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RPM of Group Development/Tools/IDE

anjuta-3.12.0-1.1 Versatile Integrated Development Environment for GNOME linux/aarch64
anjuta-devel-3.12.0-1.1 Libraries for developing Anjuta plugins -- Development Files linux/aarch64
anjuta-extras-3.10.0-1.2 Extra plugins for anjuta linux/aarch64
geany-1.24.1-1.1 Small and lightweight IDE linux/aarch64
geany-plugins-1.24-1.1 A collection of different plugins for Geany linux/aarch64
gedit-plugin-valencia-0.4.0-4.3 GEdit plugin to use GEdit as a lightweight IDE for Vala linux/aarch64
kapptemplate-4.13.80-1.1 Template for KDE Application Development linux/aarch64New
kdevelop4-4.6.0-1.1 Integrated Development Environment for the X Window System, Qt, KDE, and GNOME linux/aarch64
kdevelop4-devel-4.6.0-1.1 Integrated Development Environment: Build Environment linux/aarch64
kdevelop4-doc-4.6.0-1.1 KDE Integrated Development Environment: Documentation linux/aarch64
kdevelop4-pg-qt-1.0.0-9.4 Supporting package for the additional plugins for Kdevelop4 linux/aarch64
kdevelop4-plugin-python-1.6.0-1.1 Python support for KDevelop linux/aarch64
kdevelop4-plugins-php-1.6.0-1.1 PHP Plugin for Kdevelop4 Integrated Development Environment linux/aarch64
kdevelop4-plugins-php-doc-1.6.0-1.1 PHP Documentation for Kdevelop4 Integrated Development Environment linux/aarch64
kdevplatform-1.6.0-1.4 Base Package for Integrated Development Environments linux/aarch64
kernelshark-2.0.4-3.3 GUI for trace-cmd linux/aarch64
libkdevplatform-devel-1.6.0-1.4 Base Package for Integrated Development Environments: Build Environment linux/aarch64
libkdevplatform7-1.6.0-1.4 Libraries for Integrated Development Environments linux/aarch64
libqt5-creator-3.1.2-1.1 Lightweight IDE linux/aarch64
littlewizard-1.2.2-13.4 Development Environment for Children linux/aarch64
littlewizard-examples-20071206-13.1 Example files for Little Wizard linux/noarch
qt-creator-3.0.0-1.3 Lightweight IDE linux/aarch64
qwt-designer-5.2.3-1.1 Plugin for the Qt Interface designer linux/aarch64

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