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RPM of Group Development/Libraries/Tcl

bwidget-1.9.8-1.1 A Set of Megawidgets for Tcl/Tk linux/noarch
expect-devel-5.45-17.1 Header Files and C API Documentation for expect linux/aarch64
graphviz-tcl-2.38.0-5.2 Tcl extension tools for graphviz linux/aarch64
jimtcl-devel-0.75-3.1 Development files for jimtcl linux/aarch64
snack-2.2.10-213.1 Sound Extension for Tcl/Tk and Python linux/aarch64
tcl-devel-8.6.3-1.1 Header Files and C API Documentation for Tcl linux/aarch64
tcl8-xapian-1.2.21-1.1 Files needed for developing TCL scripts which use Xapian linux/aarch64
tcllib-1.16-4.2 Tcl Standard Library linux/noarch
tclplug-3.1.0-75.1 Tcl/Tk Plug-In for Netscape Navigator linux/aarch64
tcludp-1.0.11-1.1 UDP Socket Extension for Tcl linux/aarch64
tdom-0.8.3-8.1 A XML/DOM/XPath/XSLT Implementation for Tcl linux/aarch64
tdom-devel-0.8.3-8.1 Development Files for tdom linux/aarch64
tix-8.4.3-71.1 Tools for tk linux/aarch64
tk-devel-8.6.3-1.1 Header Files and C API Documentation for Tk linux/aarch64
tkimg-1.4-5.1 More Image Formats for Tk linux/aarch64
tkimg-devel-1.4-5.1 Header Files and C API Documentation for tkimg linux/aarch64
tktable-2.10-5.1 A Table/Matrix Widget Extension to Tcl/Tk linux/aarch64
tls-1.6.3-1.1 Tcl Binding for the OpenSSL Library linux/aarch64

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