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icecast-2.3.2-72.1.1 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE 12.3 for i586

Name: icecast Distribution: openSUSE 12.3
Version: 2.3.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 72.1.1 Build date: Sun Jan 27 03:59:30 2013
Group: Productivity/Networking/Web/Servers Build host: build16
Size: 828211 Source RPM: icecast-2.3.2-72.1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Audio Streaming Server
Icecast is a MP3 and OGG streaming server able to serve many clients
with MP3 and OGG audio.






* Mon Nov 19 2012
  - Fix useradd invocation: -o is useless without -u and newer
    versions of pwdutils/shadowutils fail on this now.
* Mon Mar 05 2012
  - Fix VUL-1: icecast log injection (CVE-2011-4612, bnc#737255)
* Sat Oct 15 2011
  - add libtool as buildrequire to make the spec file more reliable
* Mon Aug 29 2011
  - Fix build with --no-add-needed
  - Enable SSL support.
* Wed Jun 18 2008
  - updated to version 2.3.2:
    * Character set support
    * Authentication improvements
    * Listening socket update
    * XSL update
    * Updates for stream directory handling.
    * Updates for Win32.
    * Accept/Ban IP support.
    * A Mountpoint is exported to the slaves even if no mount
      section is defined for it.
    * Relays handle redirection (HTTP 302) if one is received at
    * Automatically generate XSPF playlist like we do with M3U, the
      mountpoint extension is .xspf
    * Header updates for proxy handling and certain clients like
      some shoutcast source clients and flash players.
    * Added Kate/Skeleton codecs to Ogg handler.
    * Various stats cleanups.
    * The streamlist passed from master to slave had a limited
    * Documentation updates.
    * Relay startup/shutdown is cleaner.
    * several build cleanups.
    * several resource leaks and race conditions fixed
* Fri Feb 02 2007
  - fix build with curl-7.16
  - fixed more comparison with string literals by using static char*
    variables instead of #defines to string constans to detect
    whether a default or malloced value is used
* Tue Dec 19 2006
  - fix comparison of string literal in cfgfile.c (#226380).
* Wed Oct 11 2006
  - added icecast-2.3.1_runas_icecast_user.patch:
    run icecast as "icecast" user and group by default
  - added init script
  - added log/home dir to the fileist
  - dont run suse_update_config/autoreconf seems unneeded.
    (tested with the buildservice on 10.0->Factory)
  - replaced manual configure call with %configure
* Wed Jan 25 2006
  - converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Mon Dec 12 2005
  - fix the log directory of the sample xml file (#137965).



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