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libmjpegutils-2_0-0-2.0.0-6.36 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for x86_64

Name: libmjpegutils-2_0-0 Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 2.0.0 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 6.36 Build date: Thu May 31 12:59:43 2018
Group: System/Libraries Build host: sheep09
Size: 86688 Source RPM: mjpegtools-2.0.0-6.36.src.rpm
Summary: MJPEG Video Capture and Processing Tools
The mjpegtools allow for capture, playback, processing, and simple
editing of MJPEG AV data. The hardware I/O applications are intended
for use with Zoran MJPEG framegrabber-based hardware (see the
zoran-driver package), but the processing tools can be used with MJPEG
data from other sources as well.






* Tue Mar 06 2018
  - Add libmplex2-2_0-0 to baselibs.conf for gstreamer-plugins-bad-32bit
    forgotten in the previous change
* Tue Mar 06 2018
  - Add libmpeg2encpp-2_0-0 to baselibs.conf for gstreamer-plugins-bad-32bit
    which may be needed for wine's A/V support to function properly
* Tue Feb 27 2018
  - Split libmjpegutils-2_0-0 to follow openSUSE recommended
    guidelines for libs:
    + liblavfile-2_0-0
    + liblavjpeg-2_0-0
    + liblavplay-2_0-0
    + liblavrec-2_0-0
    + libmplex2-2_0-0
    + libmpeg2encpp-2_0-0
  - Run spec-cleaner, modernize spec slightly.
  - Drop libmpeg2encpp-2_0-0 Obsoletes, package is added back.
* Tue Feb 20 2018
  - No longer use patched tarball for build, mpeg2 is now available
    in openSUSE:
    + Drop, and
      mjpegtools-codecpatch.patch, no longer needed.
    + Drop BUILD_ORIG and obsolete versions conditionals.
    + Drop previously conditional mjpegtools-orig-addon and
      libmpeg2encpp-2_0-0 subpackages.
    + Update baselibs.conf for the new build structure.
    + Add mjpegtools-orig-addon and libmpeg2encpp-2_0-0 Obsoletes:
      Ensure a smooth upgrade for our users.
* Tue Feb 20 2018
  - Make source tarball generation reproducible (boo#1041090)
* Sat Dec 30 2017
  - Add conditional post(un) handling for libmpeg2encpp-2_0-0.
* Tue Oct 31 2017
  - Drop pkgconfig(gdk-x11-2.0), pkgconfig(gobject-2.0) and
    pkgconfig(gtk+-x11-2.0) BuildRequires and pass --without-gtk, no
    longer build gtk2 support.
* Sun Apr 02 2017
  - mjpegtools-more-pie.patch: remove some -fno-PIC calls. They
    do not seem to be necessary and break PIE builds.
    (The compiler would warn if the assembler would not build.)
* Fri Feb 24 2017
  - Add mjpegtools Requires to mjpegtools-orig-addon, installing the
    addon without having the package it "extends" is pointless.
* Sat Feb 18 2017
  - Split the package in smaller pieces, allowing as user to keep the
    main/free parts from the distribution and 'enhancing' the
    capability with simple addon-packages: libmpeg2encpp-2_0-0 (as a
    library it is required by other code depending on it) and
    mjpegtools-orig-addon, which is auto-recommended when the user
    has mjpegtools installed AND has a repo enabled, containing this
    package AND has recommends enabled.
* Thu Jan 08 2015
  - BuildRequire at least libpng 1.14 due to usage of
* Mon Dec 01 2014
  - Added baselibs.conf as a source in the spec file (to avoid error
    message from the Factory check script).
* Fri Nov 29 2013 Led <>
  - fix bashisms in shell scripts
  - fix shebang in that contains bash-specific constructions
  - add patches:
    * mjpegtools-2.0.0-fix-bashisms.patch
* Tue Apr 09 2013
  - license update: GPL-2.0
    ÃPresence of many GPL-2.0 licensed files in mplex/ y4mdenoise
* Fri Mar 01 2013
  - update license to new format
* Tue Jul 03 2012
  - disable simd-accel on ppc as it does not build with the
    reduced tarball
* Sun May 06 2012
  - Don't force a libpng version
  - Modify %attr use to make it compatible with old distros
* Thu Mar 15 2012
  - Add mjpegtools-gcc47.patch: Fix build with gcc 4.7.
* Fri Dec 02 2011
  - add libtool as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Tue Nov 15 2011
  - Update to 2.0.0
  - Remove obsoleted patches
  - Rename to follow SLPP
  - Use pkgconfig()-type BuildRequires
  - Spec-clean
* Sun Aug 07 2011
  - fix BUILD_ORIG
    o add fix_lib_versioning-mpeg2enc patch (mpeg2enc/
  - add gtk2-devel (Gtk+ support for glav)
  - remove author from descr
* Thu Jul 07 2011
  - Add mjpegtools-v4l-2.6.38.patch: use the new v4l interface
* Thu Apr 14 2011
  - added 32bit compatibility libraries
  - properly escape macro in comments (fix for RPMLINT warning)
* Wed Feb 09 2011
  - Optimize the handling of CFLAGS.
  - Don't use -fno-strict-aliasing as the compiler doesn't report
    any aliasing issues.
* Wed Feb 09 2011
  - Use AC_PREREQ before AC_INIT
  - Move AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE to just after AC_INIT
  - Use LT_INIT to init libtool and pass disable-static as default.
  - Only pass -release to libtool and not -release and -version-info,
    thus fixing the library naming.
  - Add and use an option to configure to disable processor specific
    code tuning.
  - Don't bother with patching .in files as they're regenerated by
    calling autoreconf.
* Thu Sep 02 2010
  - fixed crash
  - see,
* Mon Mar 01 2010
  - mjpegtools-1.9.0-fix-compiler-error.patch
    - fix build
* Sat Nov 21 2009
  - fuzz=0 for codec patch
* Thu Jun 04 2009
  - add mjpegtools-fix-invalid-conversion.patch
    - fixes build with new gcc and glibc



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