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scummvm-1.5.0-3.1.2 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE 12.3 for x86_64

Name: scummvm Distribution: openSUSE 12.3
Version: 1.5.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.1.2 Build date: Fri Feb 1 18:47:48 2013
Group: Amusements/Games/Other Build host: build23
Size: 26885152 Source RPM: scummvm-1.5.0-3.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Interpreter for several adventure games
ScummVM is an interpreter that will play graphic adventure games written for
LucasArts' SCUMM virtual machine (such as Day of the Tentacle and
Monkey Island), Sierra's AGI adventures (such as early King's Quest and
Space Quest games), Adventure Soft's Simon the Sorcerer 1, 2 and Feeble Files,
Revolution Software's Beneath a Steel Sky and Broken Sword 1 and 2,
Interactive Binary Illusions' Flight of the Amazon Queen,
Coktel Vision's Gobliiins, Wyrmkeep's Inherit the Earth, Westwood's
Legend of Kyrandia, and various others.






* Tue Oct 23 2012
  - license update: GPL-2.0+
    SPDX format - plus it appears as though only one license relevant binary
    is created (2 if you count the extra package) - meaning that the binary
    is almost GPL licensed (i.e. there does not appear to be a library which
    could be LGPL licensed)
* Sat Jul 21 2012
  - Update to 1.5.0
    * New Games:
    - Added support for Backyard Baseball 2003.
    - Added support for Blue Force.
    - Added support for Darby the Dragon.
    - Added support for Dreamweb.
    - Added support for Geisha.
    - Added support for Gregory and the Hot Air Balloon.
    - Added support for Magic Tales: Liam Finds a Story.
    - Added support for Once Upon A Time: Little Red Riding Hood
    - Added support for Sleeping Cub's Test of Courage.
    - Added support for Soltys.
    - Added support for The Princess and the Crab.
    * General:
    - Updated MT-32 emulation code to latest munt project snapshot.
      The emulation improved dramatically.
    - Implemented support for TrueType fonts via FreeType2 in our
      GUI. Along with it GNU FreeFont was also added to our modern
      theme. Note that not all ports take advantage of this.
    - Added Basque translation.
    - Added custom game and engine options in the AGI, DREAMWEB,
      KYRA, QUEEN, SKY and SCI engines. It is now possible to
      toggle these options via the Engine tab when adding or
      editing a configuration for a game. In most cases, you will
      have to run each game once or readd them all in ScummVM's
      launcher in order to get the custom options tab.
    - Improved predictive dialog look.
    - Various GUI improvements.
    * Broken Sword 1:
    - Fixed incorrect sound effects in the DOS/Windows demo.
    - Added support for PlayStation videos.
    - Fixed missing subtitles in the demo.
    * Broken Sword 2:
    - Added support for PlayStation videos.
    * Cine:
    - Implemented Roland MT-32 output driver.
    * Drascula:
    - Added Spanish subtitles in the Von Braun cutscene (#3069981:
      no subtitles in scene with "von Braun").
    * Gob:
    - Fixed a crash in Lost in Time
    - Rewrote the AdLib player. Enabled the now working MDY player
      in Fascination and Geisha.
    * SCUMM:
    - Added support for the Macintosh version of SPY Fox in Hold
      the Mustard.
    - Added a difficulty selection dialog for Loom FM-TOWNS.
    - Fixed graphical glitches in HE98 version of Pajama Sam's Lost
      & Found.
* Wed May 16 2012
  - fix license issues (bnc#761623)
* Fri Mar 30 2012
  - update to 1.4.1
* Thu Sep 01 2011
  - update to new 1.3.1 release
    * General:
    - Improved audio device detection and fallback.
      There should be no more silent errors due to invalid audio devices.
      Instead ScummVM should pick up a suitable alternative device.
    * Mohawk:
    - Added detection entries for more variants of some Living Books
    * Tinsel:
    - Fixed a regression that made Discworld uncompletable.
    * SAGA:
    - Fixed a regression in Inherit the Earth's dragon walk code which
      was causing crashes there.
    - Fixed a regression causing various crashes in I Have No Mouth and
      I Must Scream.
    * SCI:
    - Added detection entries for some Macintosh game versions.
    - Audio settings are now stored correctly for the CD version of EcoQuest 1.
    * SCUMM:
    - Fixed graphics bug in FM-TOWNS versions of games on ARM devices
      (Android, iPhone, etc.).
* Thu Jun 02 2011
  - update to new 1.3.0 release
    * New Games:
    - Added support for Backyard Baseball.
    - Added support for Backyard Baseball 2001.
    - Added support for Urban Runner.
    - Added support for Playtoons: Bambou le Sauveur de la Jungle.
    - Added support for Toonstruck.
    - Added support for Living Books v1 and v2 games.
    - Added support for Hugo's House of Horrors, Hugo 2: Whodunit?
      and Hugo 3: Jungle of Doom.
    - Added support for Amiga SCI games (except Conquests of the
    - Added support for Macintosh SCI1 games.
    * General
    - Added Danish translation.
    - Added Norwegian Bokmaal translation.
    - Added Norwegian Nynorsk translation.
    - Added Swedish translation.
    - Added Debug Console to Cine, Draci, Gob, MADE, Sword1, Touche
      and Tucker Engines.
    - Closed significant memory leaks. RTL should now be more
    * AGOS:
    - Closed memory leaks in Simon 2 and Feeble Files.
    * Cine:
    - Corrected memory leaks and invalid memory accesses.
      Future Wars should be more stable.
    - Made Operation Stealth completable, though significant
      graphical glitches remain so not official supported.
    * Drascula:
    - Added German and French subtitles in the Von Braun cutscene
      (#3069981: no subtitles in scene with "von Braun").
    - Improved French translation of the game.
    - Added support for "Return To Launcher".
    * Gob:
    - Fixed "Goblin Stuck On Reload" bugs affecting Gobliiins.
    * Kyra:
    - Closed memory leaks.
    * Parallaction:
    - Corrected issue which could cause crash at engine exit.
    - Closed memory leaks in Nippon Safes Amiga.
    * SCI:
    - Added a CMS music driver for SCI1 - SCI1.1 games.
    - Added an option to toggle undithering from the ScummVM GUI.
    - Added several previously missing parts of the game state in
      saved games, such as game played time, script created
      windows, the script string heap and information related to
      the text parser in old EGA games.
    - Added support for SCI1.1 magnifier cursors.
    - Added support for the keypad +/- keys.
    - Added support for the alternative General MIDI tracks in the
      Windows CD versions of Eco Quest, Jones in the Fast Lane,
      King's Quest 5 and Space Quest 4.
    - Added support for the alternative Windows cursors in the
      Windows versio of King's Quest 6.
    - Added support for simultaneous speech and subtitles in the CD
      versions of Space Quest 4 and Freddy Pharkas.
    - Corrected resource loading leaks.
    - Corrected several problems and issues in the Skate-O-Rama
      rooms in Space Quest 4.
    - Corrected several issues in Hoyle Classic Card Games.
    - Fixed several graphical glitches (like, for example, parts of
      the screen that weren't erased correctly under some rare
    - Fixed several script bugs.
    - Fixed several pathfinding related issues and lockups (like,
      for example, a lockup in the shower scene of Laura bow 1 and
      pathfinding in some screens during the chase sequence in
      Laura Bow 2).
    - Fixed several music related glitches and possible lockups
      (like, for example, a rare music lockup that occurred when
      loading a saved game outside the palace in Quest for Glory 3).
    - Fixed possible problems and lockups in the character import
      screens of Quest for Glory 2 and 3.
    - Fixed a bug that caused a lockup in the SCI1 CD version of
      Mixed Up Mother Goose, after Tommy Tucker's song.
    - Fixed a script bug in the CD version of King's Quest 5, which
      caused a lockup under certain circumstances when going
      outside the witch's house in the dark forest.
    - Function keys now work correctly when the num lock key is on.
    - Improved support for fanmade game scripts.
    - Improved support for non-English versions of games.
    - Made several enhancements and fixes related to MT-32 music
      (e.g. reverb).
    - Music is no longer out of tune when loading saved games.
    * SCUMM:
    - Improved support for FM-TOWNS versions of games.
    * Teenagent:
    - Closed memory leaks.
    * Tinsel:
    - Closed memory leaks in Coroutines.
    - Added enhanced music support for the German CD
      "Neon Edition" re-release of Discworld 1.
    * Touche:
    - Corrected memory leaks and minor issues.
    * Tucker:
    - Added workarounds for several issues present in the original game.
    * SDL ports:
    - Closed memory leaks in Mouse Surfaces.
* Sun Dec 12 2010
  - update to new 1.2.1 release
    * General
    - Add Hungarian translation.
    - Add Brazilian Portuguese translation.
    * Cruise:
    - Fixed a problem with Raoul appearing when examining the Book
    * Groovie:
    - Fixed a regression that made the Russian version of T7G crash.
    * Lure:
    - Fixed several NPC movement bugs
* Mon Oct 11 2010
  - update to new 1.2.0 release
* Thu May 06 2010
  - update to new 1.1.1 release
* Mon Apr 05 2010
  - update to new 1.1.0 release
* Thu Oct 22 2009
  - make it compile in openSUSE 11.2
* Mon May 04 2009
  - made mpeg2 and mp3 support optional
  - updated to new 0.13.1 release
    * AGOS:
    - Fixed crash after OmniTV video is played in The Feeble Files
    - Fixed crashes when exploring Jack the Ripper scene in the PC version of
      the Waxworks
    - Fixed palette glitches in the AtariST version of Elvira 2
    - Fixed noise that can occur when sound effects are played, when exploring
      Pyramid scene in the Waxworks
    * Gob:
    - Fixed a crash in the Italian version of Woodruff
    * Groovie:
    - Fixed some issues with music in The 7th Guest
    * Parallaction:
    - Fixed the sarcophagus puzzle in Nippon Safes
    * SAGA:
    - Fixed a crash in Inherit the Earth
    - Fixed glitches in the save/load dialog.
    * Sword2:
    - Fixed random sound corruption when using the original sound files.
    * Game launcher:
    - Fixed a case where memory could be corrupted
    - Fixed the small cursor in the modern theme
    - Fixed a bug in the theme engine, which could cause crashes
    - Made the file browser bigger in 1x mode
* Fri Mar 06 2009
  - fixed lincense tag
  - removed README.SUSE file
  - package scummvm-tools in a separate package
  - updated description
  - various fixes taken from Fedora and upstream spec files
  - updated to new 0.13.0 release
    * General:
    - Added MIDI driver for Atari ST / FreeMint.
    - Added a 'Load' button to the Launcher (not supported by all engines).
    - Added a new global main menu (GMM) dialog usable from all engines.
    - Added the ability to return to the launcher from running games (via the
    - Rewrote GUI renderer to use an vector based approach.
    - Rewrote GUI configuration to use XML.
    * New Games:
    - Added support for Blue's 123 Time Activities.
    - Added support for Blue's ABC Time Activities.
    - Added support for Bud Tucker in Double Trouble.
    - Added support for The 7th Guest.
    * KYRA:
    - Added support for Auto-save feature.
    - Added support for MIDI music.
    * SCUMM:
    - Implemented radio-chatter effect in The DIG.



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