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Packages beginning with letter D

d-feet-0.3.9-1.1 Graphical D-Bus Debugger linux/noarch
d-feet-lang-0.3.9-1.1 Languages for package d-feet linux/noarch
dai-banna-fonts-2.200-1.5 SIL New Tai Lue Font linux/noarch
damageproto-devel-1.2.1-1.1 The X Protocol linux/aarch64
dante-1.4.0-3.1 A Free Socks v4 and v5 Client Implementation linux/aarch64
dante-devel-1.4.0-3.1 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/aarch64
dante-server-1.4.0-3.1 A Free Socks v4/v5 Server Implementation linux/aarch64
daps-2.0~rc1-1.1 DocBook Authoring and Publishing Suite linux/noarch
dar-2.4.14-1.1 Backup and Restore Application linux/aarch64
dar-lang-2.4.14-1.1 Languages for package dar linux/noarch
darts-0.32-6.1 Double Array Trie System linux/aarch64
dash-0.5.7-11.4 POSIX-compliant Implementation of /bin/sh linux/aarch64
dasher-4.11-26.1 Zooming Predictive Text Entry System linux/aarch64
dasher-data-extras-4.11-26.1 Zooming Predictive Text Entry System -- Data files for additional languages linux/noarch
dasher-data-recommended-4.11-26.1 Zooming Predictive Text Entry System -- Data files for common languages linux/noarch
dasher-lang-4.11-26.1 Languages for package dasher linux/noarch
dateutils-0.2.7-1.1 Nifty command line date and time utilities linux/aarch64
dateutils-devel-0.2.7-1.1 Development files for dateutils linux/aarch64
datovka-3.0.3-5.1 Library to access Czech eGov system \"Datove schranky\" linux/noarch
datovka-lang-3.0.3-5.1 Languages for package datovka linux/noarch
db45-doc-4.5.20-127.2 Documentation for Berkeley DB linux/noarch
db45-utils-4.5.20-127.2 Command Line tools for Managing Berkeley DB Databases linux/aarch64
db45-utils-doc-4.5.20-127.2 Documentation for the Command Line tools for Managing Berkeley DB Databases linux/noarch
db48-doc-4.8.30-28.1 Documentation for Berkeley DB linux/noarch
db48-utils-4.8.30-28.1 Command Line tools for Managing Berkeley DB Databases linux/aarch64
dbench-3.04-166.11 File System Benchmark Similar to Netbench linux/aarch64
dbh-devel-4.5.0-144.3 Development files for the Disk-Based Hash Library linux/aarch64
dblatex-0.3.4-3.1 DocBook to LaTeX Publishing linux/noarch
dbsplit-tools-0.6-138.1 DocBook Splitting tools linux/noarch
dbus-1-1.8.6-3.1 D-Bus Message Bus System linux/aarch64
dbus-1-devel-1.8.6-3.1 Developer package for D-Bus linux/aarch64
dbus-1-devel-doc-1.8.6-3.1 Developer documentation package for D-Bus linux/noarch
dbus-1-glib-0.102-1.1 GLib-based library for using D-Bus linux/aarch64
dbus-1-glib-devel-0.102-1.1 Developer package for D-Bus/GLib bindings linux/aarch64
dbus-1-glib-doc-0.102-1.1 Documentation for the D-Bus/GLib bindings linux/noarch
dbus-1-presage-0.9.beta20140216-1.1 Intelligent predictive text entry platform (dbus service) linux/aarch64
dbus-1-python-1.2.0-4.4 Python bindings for D-Bus linux/aarch64
dbus-1-python-devel-1.2.0-4.4 Python bindings for D-Bus linux/aarch64
dbus-1-python3-1.2.0-4.5 Python bindings for D-Bus linux/aarch64
dbus-1-python3-devel-1.2.0-4.5 Python bindings for D-Bus linux/aarch64
dbus-1-qt3-0.62-243.2 QT3/KDE bindings for D-Bus linux/aarch64
dbus-1-qt3-devel-0.62-243.2 Developer package for QT3/KDE bindings for D-Bus linux/aarch64
dbus-1-x11-1.8.6-3.1 D-Bus Message Bus System linux/aarch64
dbusxml2qt3-0.8.1-87.3 Generate Qt3-classes from DBus-introspection data linux/aarch64
dbview-1.0.4-114.3 Viewer for dBase III and dBase IV Files linux/aarch64
dc3dd-7.1.0-8.3 Patched dd with Computer Forensics Features linux/aarch64
dcmtk-3.6.0-15.3 DICOM Toolkit linux/aarch64
dcmtk-devel-3.6.0-15.3 Development files for dcmtk linux/aarch64
dconf-0.20.0-2.1 Simple key-based configuration system linux/aarch64
dconf-devel-0.20.0-2.1 Simple key-based configuration system -- Development Files linux/aarch64
dconf-editor-0.20.0-2.1 Simple key-based configuration system -- Graphical Editor linux/aarch64
dconf-lang-0.20.0-2.1 Languages for package dconf linux/noarch
dcraw-9.22-1.1 Raw Digital Photo Decoding linux/aarch64
dcraw-lang-9.22-1.1 Languages for package dcraw linux/noarch
dd_rescue-1.46-1.1 Data Copying in the Presence of I/O Errors linux/aarch64New
dd_rescue-lzo-1.46-1.1 LZO plugin for dd_rescue linux/aarch64New
dd_rhelp-0.3.0-9.1 Bash Helper Script That Handles dd_rescue linux/noarch
ddclient-3.8.2-3.2 A Perl Client to Update Dynamic DNS Entries linux/noarch
ddd-3.3.12-3.4 Debugger with Graphical User Interface linux/aarch64
ddd-doc-3.3.12-3.4 Debugger with Graphical User Interface linux/noarch
dds2tar-2.5.2-1328.3 DDS2 Tape Streamer Utilities linux/aarch64
ddskk-20140608-1.1 SKK (Simple Kana to Kanji Conversion Program) for Emacs linux/noarch
debhelper-9.20120830-6.4 Helper programs for debian/rules linux/noarch
debootstrap-1.0.60-1.1 Bootstrap a basic Debian system linux/noarch
decibel-audio-player-1.08-10.1 Decibel Audio Player Is an Easy to Use Audio Player linux/noarch
decibel-audio-player-lang-1.08-10.1 Languages for package decibel-audio-player linux/noarch
dee-devel-1.2.7-1.2 Development files for dee linux/aarch64
deepin-gsettings-0.1git20131206-1.1 Deepin gsettings python bindings linux/aarch64
deepin-music-player-2.0git20140505-2.1 Deepin Music Playe linux/noarch
deepin-music-player-lang-2.0git20140505-2.1 Languages for package deepin-music-player linux/noarch
deepin-ui-2.0git20140507-1.1 UI toolkit for Linux Deepin linux/noarch
deepin-ui-demo-2.0git20140507-1.1 UI toolkit for Linux Deepin linux/noarch
deepin-ui-lang-2.0git20140507-1.1 Languages for package deepin-ui linux/noarch
deepin-utils-0.0.2git20140509-1.1 Utils library for all project in Linux Deepin linux/aarch64
deja-dup-28.0-2.3 Simple backup tool and frontend for duplicity linux/aarch64
deja-dup-lang-28.0-2.3 Languages for package deja-dup linux/noarch
dejagnu-1.5.1-1.1 Framework for Running Test Suites on Software Tools linux/noarch
dejavu-fonts-2.34-3.4 DejaVu Truetype Fonts linux/noarch
delaguardo-inconsolata_lgc-fonts-1.1.0-3.4 Inconsolata font with Cyrillic characters linux/noarch
delayacct-utils-3.15.rc7-25.1 Delay Accounting Utilities linux/aarch64
delta-2006.08.03-94.3 Minimize files to interesting parts linux/aarch64
deltafs-1.0-21.3 Delta Filesystem linux/aarch64
deltarpm-3.6-3.3 Tools to Create and Apply deltarpms linux/aarch64
desktop-data-openSUSE-13.2-1.1 Shared Desktop Files for openSUSE linux/noarch
desktop-data-openSUSE-extra-13.2-1.1 Additional wallpapers linux/noarch
desktop-file-utils-0.22-3.3 Utilities for Manipulating Desktop Files linux/aarch64
desktop-translations-13.1-10.1 Desktop Files Translations linux/noarch
deutex-4.4.902-7.3 WAD composer for Doom and related games linux/aarch64
devhelp-3.12.1-1.1 Developer's Help Program for GNOME linux/aarch64
devhelp-devel-3.12.1-1.1 Developer's Help Program For GNOME linux/aarch64
devhelp-lang-3.12.1-1.1 Languages for package devhelp linux/noarch
device-mapper-1.02.78-0.18.1 Device Mapper Tools linux/aarch64
device-mapper-devel-1.02.78-0.18.1 Development package for the device mapper linux/aarch64
devilspie-0.22-26.3 Window-Matching Utility linux/aarch64
devilspie-lang-0.22-26.3 Languages for package devilspie linux/noarch
devmem2-1.0-7.3 Simple program to read/write from/to any location in memory linux/aarch64
devscripts-2.12.6-3.2 Scripts to make the life of a Debian Package maintainer easier linux/aarch64
dfu-programmer-0.6.2-1.1 A Device Firmware Update based USB programmer for Atmel chips linux/aarch64
dh-autoreconf-6-5.4 Add-on for debhelper to call autoreconf and clean up after the build linux/noarch
dh-make-0.61-5.1 Tool that converts source archives into Debian package source linux/noarch
dhcp-4.2.6-0.7.1 Common Files Used by ISC DHCP Software linux/aarch64
dhcp-client-4.2.6-0.7.1 ISC DHCP Client linux/aarch64
dhcp-devel-4.2.6-0.7.1 Header Files and Libraries for dhcpctl API linux/aarch64
dhcp-doc-4.2.6-0.7.1 Documentation linux/aarch64
dhcp-relay-4.2.6-0.7.1 ISC DHCP Relay Agent linux/aarch64
dhcp-server-4.2.6-0.7.1 ISC DHCP Server linux/aarch64
dhcp-tools-1.6-185.3 DHCP Tools linux/aarch64
dhcpcd-3.2.3-47.79.3 A DHCP Client Daemon linux/aarch64
dia-0.97.2-13.1 A Diagram Creation Program linux/aarch64
dia-lang-0.97.2-13.1 Languages for package dia linux/noarch
dialog-1.2-5.3 Menus and Input Boxes for Shell Scripts linux/aarch64
dialog-devel-1.2-5.3 Menus and Input Boxes for Shell Scripts linux/aarch64
dialog-examples-1.2-5.3 Examples of using dialog tool linux/noarch
dianara-1.2.1-1.1 A application for the desktop linux/aarch64
dicts-1.5-416.1 Ispell Dictionary Files linux/aarch64
diffmk-1.0-159.3 Compute Differences between XML Documents linux/noarch
diffstat-1.59-1.1 Utility That Provides Statistics Based on the Output of diff linux/aarch64
diffutils-3.3-5.3 GNU diff Utilities linux/aarch64
digikam-4.1.0-1.2 A KDE Photo Manager linux/aarch64
digikam-doc-4.1.0-1.2 Documentation of Digikam linux/noarch
digikam-lang-4.1.0-1.2 Languages for package digikam linux/noarch
ding-1.7-14.1 An X Window System Dictionary Tool linux/noarch
dirac-1.0.2-29.1 The Dirac_Video Codec linux/aarch64
dirac-devel-1.0.2-29.1 Development Files for Dirac Video Codec linux/aarch64
dirac-doc-1.0.2-29.1 Dirac Video Codec api documentation linux/noarch
dirdiff-2.1-160.3 Diff Tool to Merge Source Trees linux/aarch64
dirmngr-1.1.1-1.5 A Client for Managing and Downloading CRLs linux/aarch64
dirmngr-lang-1.1.1-1.5 Languages for package dirmngr linux/noarch
discount-2.1.5a-3.3 Markdown text to HTML converter linux/aarch64
dispcalGUI- A graphical front-end for display calibration and profiling using Argyll CMS linux/aarch64
dita-1.1-82.1 OASIS Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) linux/noarch
dita-ot-1.5.1-15.1 DITA Open Toolkit linux/noarch
djvu2pdf-0.9.2-7.1 Converting Djvu Files to PDF Files linux/noarch
djvulibre- An Open Source Implementation of DjVu linux/aarch64
djvulibre-djview4-4.9-4.3 Portable DjVu Qt4 Based Viewer and Browser Plugin linux/aarch64
djvulibre-doc- Documentation for the the DjVu - djvulibre linux/aarch64
djvusmooth-0.2.14-4.1 Graphical Text Editor for DjVu linux/noarch
djvusmooth-lang-0.2.14-4.1 Languages for package djvusmooth linux/noarch
dkimproxy-1.4.1-9.1 DKIMproxy is an SMTP-proxy that implements the DKIM and DomainKeys standards linux/noarch
dleyna-connector-dbus-0.1.0-3.3 dLeyna connector interface -- DBus linux/aarch64
dleyna-core-devel-0.1.0-3.3 Utility functions used by higher level dLeyna libraries -- Development files linux/aarch64
dleyna-renderer-0.1.3-3.3 Discover and manipulate Digital Media Renderers linux/aarch64
dleyna-renderer-devel-0.1.3-3.3 Discover and manipulate Digital Media Renderers -- Development files linux/aarch64
dmapi-devel-2.2.12-1.1 DMAPI Libraries and Header Files linux/aarch64
dmenu-4.5-7.3 A generic and efficient menu for X linux/aarch64
dmidecode-2.12-5.2 DMI table decoder linux/aarch64
dmraid-1.0.0.rc16-29.1 A Device-Mapper Software RAID Support Tool linux/aarch64
dmxproto-devel-2.3.1-1.1 The X Protocol linux/aarch64
dmz-icon-theme-cursors-11.2.0-15.1 DMZ Cursor Theme linux/noarch
dnsmasq-2.71-2.1 Lightweight, Easy-to-Configure DNS Forwarder and DHCP Server linux/aarch64New
dnsmasq-utils-2.71-2.1 Utilities for manipulating DHCP server leases linux/aarch64New
doc-gnu-ko-20000924-686.3 Korean Translations of GNU Manuals linux/noarch
docbook-css-stylesheets-0.4-159.1 DocBook CSS Stylesheets linux/noarch
docbook-dsssl-stylesheets-1.79-172.2 DSSSL Stylesheets for the DocBook DTD linux/noarch
docbook-simple-1.0-332.1 Simple DocBook DTD and Documentation linux/noarch
docbook-tdg-2.0.6-398.1 DocBook: The Definitive Guide linux/noarch
docbook-toys-1.51.0-435.2 DocBook Tools linux/noarch
docbook-utils-0.6.14-235.1 Small Wrapper Scripts for Processing DocBook Files linux/noarch
docbook-utils-minimal-0.6.14-235.1 Small Wrapper Scripts for Processing DocBook Files linux/noarch
docbook-xml-slides-3.3.1-218.1 DocBook XML Slides linux/noarch
docbook-xml-website-2.6.0-80.1 DTD and Stylesheets for Web Site Development linux/noarch
docbook-xsl-stylesheets-1.78.1+svn9743-2.1 XSL Stylesheets for DocBook 4 linux/noarch
docbook-xsl-stylesheets-scripts-1.78.1+svn9743-2.1 Script to create Indices for FOP linux/noarch
docbook2x-0.8.8-122.3 DocBook-to-Texinfo Converter linux/aarch64
docbook2x-doc-0.8.8-122.3 DocBook-to-Texinfo Converter linux/aarch64
docbook5-xsl-stylesheets-1.78.1-3.4 XSL Stylesheets for DocBook 5 linux/noarch
docbook_3-3.1-768.2 DocBook DTD 3.x linux/noarch
docbook_4-4.5-138.2 DocBook DTD Version 4.x linux/noarch
docbook_5-5.0-72.2 DocBook Schemas (DTD, RELAX NG, W3C Schema) for Version 5.x linux/noarch
dolphin-4.13.80-1.1 KDE File Manager linux/aarch64
dolphin-plugins-4.13.80-1.1 Version control plugins for Dolphin linux/aarch64
dom2-core-tests-0.0.1-26.1 DOM Conformance Test Suite linux/noarch
dom4j-1.6.1-24.1 JarJar of dom4j for JBoss linux/noarch
dom4j-demo-1.6.1-24.1 XML, XPath and XSLT library for Java linux/noarch
dom4j-javadoc-1.6.1-24.1 XML, XPath and XSLT library for Java linux/noarch
dom4j-manual-1.6.1-24.1 JarJar of dom4j for JBoss linux/noarch
doomsday-1.13-1.1 The Doomsday Engine: DOOM/Hertic/Hexen port with pretty graphics linux/aarch64
doomsday-launcher-1.13-1.1 Graphical launcher for Doomsday linux/noarch
dos2unix-6.0.6-1.1 Text converters to and from DOS/MAC to UNIX linux/aarch64
dosbox-0.74-21.2 DOS Emulator Well-Suited for Playing Games linux/aarch64
dosfstools-3.0.26-2.1 Utilities for Making and Checking MS-DOS FAT File Systems on Linux linux/aarch64
dotconf-1.3-12.3 Configuration file parser library linux/aarch64
dotconf-devel-1.3-12.3 Configuration file parser library linux/aarch64
double-conversion-devel-2.0.1-1.1 Library providing binary-decimal and decimal-binary routines for IEEE doubles linux/aarch64New
dovecot21-2.1.17-4.1 IMAP and POP3 Server Written Primarily with Security in Mind linux/aarch64New
dovecot21-backend-mysql-2.1.17-4.1 MySQL support for Dovecot linux/aarch64New
dovecot21-backend-pgsql-2.1.17-4.1 PostgreSQL support for Dovecot linux/aarch64New
dovecot21-backend-sqlite-2.1.17-4.1 SQLite support for Dovecot linux/aarch64New
dovecot21-devel-2.1.17-4.1 Development files for Dovecot plugins linux/aarch64New
dovecot21-fts-lucene-2.1.17-4.1 Fulltext search support via CLucene linux/aarch64New
dovecot21-fts-solr-2.1.17-4.1 Fulltext search support via solr linux/aarch64New
dovecot22-2.2.13-1.1 IMAP and POP3 Server Written Primarily with Security in Mind linux/aarch64New
dovecot22-backend-mysql-2.2.13-1.1 MySQL support for Dovecot linux/aarch64New
dovecot22-backend-pgsql-2.2.13-1.1 PostgreSQL support for Dovecot linux/aarch64New
dovecot22-backend-sqlite-2.2.13-1.1 SQLite support for Dovecot linux/aarch64New
dovecot22-devel-2.2.13-1.1 Development files for Dovecot plugins linux/aarch64New
dovecot22-fts-lucene-2.2.13-1.1 Fulltext search support via CLucene linux/aarch64New
dovecot22-fts-solr-2.2.13-1.1 Fulltext search support via solr linux/aarch64New
doxygen-1.8.7-2.1 Automated C, C++, and Java Documentation Generator linux/aarch64
doxywizard-1.8.7-2.1 Graphical User Interface for Doxygen linux/aarch64
dpic-2014.01.01-1.2 Pic language processor linux/aarch64
dpic-doc-2014.01.01-1.2 Documentation for dpic linux/noarch
dpkg-1.16.10-6.2 Debian package management system linux/aarch64
dpkg-devel-1.16.10-6.2 Development files for dpkg linux/aarch64
dpkg-lang-1.16.10-6.2 Languages for package dpkg linux/noarch
drac-1.12-148.3 Dynamic Relay Authorization Control linux/aarch64
dracut-037-13.1 Initramfs generator using udev linux/aarch64New
dracut-fips-037-13.1 Dracut modules to build a dracut initramfs with an integrity check linux/aarch64New
dragonplayer-4.13.80-1.1 Multimedia Player linux/aarch64
drbd-8.3.11-9.4 Distributed Replicated Block Device linux/aarch64
dri2proto-devel-2.8-1.1 The X Protocol linux/aarch64
dri3proto-devel-1.0-1.1 The X Protocol linux/aarch64
drkonqi5-5.0.1-1.1 KDE crash handler linux/aarch64New
dropbear-2014.65-1.1 A relatively small SSH 2 server and client linux/aarch64New
dropbox-1.6.0-3.4 Dropbox client for Linux linux/aarch64
drwright-3.5.0-7.2 Typing monitor to force typing breaks linux/aarch64
drwright-lang-3.5.0-7.2 Languages for package drwright linux/noarch
dssi-1.1.1-8.3 Disposable Soft Synth Interface linux/aarch64
dssi-devel-1.1.1-8.3 Development Package for DSSI plugins linux/aarch64
dtb-apm-mustang-3.15.rc5-3.1 APM X-Gene Mustang board linux/aarch64
dtb-foundation-v8-3.15.rc5-3.1 Foundation-V8A (compatible with Vexpress64) linux/aarch64
dtb-rtsm_ve-aemv8a-3.15.rc5-3.1 RTSM VE AEMv8A board (compatible with Vexpress64) linux/aarch64
dtc-1.4.0-4.1 Device-tree compiler linux/aarch64
dtv-scan-tables-20130412-4.1 Scan files for digital TV applications linux/noarch
dump-0.4b43-15.4 A Backup Program linux/aarch64
duperemove-0.08-1.1 Software to find duplicate extents in files and remove them linux/aarch64
duplicity-0.6.24-1.1 Encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup using the rsync algorithm linux/aarch64
duply-1.7.4-1.1 A frontend for the mighty duplicity magic linux/noarch
dvb-1.1.1_20120913-7.2 Tools for Digital (DVB) TV Cards linux/aarch64
dvb-devel-1.1.1_20120913-7.2 Development files for DVB-related libraries linux/aarch64
dvbsnoop-1.4.50-18.4 DVB / MPEG stream analyzer program linux/aarch64
dvbstream-0.6-159.3 Broadcasts a DVB Stream over the Network linux/aarch64
dvbtune-0.5-164.3 Tuning Application for DVB Cards linux/aarch64
dvd+rw-tools-7.1-58.3 Collection of Tools for Mastering Blu-ray and DVD+-RW/+-R Media linux/aarch64
dvgrab-3.5-19.3 Record Digital Video (DV) via an IEEE 1394 (Firewire) Interface linux/aarch64
dvgt-3.51L3-1304.3 A DVI Previewer linux/aarch64
dwarves-1.10-7.4 DWARF utilities linux/aarch64
dx-4.4.4-3.5 IBM Open Visualization Data Explorer linux/aarch64
dx-data-4.4.4-3.5 Sample data for the IBM Open Visualization Data Explorer linux/noarch
dx-devel-4.4.4-3.5 Headers, static libs and source code files for the IBM Open Visualization Data Explorer linux/aarch64
dx-doc-4.4.4-3.5 Additional Package Documentation for dx linux/noarch
dxflib-devel- Development files for dxflib, a DXF parsing library linux/aarch64
dynamic-wallpaper-branding-openSUSE-13.2-2.1 Dynamic wallpaper for GNOME, with openSUSE look linux/noarch
dynamic-wallpapers-11x-11.4-11.1 Dynamic wallpapers for GNOME, from previous versions of openSUSE linux/noarch
dynamips-0.2.13-1.1 Cisco router Emulator linux/aarch64
dzen2-1332069163-7.3 A general purpose messaging and notification program linux/aarch64

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