pages-ko-20050219-103.1 LDP man Pages (Korean) linux/noarch
man-pages-posix-2013a-1.1 POSIX Manual Pages linux/noarch
man-pages-ru-0.98-103.1 LDP man Pages (Russian) linux/noarch
qt3-man-3.3.8c-137.1 Qt 3 Man Pages linux/aarch64
rman-3.2-157.3 RosettaMan - Filter for Manpages linux/aarch64
swig-doc-3.0.5-1.1 SWIG Manual linux/noarch
xl2tpd-doc-1.3.0-14.1 Documentation for xl2tpd package linux/aarch64
xmanja-0.7-461.1 Japanese online manuals for X11 linux/noarch

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