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RPM of Group Amusements/Teaching/Other

artikulate-4.13.0-1.2 Pronunciation Self-Teaching linux/aarch64
eperiodique-0.5-1.1 Periodic table of elements in EFL linux/aarch64
gcompris-12.11-7.4 J'ai compris / I Have Understood linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-ar-12.11-7.4 GCompris Arabic voices linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-br-12.11-7.4 GCompris Brazil voices linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-cs-12.11-7.4 GCompris Czech voices linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-da-12.11-7.4 GCompris Danish voices linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-de-12.11-7.4 GCompris voices in German linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-el-12.11-7.4 GCompris voices in Greek linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-en-12.11-7.4 GCompris voices in English linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-es-12.11-7.4 GCompris voices in Spanish linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-eu-12.11-7.4 GCompris voices in Basque linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-fi-12.11-7.4 GCompris voices in Finish linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-fr-12.11-7.4 GCompris voices in French linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-hi-12.11-7.4 GCompris voices in Hindi linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-hu-12.11-7.4 GCompris voices in Hungarian linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-id-12.11-7.4 GCompris voices in Indonesian linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-it-12.11-7.4 GCompris voices in Italian linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-mr-12.11-7.4 GCompris voices in Marathi linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-nb-12.11-7.4 GCompris voices in Norwegian linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-nl-12.11-7.4 GCompris voices in Dutch linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-pt-12.11-7.4 GCompris voices in Portuguese linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-pt-br-12.11-7.4 GCompris voices in Brasilian linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-ru-12.11-7.4 GCompris voices in Russian linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-so-12.11-7.4 GCompris voices in Somali linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-sr-12.11-7.4 GCompris voices in Serbian linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-sv-12.11-7.4 GCompris voices in Swedish linux/aarch64
gcompris-voices-tr-12.11-7.4 GCompris voices in Turkish linux/aarch64
gtypist-2.9.4-1.1 Universal typing tutor linux/aarch64
ignuit-2.20.0-12.4 Flashcard learning system linux/aarch64
kgeography-4.13.80-1.1 Geography Trainer linux/aarch64
klavaro-2.01-1.1 Typing tutor linux/aarch64
kqtquickcharts-4.13.80-1.1 Plugin to render beautiful and interactive graphs linux/aarch64
ktouch-4.13.80-1.3 Touch Typing Tutor linux/aarch64
marble-4.13.80-1.2 Generic map viewer linux/aarch64
marble-data-4.13.80-1.2 Generic map viewer: data linux/noarch
marble-doc-4.13.80-1.2 Marble documentation linux/noarch

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