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wammu-0.44-lp151.2.2 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.1 for noarch

Name: wammu Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 0.44 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.2.2 Build date: Tue Dec 11 06:07:53 2018
Group: Productivity/Telephony/Utilities Build host: lamb08
Size: 1059170 Source RPM: wammu-0.44-lp151.2.2.src.rpm
Summary: Mobile Phone Manager
It works with any phone that Gammu supports, including many models from
Nokia, Siemens, and Alcatel. It has complete support (read, edit,
delete, copy) for contacts, todo, and calendar. It can read, save, and
send SMS. It includes an SMS composer for multi-part SMS messages, and
it can display SMS messages that include pictures. Currently, only text
and predefined bitmaps or sounds can be edited in the SMS composer. It
can export messages to an IMAP4 server (or other email storage).

This program does not support browsing files in phone, use gMobileMedia






* Sun Jan 07 2018
  - Update to 0.44
    * Fixed layout of features selection dialog.
    * Build is now reproducible.
    * License changed to GPLv3+.
  - Drop patch reproducible.patch because it is now in upstream
* Fri Jun 02 2017
  - Add reproducible.patch to sort appdata and desktop file entries
    to make build reproducible (boo#1041090)
* Fri Dec 16 2016
  - Update to 0.43
    * Fixed images path lookups for installations to /opt.
    * Fixed startup when installed to /opt.
    * Fixed bug when message could not be read back.
    * Localization updates.
* Fri Nov 25 2016
  - Update to 0.42
    * Improved AppData metadata.
    * Added ttyHS ports to selection.
    * Localization updates.
* Sat May 28 2016
  - Update to 0.41
    * Fixed crash with unicode home directory.
    * Fixed possible crashes in error handler.
    * Improved error handling when scanning for Bluetooth devices.
* Tue Nov 24 2015
  - Update to 0.40
    * Correctly escape XML output.
    * Make error message selectable.
    * Fixed spurious D-Bus error message. (boo#914904)
* Sun Sep 27 2015
  - Update to 0.39
    * Fixed connecting to phone with no SMSC set.
    * Various code cleanups.
* Tue Dec 30 2014
  - Updated to 0.38:
    * Compatibility with latest wxPython releases.
    * Fixed corrupted appdata metadata.
    * Fixed broken desktop file due to Chinese translation.
    * Translation updates.
* Sun Nov 09 2014
  - Updated to 0.37:
    * Translation updates (Indonesian, Spanish, ...).
    * Add export of contact to XML.
    * Add Get all menu option.
    * Added appdata metadata.
  - Removed redundant %clean
  - Brought back python-xml which is a hard dependency now
* Sat Oct 01 2011
  - Updated to 0.36:
    * Fixed re-enabling task bar icon (bug #1369).
    * Improve searching for installed images (bug #1393).
    * Translations update (Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil),...).
    * Compatibility with 3.0 Linux kernel.
  - Spec file updates:
    * Changed License: to GPL-2.0.
    * Changed Group: to Productivity/Telephony/Utilities.
    * Removed python-xml from BuildRequires:/Requires: (not needed).
    * Recommend python-pybluez.
* Fri Mar 18 2011
  - Spec file updates:
    * Don't clean buildroot in %install section.
    * Fix for "python install" invoked twice on non-Suse distros.
* Sun Mar 13 2011
  - Updated to 0.35:
    * New Turkish translation.
    * Updated Dutch translation.
    * Handle security error when getting phone info (bug #1264).
    * Read all messages on phones not supporting status but support GetNext (bug
    From 0.34:
    * Fixed handling error when SMSC is not configured in phone (bug #1244).
    * Drop dependency of RPM on python-xml, it's not needed anymore (bug #1248).
    * Better error messages on non existing devices or on wrong privileges.
    * Support for storing call entry as new contact (bug #1283).
    * More user friendly errors from talkback dialog.
    * Lot of translations were updated.
    From 0.33:
    * Fixed displaying of an animation in SMS (bug #1091).
    * Can Add and Delete multiple selections when Edit Recipient's numbers.
    * Better log messages when scanning for phones (bug #1182).
  - Spec file updates:
    * Changes based on rpmdevtools templates and spec-cleaner run.
    * Updates in Url: and Group:.
    * Updates in Buildrequires: and Requires: sections.
    * Added a wammu-lang package based on rpmlint warning
    * Fixed desktop file Category using "suse_update_desktop_file" instead of
      using sed in %prep section.
    * Minor other updates.
* Sun Apr 18 2010
  - Add german man pages.
* Mon Apr 12 2010
  - updated to 0.32.1
    * Fix manually updating Gammu settings (bdo #565165).
    * Disable phone search while connected to phone (bug #460).
    * Properly handle errors when submitting to phonedb (bug #1102).
    * Make talkback dialog modal (bug #487).
    * Wammu asks for PIN code on connection if required (bug #305).
    * Command wammu -i now also shows security status.
    * Do not try bluetooth connections on cable (bdo #565122).
    - from 0.32
    * Fix crash when searching for phone (bug #1073).
    * Avoid extra space at the end of SMS (bug #869).
    * Respect message folder when importing backup (bug #1079).
    * Fixed handling of boolean config values (bug #1090).
    * Translation improvements (especially Dutch).
    - from 0.31.1
    * Include forgotten Czech man pages.
    * Fixed compatibility with Python 2.4.
    - from 0.31
    * Better formatting of message (bug #869).
    * Allow to export only new messages to IMAP (thanks to Tilmann Bitterberg).
    * Do not emit warnings in Python 2.6 (bug #966).
    * Properly escape XML in XML export (bug #914).
    * Improve some English texts (bug #859).
    * Better configuration of IMAP export (thanks to Tilmann Bitterberg).
    * Sleep before reading newly created fields (bug #895).
    * Do not use transparent icons (bug #833).
* Wed Mar 18 2009
  - updated to 0.30.1
    * Do not fail if group ID can not be converted to name.
    * Updated to work with current python-gammu.
    * Translation updates.
    * Support for displaying picture on contacts.
    * Properly handle paths with special chars (bug #816).
    * Make build time dependency checks optional.
    * Drop wxPython 2.4 compatibility code.
  - new spec taken from home:Nijel (upstream) project



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