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obs-service-tar_scm-0.2.3-13.1.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE 12.3 for noarch

Name: obs-service-tar_scm Distribution: openSUSE 12.3
Version: 0.2.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 13.1.1 Build date: Mon Jan 28 08:13:45 2013
Group: Development/Tools/Building Build host: build09
Size: 14543 Source RPM: obs-service-tar_scm-0.2.3-13.1.1.src.rpm
Summary: An OBS source service: checkout or update a tar ball from svn/git/hg
This is a source service for openSUSE Build Service.

It supports downloading from svn, git, hg and bzr repositories.






* Tue Dec 04 2012
  - Pass --tags to "git describe" for @PARENT_TAG@
* Mon Dec 03 2012
  - Disable testsuite on SLE_11_SP2 to fix build
* Mon Dec 03 2012
  - Use upstream github repository and download via _service file
* Mon Dec 03 2012
  - Add custom git versionformat extensions:
    + @PARENT_TAG@: Replaced by first tag that is reachable from the
      current commit (see 'git describe')
    Future custom additions could follow the @NAME@ scheme
* Thu Nov 01 2012
  - Fix usage text for submodules option
* Mon Oct 01 2012
  - change default versionformat from author date (%at) to commiter date (%ct)
    for git, to fix issues with cherry-picked commits resulting in decreased
* Mon Sep 24 2012
  - add --date=short to get_vesion of git and remove '-' chars
    by sed. This allows us to use %ad as versionformat and
    have something like "20120916" as version instead of
    terrible Unix timestamps.
* Fri Jul 27 2012
  - Prevent local users from appearing as user/group owner in
    generated tar files (thanks bmwiedemann for this)
* Tue Jul 03 2012
  - fix option for submodule update
* Sat Jun 30 2012
  - Fixed error with cache
* Sat Jun 30 2012
  - Added an option to disable git submodules
  - Replaced --exclude=.$MYSCM with --exclude-vcs tar option
* Thu Jun 28 2012
  - Added support for git submodules
* Tue Jun 05 2012
  - Re-iterating the last change once again, 'git rev-parse --verify $REV'
    will return false even if $REV is a normal branch upon first clone
    of the repo. Thus 'git fetch $URL +$REV:$REV" is run initially.
    However, the 'git checkout $REV' then fails because it's missing
    tracking information. Therefore, try a normal checkout first and fetch
    the specific $REV only when that fails (due to reasons described below).
* Thu May 24 2012
  - Allow git revision to refer to revisions not available from a
    default clone/fetch (i.e. refs other than refs/heads/* or
* Mon Mar 19 2012
  - Check that git pull succeeds
* Wed Feb 29 2012
  - Remove accidental reference to keep-source parameter
    which was never pushed upstream (obsoleted by new cache).
* Thu Feb 16 2012
  - When the cache is used, output location of repo in the cache
* Tue Feb 14 2012
  - add new 'versionformat' option to determine how version is
    extracted via git show --pretty=...
  - support caching of cloned repositories to speed up fetch
    from upstream
* Mon Feb 13 2012
  - Add test suite
  - Fix --subdir with --scm svn
  - Fix --scm bzr
* Mon Feb 13 2012
  - patch license to follow standard
* Tue Jan 24 2012
  - add new option to specify a subset of files/subdirectories to
    pack in the tar ball
* Tue Jan 24 2012
  - Checking out a specific revision cannot work when only the latest
    version is cloned.
* Thu Dec 29 2011
  - make svn checkout --trust-server-cert option conditional, since
    this option is not supported by versions prior to subversion 1.6.
* Thu Dec 29 2011
  - Trim user prefix from tarball filename.
    This enables tar_scm service to be used with git and ssh transport
    (in conjuction with a passphrase less ssh-pubkey). Example Git URL:
* Thu Dec 29 2011
  - git 1.6.x and very likely other version only support
    "show --pretty=format:%at" as parameter with "format:" prefix.
    git show --pretty=%at is also support by recent git versions.
* Mon Aug 29 2011
  - make it possible to create tar balls without version tag (#714542)
* Fri Aug 26 2011
  - support old tar bar lookup also for OBS 2.3 bs_service using .old/ directory
* Fri Aug 26 2011
  - drop broken code for same-commit-detection as suggested by Markus
* Thu Aug 25 2011
  - history-depth parameter: use hackish depth=999999999 if "full" is
    given so that a shallow clone will be fully deepened if the
    _service file is changed. Also, fix git clone cmd line (remove
    a pair of quotes that cause problems).
* Thu Aug 25 2011
  - add support for (git) checkout depth, original patch by
    Markus Lehtonen <>
* Wed Aug 17 2011
  - make packaging of meta data optional to reduce tar ball size
* Fri Aug 12 2011
  - fix exclude expansion
* Mon Jun 20 2011
  - add support for bzr
* Tue Mar 22 2011
  - Fix: recompressed tars were never reused
  - cleanup mercurial commands
* Tue Feb 08 2011
  - always trust svn server certificate. We don't have a secure handling
    for it anyway. Trust needs to established via extra service.
* Wed Jan 12 2011
  - fix subdir usage for git
* Thu Dec 30 2010
  - add option exclude files/directories when creating the tar ball
  - git clone runs now with --depth 1 option
* Wed Dec 08 2010
  - support mercurial repositories
* Wed Oct 20 2010
  - Fix --filename parameter use
* Fri Sep 03 2010
  - initial version to checkout/update svn or git repos and create a tar



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