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RPM of Group Development/Languages/Other

asl-1.42_1.22-17.1 Macro Assembler AS linux/aarch64New
bff-1.0.4-12.1 Slightly-optimizing Brainfuck interpreter linux/aarch64New
bff4-1-14.1 Fast Brainfuck interpreter linux/aarch64New
erlang-17.3-2.1 General-purpose programming language and runtime environment linux/aarch64
erlang-debugger-17.3-2.1 A debugger for debugging and testing of Erlang programs linux/aarch64
erlang-debugger-src-17.3-2.1 Erlang/OTP debugger application sources linux/aarch64
erlang-dialyzer-17.3-2.1 A DIscrepany AnaLYZer for ERlang programs linux/aarch64
erlang-dialyzer-src-17.3-2.1 Erlang/OTP dialyzer application sources linux/aarch64
erlang-doc-17.3-2.1 Erlang documentation linux/aarch64
erlang-epmd-17.3-2.1 Erlang Port Mapper daemon linux/aarch64
erlang-et-17.3-2.1 An event tracer for Erlang programs linux/aarch64
erlang-et-src-17.3-2.1 Erlang/OTP et application sources linux/aarch64
erlang-gs-17.3-2.1 A library for Tcl/Tk support in Erlang linux/aarch64
erlang-gs-src-17.3-2.1 Erlang/OTP gs application sources linux/aarch64
erlang-jinterface-src-17.3-2.1 Erlang/OTP jinterface application sources linux/aarch64
erlang-observer-17.3-2.1 A GUI tool for observing an erlang system linux/aarch64
erlang-observer-src-17.3-2.1 Erlang/OTP observer application sources linux/aarch64
erlang-reltool-17.3-2.1 A release management tool linux/aarch64
erlang-reltool-src-17.3-2.1 Erlang/OTP reltool application sources linux/aarch64
erlang-src-17.3-2.1 Erlang/OTP applications sources linux/aarch64
erlang-wx-17.3-2.1 A library for wxWidgets support in Erlang linux/aarch64
erlang-wx-src-17.3-2.1 Erlang/OTP wx application sources linux/aarch64
gcc-PIE-4.8-10.1 A default configuration to build all binaries in PIE mode linux/aarch64
gcc-obj-c++-4.8-10.1 The system GNU Objective C++ Compiler linux/aarch64
gcc-objc-4.8-10.1 The system GNU Objective C Compiler linux/aarch64
gcc48-obj-c++-4.8.3+r218481-2.1 GNU Objective C++ Compiler linux/aarch64
gcc48-objc-4.8.3+r218481-2.1 GNU Objective C Compiler linux/aarch64
gcc5-go-5.0.0+r221624-4.1 GNU Go Compiler linux/aarch64
gcc5-obj-c++-5.0.0+r221624-4.1 GNU Objective C++ Compiler linux/aarch64
gcc5-objc-5.0.0+r221624-4.1 GNU Objective C Compiler linux/aarch64
js-1.8.5-20.1 JavaScript interpreter linux/aarch64New
libgo7-gcc5-5.0.0+r221624-4.1 GNU Go compiler runtime library linux/aarch64
libidl-devel-0.8.14-21.1 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/aarch64New
m4-1.4.17-4.1 GNU m4 linux/aarch64
nasm-2.11.08-1.1 Netwide Assembler (An x86 Assembler) linux/aarch64
nasm-doc-2.11.08-1.1 Documentation for Nasm linux/noarch
nodejs-packaging-1-2.1 RPM Macros and Utilities for Node.js Packaging linux/noarch
ocaml-4.02.1-1.1 The Objective Caml Compiler and Programming Environment linux/aarch64
ocaml-camlp4-4.02.1-1.1 Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml linux/aarch64
ocaml-camlp4-devel-4.02.1-1.1 Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml linux/aarch64
ocaml-docs-4.02.1-1.1 The Objective Caml Compiler and Programming Environment linux/aarch64
ocaml-emacs-4.02.1-1.1 The Objective Caml Compiler and Programming Environment linux/aarch64
ocaml-ocamldoc-4.02.1-1.1 The Objective Caml Compiler and Programming Environment linux/aarch64
ocaml-rpm-macros-4.02.1-1.1 RPM macros for building OCaml source packages linux/aarch64
ocaml-runtime-4.02.1-1.1 The Objective Caml Compiler and Programming Environment linux/aarch64
ocaml-source-4.02.1-1.1 Source code for Objective Caml libraries linux/aarch64
ooRexx-4.2.0-6.1 Open Object Rexx linux/aarch64
ooRexx-devel-4.2.0-6.1 Open Object Rexx development files linux/aarch64
php-libkolab0-0.5.3-3.1 PHP Bindings for libkolab linux/aarch64
php-libkolabxml1-1.0.2-1.2 PHP bindings for libkolabxml linux/aarch64
php5-5.6.7-2.1 PHP5 Core Files linux/aarch64New
php5-redland- Php5 bindings for programs that use Redland linux/aarch64
saxon8-B.8.8-130.1 Java Basic XPath 2.0, XSLT 2.0, and XQuery 1.0 implementation linux/noarchNew
saxon8-demo-B.8.8-130.1 Demos for saxon8 linux/noarchNew
saxon8-dom-B.8.8-130.1 DOM support for saxon8 linux/noarchNew
saxon8-javadoc-B.8.8-130.1 Javadoc for saxon8 linux/noarchNew
saxon8-jdom-B.8.8-130.1 JDOM support for saxon8 linux/noarchNew
saxon8-manual-B.8.8-130.1 Manual for saxon8 linux/noarchNew
saxon8-scripts-B.8.8-130.1 Utility scripts for saxon8 linux/noarchNew
saxon8-sql-B.8.8-130.1 SQL support for saxon8 linux/noarchNew
saxon8-xom-B.8.8-130.1 XOM support for saxon8 linux/noarchNew
saxon8-xpath-B.8.8-130.1 XPATH support for saxon8 linux/noarchNew
shp-1.0.2-5.1 Like PHP except you write your script in shell script linux/noarchNew
shunit2-2.1.6-5.1 Test Framework for Bourne Based Shell Scripts linux/noarchNew
slang-slsh-2.3.0-1.1 Interpreter for S-Lang Scripts linux/aarch64
squirrel-3.0.7-1.1 A high level imperative/OO programming language linux/aarch64
squirrel-doc-3.0.7-1.1 Documentation for squirrel linux/noarch
squirrel-examples-3.0.7-1.1 Example scripts for squirrel linux/noarch
swipl-6.6.6-3.1 Prolog Compiler linux/aarch64New
texlive-bin-devel-2013.20130620-27.1 Basic development packages for TeXLive linux/aarch64
texlive-devel-2013.74-16.1 Basic development packages for TeXLive linux/noarch
vala-0.28.0-1.1 Programming language for GNOME linux/aarch64
yasm-1.3.0-2.1 A complete rewrite of the NASM assembler linux/aarch64
yasm-devel-1.3.0-2.1 YASM development package linux/aarch64

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