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Packages beginning with letter F

f-spot-0.8.2-21.2.1 GNOME Photo Management Application linux/armv7hl
f-spot-lang-0.8.2-21.2.1 Languages for package f-spot linux/noarch
f2c-0.11-1213.1.1 A Fortran-77 to C Translator linux/armv7hl
f2fs-tools-1.1.0+-2.1.1 Utilities for the Flash-friendly Filesystem (F2FS) linux/armv7hl
facter-1.6.17-2.1.1 A cross-platform Ruby library for retrieving facts from operating systems linux/armv7hl
faenza-icon-theme-1.2-5.1.1 Faenza Icon Theme linux/noarch
faenza-icon-theme-ambiance-1.2-5.1.1 Faenza-Ambiance Icon Theme linux/noarch
faenza-icon-theme-dark-1.2-5.1.1 Faenza-Dark Icon Theme linux/noarch
faenza-icon-theme-darker-1.2-5.1.1 Faenza-Dark Icon Theme linux/noarch
faenza-icon-theme-darkest-1.2-5.1.1 Faenza-Dark Icon Theme linux/noarch
faenza-icon-theme-mint-1.2-5.1.1 Faenza-Mint Icon Theme linux/noarch
faenza-icon-theme-radiance-1.2-5.1.1 Faenza-Radiance Icon Theme linux/noarch
fail2ban-0.8.8-2.1.1 Bans IP addresses that make too many authentication failures linux/noarch
fam-2.7.0-163.1.1 File Alteration Monitoring Daemon linux/armv7hl
fam-devel-2.7.0-163.1.1 Include Files and Libraries Mandatory for Development linux/armv7hl
fam-server-2.7.0-163.1.1 File Alternation Monitoring Daemon linux/armv7hl
farsi-fonts-0.4-187.1.1 A Collection of Free Persian OpenType Fonts linux/noarch
farstream-data-0.2.2-2.1.1 GStreamer modules and libraries for videoconferencing -- Codec preferences linux/noarch
farstream-devel-0.2.2-2.1.1 GStreamer modules and libraries for videoconferencing -- Development files linux/armv7hl
fastjar-0.98-16.1.1 The fastjar Java package archiver linux/armv7hl
fbi-2.09-4.1.1 Image Viewer for the Linux Framebuffer Console linux/armv7hl
fbiterm-0.5.20040304-285.2.1 Internationalized Terminal Emulator for Framebuffers linux/armv7hl
fbreader-0.12.10-11.1.1 E-book reader linux/armv7hl
fbset-2.1-938.1.1 Framebuffer Configuration Tool linux/armv7hl
fcitx-4.2.7-1.4.1 Flexible Context-aware Input Tool with eXtension linux/armv7hl
fcitx-branding-openSUSE-4.2.7-1.4.1 openSUSE default Skin for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-chewing-0.2.0-1.1.1 Chewing Wrapper for Fcitx linux/armv7hl
fcitx-cloudpinyin-0.3.1-1.1.1 Cloudpinyin module for fcitx linux/armv7hl
fcitx-config-gtk3-0.4.6-1.1.1 GTK GUI Config tool for FCITX linux/armv7hl
fcitx-config-kde4-0.4.2-1.1.1 KDE control module for Fcitx linux/armv7hl
fcitx-devel-4.2.7-1.4.1 Development files for fcitx linux/armv7hl
fcitx-fbterm-0.2.0-2.1.1 Fbterm Support for Fcitx linux/armv7hl
fcitx-googlepinyin-0.1.6-2.1.1 Googlepinyin module for fcitx linux/armv7hl
fcitx-gtk2-4.2.7-1.4.1 Gtk2 IM module for fcitx linux/armv7hl
fcitx-gtk3-4.2.7-1.4.1 Gtk3 IM module for fcitx linux/armv7hl
fcitx-hangul-0.2.1-1.1.1 Hangul Module for Fcitx IM Framework linux/armv7hl
fcitx-libpinyin-0.2.1-2.1.1 Libpinyin Wrapper for Fcitx linux/armv7hl
fcitx-m17n-0.2.0-1.1.1 M17N engine for fcitx linux/armv7hl
fcitx-mozc-1.6.1187.102-2.1.1 The Mozc backend for Fcitx linux/armv7hl
fcitx-pinyin-4.2.7-1.4.1 Chinese Pinyin engine for fcitx linux/armv7hl
fcitx-pinyin-tools-4.2.7-1.4.1 Fcitx tools to make pinyin match list linux/armv7hl
fcitx-qt4-4.2.7-1.4.1 Qt4 IM module for fcitx linux/armv7hl
fcitx-quwei-4.2.7-1.4.1 Chinese Zone-bit(QuWei) engine for fcitx linux/armv7hl
fcitx-sayura-0.1.0-2.1.1 Fcitx input module for Sinhala linux/armv7hl
fcitx-skin-classic-4.2.7-1.4.1 Fcitx Classic Skin linux/noarch
fcitx-skin-dark-4.2.7-1.4.1 Fcitx Dark Skin linux/noarch
fcitx-sunpinyin-0.4.0-1.1.1 Sunpinyin module for fcitx linux/armv7hl
fcitx-table-4.2.7-1.4.1 Table engine for fcitx linux/armv7hl
fcitx-table-amharic-0.2.1-2.1.1 Amharic table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-arabic-0.2.1-2.1.1 Arabic table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-cn-bingchan-4.2.7-1.4.1 Icefrog Holography(QXM) table for fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-cn-cangjie-4.2.7-1.4.1 Simplified Chinese Tsang-Jei(Cangjie) table for fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-cn-cantonese-0.3.3-2.1.1 Standard Guongdonkwa Penkyampji table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-cn-cns11643-0.2.1-2.1.1 CNS 11643 table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-cn-dianbao-4.2.7-1.4.1 Telegram(Dianbao) table for fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-cn-erbi-4.2.7-1.4.1 Two stroke(Erbi) table for fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-cn-wanfeng-4.2.7-1.4.1 Evening Breeze(Wanfeng) table for fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-cn-wu-0.3.3-2.1.1 Wu table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-cn-wubi-4.2.7-1.4.1 Wubi table for fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-cn-wubi-large-0.3.3-2.1.1 Wubi large character set table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-cn-wubi-pinyin-4.2.7-1.4.1 Wubi and pinyin(wubi-pinyin) table for fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-cn-zhengma-0.3.3-2.1.1 Cheng table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-cn-zhengma-large-0.3.3-2.1.1 Cheng large character set table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-cn-ziran-4.2.7-1.4.1 Nature(Ziran) table for fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-emoji-0.2.1-2.1.1 Emoji table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-extra-lang-0.3.3-2.1.1 Languages for package fcitx-table-extra linux/noarch
fcitx-table-hk-cantonese-0.3.3-2.1.1 Hong Kong Guongdonkwa Penkyampji table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-hk-jyutping-0.3.3-2.1.1 Hong Kong jyutping table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-hk-stroke5-0.3.3-2.1.1 Hong Kong 5 stroke input table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-ipa-x-sampa-0.2.1-2.1.1 IPA X-Sampa table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-latex-0.2.1-2.1.1 Latex table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-malayalam-compose-0.2.1-2.1.1 Malayalam Compose table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-malayalam-phonetic-0.2.1-2.1.1 Malayalam Phonetic table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-other-0.2.1-2.1.1 A fork of ibus-table-others for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-ru-rustrad-0.2.1-2.1.1 Traditional Russian table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-ru-translit-0.2.1-2.1.1 Russian Translit table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-ru-yawerty-0.2.1-2.1.1 Russian Yawerty table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-tamil-remington-0.2.1-2.1.1 Tamil Remington tables for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-thai-0.2.1-2.1.1 Thai table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-tools-4.2.7-1.4.1 Fcitx tools to make tables linux/armv7hl
fcitx-table-tw-array30-0.3.3-2.1.1 Array 30 table for Traditional Chinese linux/noarch
fcitx-table-tw-array30-large-0.3.3-2.1.1 Array 30 table with large character set for Traditional Chinese linux/noarch
fcitx-table-tw-boshiamy-0.3.3-2.1.1 Boshiamy table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-tw-cangjie-large-0.3.3-2.1.1 Tsang Jei large character set table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-tw-cangjie3-0.3.3-2.1.1 Tsang Jei 3 table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-tw-cangjie5-0.3.3-2.1.1 Tsang Jei 5 table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-tw-easy-large-0.3.3-2.1.1 Easy table with large character set for Traditional Chinese linux/noarch
fcitx-table-tw-quick-classic-0.3.3-2.1.1 Quick Classic table for Traditional Chinese linux/noarch
fcitx-table-tw-quick3-0.3.3-2.1.1 Quick 3 table for Traditional Chinese linux/noarch
fcitx-table-tw-quick5-0.3.3-2.1.1 Quick 5 table for Traditional Chinese linux/noarch
fcitx-table-tw-smart-cangjie6-0.3.3-2.1.1 Smart Tsang Jei 6 table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-ua-translit-0.2.1-2.1.1 Ukrainian Translit table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-vi-qr-0.2.1-2.1.1 Vietnamese Quoted Readable table for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-ui-light-0.1.3-5.1.1 Light Weight UI for Fcitx linux/armv7hl
fcitx-unikey-0.2.0-1.1.1 Vietnamese unikey support for Fcitx linux/armv7hl
fcwnn-1.1.1a021-14.1.1 Free cWnn Chinese Input System (Mainland China) linux/armv7hl
fcwnncom-1.1.1a021-14.1.1 Free cWnn/tWnn Chinese Input System Common Files (Mainland and Taiwan) linux/armv7hl
fcwnndev-1.1.1a021-14.1.1 Development Libraries and Header Files for Free cWnn linux/armv7hl
fd0ssh-20121125-3.1.1 Helper program for using a pipe for SSH authentication linux/armv7hl
fdupes-1.50-2.1.1 Identifying or deleting duplicate files linux/armv7hl
festival-2.1-10.1.1 The Festival Speech Synthesis System linux/armv7hl
festival-devel-2.1-10.1.1 Development Package for Festival linux/armv7hl
fetchmail-6.3.23-2.1.1 Full-Featured POP and IMAP Mail Retrieval Daemon linux/armv7hl
fetchmailconf-6.3.23-2.1.1 Fetchmail Configuration Utility linux/armv7hl
fetchmsttfonts-11.4-13.1.1 Helper package to run the fetchmsttfonts script linux/noarch
ffado-2.1.0-2.1.1 FireWire 1394 support for audio devices, svn snapshot linux/armv7hl
ffado-doc-2.1.0-2.1.1 API documentation for ffado linux/noarch
ffado-mixer-2.1.0-2.1.1 FireWire 1394 support for audio devices, svn snapshot linux/noarch
fftw3-devel-3.3.3-2.1.1 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/armv7hl
fftw3-mpi-devel-3.3.3-2.1.1 Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) C subroutine library linux/armv7hl
fftw3-openmp-devel-3.3.3-2.1.1 Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) C subroutine library linux/armv7hl
fftw3-threads-devel-3.3.3-2.1.1 Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) C subroutine library linux/armv7hl
fhs-2.3-195.1.1 File System Hierarchy Standard linux/noarch
fifth-leg-font-0.6-19.1.1 Font for the openSUSE Brand linux/noarch
figlet-2.2.4-8.1.1 Tool for Creating Cool ASCII-Art Signatures linux/armv7hl
file-5.11-12.1.1 A Tool to Determine File Types linux/armv7hl
file-devel-5.11-12.1.1 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/armv7hl
file-roller-3.6.3-2.1.1 An Archive Manager for GNOME linux/armv7hl
file-roller-lang-3.6.3-2.1.1 Languages for package file-roller linux/noarch
filelight-4.10.0-1.1.1 Graphical disk usage viewer linux/armv7hl
filesystem-12.3-9.1.1 Basic Directory Layout linux/armv7hl
filezilla-3.5.3-5.1.1 A GUI FTP and SFTP Client linux/armv7hl
filezilla-lang-3.5.3-5.1.1 Languages for package filezilla linux/noarch
fillets-ng-1.0.0-12.1.1 Fish Fillets - Next Generation linux/armv7hl
fillets-ng-data-1.0.0-12.1.1 Game Data for Fish Fillets - Next Generation linux/noarch
fillmore-0.1.0_git20110905-8.1.1 Audio Editor for GNOME linux/armv7hl
fillup-1.42-267.1.1 Tool for Merging Config Files linux/armv7hl
finch-2.10.6-4.1.1 Text-Based User Interface for Pidgin Instant Messaging Client linux/armv7hl
finch-devel-2.10.6-4.1.1 Headers etc. for finch Stuffs linux/armv7hl
findbugs-1.3.9-17.1.1 Bug Pattern Detector for Java linux/noarch
findbugs-javadoc-1.3.9-17.1.1 Javadoc for findbugs linux/noarch
findbugs-manual-1.3.9-17.1.1 Documents for findbugs linux/noarch
findutils-4.5.10-10.1.1 The GNU versions of find utilities (find and xargs) linux/armv7hl
findutils-lang-4.5.10-10.1.1 Languages for package findutils linux/noarch
findutils-locate-4.5.10-10.1.1 Tool for Locating Files (findutils subpackage) linux/armv7hl
finger-1.3-160.1.1 Show User Information (Client) linux/armv7hl
finger-server-1.3-160.1.1 A Server for Showing User Information linux/armv7hl
fio-2.0.10-2.1.1 Flexible I/O Tester/benchmarker linux/armv7hl
firebird- An SQL database server linux/armv7hl
firebird-classic- Classic architecture binaries for SQL database server linux/armv7hl
firebird-devel- UDF support library for Firebird SQL server linux/armv7hl
firebird-doc- Documentation for Firebird SQL server linux/noarch
firebird-superserver- SuperServer architecture binaries for Firebird SQL server linux/armv7hl
firescope-0.2-83.1.1 Read linux kernel logs over firewire linux/armv7hl
fiwalk-0.6.16-2.1.1 A computer forensic application for walking forensic images linux/armv7hl
fkwnn-1.1.1a021-14.1.1 Free kWnn Korean Input System linux/armv7hl
fkwnndev-1.1.1a021-14.1.1 Development Libraries and Header Files for Free kWnn linux/armv7hl
flac-1.2.1_git201212051942-3.1.1 Free Lossless Audio Codec linux/armv7hl
flac-devel-1.2.1_git201212051942-3.1.1 FLAC Library Development Package linux/armv7hl
flamerobin-0.9.2-21.1.1 Graphical client for Firebird linux/armv7hl
flex-2.5.37-2.1.1 Fast Lexical Analyzer Generator linux/armv7hl
flex-old-2.5.4a-150.1.1 Fast Lexical Analyser Generator linux/armv7hl
flickcurl-1.23-2.1.1 Command-Line Tools for the Flickr Web Service linux/armv7hl
flickcurl-doc-1.23-2.1.1 C Library API to the Flickr Web Service (Documentation) linux/armv7hl
flickrnet-3.5-2.1.1 Flickr linux/noarch
flickrnet-devel-3.5-2.1.1 Development files for Flickr.Net linux/noarch
flim-1.14.9-18.1.1 An Emacs Library for MIME linux/noarch
flim-xemacs-1.14.7-266.1.1 Lisp Library for Basic Features Concerning Internet Messages linux/noarch
fltk-devel-1.3.2-2.2.1 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/armv7hl
fluidsynth-1.1.6-3.1.2 A Real-Time Software Synthesizer That Uses Soundfont(tm) linux/armv7hl
fluidsynth-devel-1.1.6-3.1.2 Development package for the fluidsynth library linux/armv7hl
fluidsynth-dssi-1.0.0-13.1.1 Fluidsynth Plug-In for Disposable Soft Synth Interface linux/armv7hl
fly-2.0.0_PNG-791.1.1 A Script to Create PNGs linux/armv7hl
folks-devel-0.8.0-2.1.1 Library to create metacontacts from multiple sources -- Development Files linux/armv7hl
folks-lang-0.8.0-2.1.1 Languages for package folks linux/noarch
folks-tools-0.8.0-2.1.1 Library to create metacontacts from multiple sources -- Tools linux/armv7hl
fondu-1.0.060102-9.1.1 Converts between mac and unix fonts linux/armv7hl
font-util-1.3.0-4.1.1 X.Org font package creation/installation utilities linux/armv7hl
fontconfig-2.10.2-2.2.1 Library for Font Configuration linux/armv7hl
fontconfig-devel-2.10.2-2.2.1 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/armv7hl
fontconfig-infinality-20120615-2.1.1 Infinality Fontconfig Files linux/noarch
fontforge-20120731-2.1.2 A Font Editor linux/armv7hl
fontforge-devel-20120731-2.1.2 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/armv7hl
fontpackages-devel-0.1-3.1.1 Development Commons for Font Packages linux/noarch
fonts-KanjiStrokeOrders-4.10.0-1.1.1 Font for learning Japanese Kanji linux/noarch
fonts-config-20080121-80.1.1 Configures Fonts for X Windows and other applications linux/noarch
fonttools-2.2-18.1.1 Suite of Tools and Libraries for Manipulating Fonts linux/armv7hl
fonttosfnt-1.0.4-4.1.1 Utility to wrap a bitmap font in a sfnt (TrueType) wrapper linux/armv7hl
foomatic-filters-4.0.12-2.1.1 The universal print filter foomatic-rip linux/armv7hl
fortune-1.99.1-4.1.1 Random Saying linux/armv7hl
fossil-1.24-2.1.1 Simple, high-reliability, distributed software configuration management linux/armv7hl
fox16-1.6.47-2.1.2 Shared Libraries for the FOX Toolkit linux/armv7hl
fox16-devel-1.6.47-2.1.2 Development Files and Documentation for the FOX GUI Toolkit linux/armv7hl
fox16-devel-static-1.6.47-2.1.2 Static Libraries for the FOX Toolkit linux/armv7hl
fox16-example-apps-1.6.47-2.1.2 Example applications for the FOX GUI toolkit linux/armv7hl
fparser-devel-4.5.1-2.1.1 Development files for libfparser linux/armv7hl
fping-3.4-2.2.1 A program to ping multiple hosts linux/armv7hl
fplll-4.0.1-2.1.1 Program for Lenstra-Lovász Lattice Basis Reduction Algorithm linux/armv7hl
free-ttf-fonts-1.0-360.1.1 Free TrueType Art Fonts linux/noarch
freealut-devel-1.1.0-230.1.1 Static libraries, header files and tests for openal library linux/armv7hl
freeglut-demo-2.8.0-7.1.1 Demonstration applications for the freeglut library linux/armv7hl
freeglut-devel-2.8.0-7.1.1 Development libraries, includes and man pages for freeglut (GLUT Library) linux/armv7hl
freenx-client-0.9-82.1.1 a Free NoMachine (NX) client linux/armv7hl
freeradius-client-1.1.6-58.1.1 FreeRADIUS Client Software linux/armv7hl
freeradius-client-devel-1.1.6-58.1.1 Header files, libraries and development documentation for freeradius-client linux/armv7hl
freeradius-client-libs-1.1.6-58.1.1 Shared library of FreeRADIUS Client linux/armv7hl
freeradius-server-2.2.0-3.1.1 Very Highly Configurable Radius Server linux/armv7hl
freeradius-server-devel-2.2.0-3.1.1 FreeRADIUS Development Files (static libs) linux/armv7hl
freeradius-server-dialupadmin-2.2.0-3.1.1 Web management for FreeRADIUS linux/armv7hl
freeradius-server-doc-2.2.0-3.1.1 FreeRADIUS Documentation linux/armv7hl
freeradius-server-libs-2.2.0-3.1.1 FreeRADIUS shared library linux/armv7hl
freeradius-server-utils-2.2.0-3.1.1 FreeRADIUS Clients linux/armv7hl
freerdp-1.0.1-11.1.2 Remote Desktop Viewer Client linux/armv7hl
freerdp-devel-1.0.1-11.1.2 Development Files for freerdp linux/armv7hl
freetds-devel-0.91-7.1.1 Include files needed for development with FreeTDS linux/armv7hl
freetds-doc-0.91-7.1.1 User documentation for FreeTDS linux/armv7hl
freetds-tools-0.91-7.1.1 Applications for working with the TDS (Tabular DataStream) protocol linux/armv7hl
freetype-1.3.1-1411.1.1 TrueType Font Engine linux/armv7hl
freetype-devel-1.3.1-1411.1.1 Development files for the TrueType Font Engine linux/armv7hl
freetype-tools-1.3.1-1411.1.1 Bundled Tests, Demos and Tools for FreeType (Needed for CJK-LaTeX) linux/armv7hl
freetype2-devel-2.4.11-3.1.1 Development environment for the freetype2 TrueType font library linux/armv7hl
frei0r-plugins-1.3-8.1.1 Collection of video sources and filters plugins linux/armv7hl
frei0r-plugins-devel-1.3-8.1.1 Frei0r plugin API for video sources and filters linux/armv7hl
freqtweak-0.7.2-19.1.1 Real-Time Audio Spectral Visualization linux/armv7hl
fribidi-0.19.2-8.1.1 Free Implementation of BiDi Algorithm linux/armv7hl
fribidi-devel-0.19.2-8.1.1 Development Files for FriBiDi linux/armv7hl
frink-2.2.2-204.1.1 Static Testing and Formatting for Tcl Programs linux/armv7hl
frogr-0.7-5.1.2 Tool to Manage Flickr Accounts linux/armv7hl
frogr-lang-0.7-5.1.2 Languages for package frogr linux/noarch
froxlor-0.9.27-4.1.1 Froxlor Server Management Panel a php web-based administration software linux/noarch
frozen-bubble-2.212-2.1.1 Puzzle with Bubbles linux/armv7hl
frozen-bubble-server-2.212-2.1.1 Puzzle with Bubbles - Server linux/armv7hl
fs-check-0.9-48.1.1 Check File System Usage linux/noarch
fsarchiver-0.6.15-4.1.1 Filesystem Archiver linux/armv7hl
fslsfonts-1.0.4-4.1.1 Utility to list fonts served by X font server linux/armv7hl
fstobdf-1.0.5-4.1.1 Program to read a font from an X font server linux/armv7hl
fsvs-1.2.3-10.1.1 Backup/Restore/Versioning of large Data Sets with Meta-Data linux/armv7hl
ft2demos-2.4.11-3.1.1 Freetype2 Utilities and Demo Programs linux/armv7hl
ftgl-demo- Library for Using Arbitrary Fonts in OpenGL Applications linux/armv7hl
ftgl-devel- Library for Using Arbitrary Fonts in OpenGL Applications linux/armv7hl
ftp-0.17-689.1.1 The Standard UNIX FTP Client linux/armv7hl
ftwnn-1.1.1a021-14.1.1 Free tWnn Chinese Input System (Taiwan) linux/armv7hl
fuse-2.9.0-7.1.1 User space File System linux/armv7hl
fuse-devel-2.9.0-7.1.1 Development package for FUSE (userspace filesystem) modules linux/armv7hl
fuse-devel-static-2.9.0-7.1.1 Development package for FUSE (userspace filesystem) modules linux/armv7hl
fusecompress-0.9.2svn20090226-19.1.1 FUSE-based filesystem with transparent compression linux/armv7hl
fuseiso-20070708-45.1.1 FUSE module to mount CD-ROM images with ISO9660 filesystems in them linux/armv7hl
fusepod-0.5.2-186.1.1 FUSEPod is a virtual user-space filesystem that mounts your iPod linux/armv7hl
fusesmb-0.8.7-122.1.1 SMB for FUSE linux/armv7hl
fvwm-themes-0.7.0-33.1.1 FVWM Configuration Framework linux/noarch
fvwm2-2.6.4-4.1.2 Improved Version of FVWM Window Manager linux/armv7hl
fwbuilder- Firewall Builder linux/armv7hl
fwnn-1.1.1a021-14.1.1 FreeWnn Japanese Input System--Server Only linux/armv7hl
fwnn-devel-1.1.1a021-14.1.1 Development Library and Header Files for FreeWnn linux/armv7hl
fwnncom-1.1.1a021-14.1.1 Common Files for FreeWnn linux/armv7hl
fwzs-0.5-8.1.1 Tray applet that allows to switch firewall zones of interfaces linux/noarch
fxload-2008_10_13-20.1.1 Download Firmware into USB FX and FX2 Devices linux/armv7hl
fyre-1.0.1-104.1.1 Rendering system for chaotic maps linux/armv7hl

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