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osc-0.135.1-1.1.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE 12.2 for noarch

Name: osc Distribution: openSUSE 12.2
Version: 0.135.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1.1 Build date: Mon Jul 2 11:13:20 2012
Group: Development/Tools/Other Build host: build08
Size: 1545525 Source RPM: osc-0.135.1-1.1.1.src.rpm
Summary: openSUSE Build Service Commander
Commandline client for the openSUSE Build Service.

See , as well as for a general






* Fri Jun 29 2012
  - update to 0.135.1
    * do not forward submit requests to targets which link to request target
    * fix creator name in forwarded message
* Thu Jun 28 2012
  - update to 0.135.0
    * request accept is offering now to forward submit request if it is a devel area like webui does
    * support archlinux builds (requires OBS 2.4)
    * support maintenancerequest from local checkout
    * bugfixes for review handling, result watching, gnome-keyring
* Thu Mar 15 2012
  - update to 0.134.1
    * adding unlock command
    * maintenance_incident requests get created with source revision of package
* Mon Mar 05 2012
  - update to 0.134.0
    * Enables new maintenance submissions for new OBS 2.3 maintenance model
    * Fixes srcmd5 revisions in submit request, when link target != submission target
  - From NEWS file:
    - patchinfo call can work without checked out copy now
    - use qemu as fallback for building not directly supported architectures
    - "results --watch" option to watch build results until they finished building
    - fixes injection of terminal control chars (bnc#749335)(CVE-2012-1095)
    [#] Features which requires OBS 2.3
    - support dryrun of branching to preview the expected result. "osc sm" is doing this now by default.
    - maintenance requests accept package lists as source and target incidents to be merged in
    - add "setincident" command to "request" to re-direct a maintenance request
    - ask user to create "maintenance incident" request when submit request is failing at release project
    - "osc my patchinfos" is showing patchinfos where any open bug is assigned to user
    - "osc my" or "osc my work" is including assigned patchinfos
    - "osc branch --maintenance" is creating setups for maintenance
* Tue Dec 20 2011
  - update to 0.133.1
    - removed debug code lead to warning message (fix by Marcus_H)
* Tue Dec 06 2011
  - update to 0.133
    - add --meta option also to "list", "cat" and "less" commands
    - project checkout is skipping packages linking to project local packages by default
    - add --keep-link option to copypac command
    - source validators are not called by default anymore:
    * They can get used via source services now
    * Allows different validations based on the code streams
    [#] Features which require OBS 2.3
    - support source services using OBS project or package name
    - support updateing _patchinfo file with new issues just by calling "osc patchinfo" again
    - branch --add-repositories can be used to add repos from source project to target project
    - branch --extend-package-names can be used to do mbranch like branch of a single package
    - branch --new-package can be used to do branch from a not yet existing package (to define later submit target)
    - show declined requests which created by user
* Thu Aug 25 2011
  - update to 0.132.6
    * fix crash on removal of local _service file
    * handle both old OBS versions before 2.3
    * fix pgp pubkey parsing
    * show created incident project
* Tue Aug 16 2011
  - Add osc-pubkey-parsing.patch, fix PGP pubkey parsing: base64
    checksum shouldn't be in the key data, upstream commit
* Thu Jul 07 2011
  - update to 0.132.5
    * fix detection of project wide source service only
    * crash fix on incident creation
* Thu Jun 16 2011
  - spec file cleanup:
    * run spec-cleaner
    * simplified some shell commands
  - recommend obs-service-download_files,
    obs-service-format_spec_file, obs-service-source_validator
  - remove recommends for osc-source_validator
* Wed Jun 15 2011
  - update to 0.132.4
    - fix local package build
* Fri Jun 10 2011
  - update to 0.132.3
    - fix a possible crash after commit
* Thu Jun 09 2011
  - update to 0.132.2
    - fix broken update after commit with service run
    - fix up -S on unexpanded checkouts
* Wed Jun 08 2011
  - update to 0.132.1
    - fix backward compatibility with OBS 2.1 and before
    - meta files and content can be listed now
* Tue Jun 07 2011
  - update to 0.132.0
    - rdelete and undelete command requesting now a comment
    - add 'requestbugownership' command for setting the bugowner via request
    [#] Features which requires OBS 2.3
    - new command "createincident" to create maintenance incidents without a request
    - support to create hidden project on "branch" and "createincident" commands
    - osc waits and updates package after checkin when a source service is used
    - support for the new service file mode for "update" and "checkout" command when
      downloading server side generated files
    - integration for local source services, they will replace the source_validator mechanism
* Fri Apr 29 2011
  - update to 0.131.1
    - fixes runtime complaining about missing apiurl config.
  - fix wrong links in package description (bnc #690636)
* Wed Apr 27 2011
  - update to 0.131
    - new command 'develproject' to print the devel project from the package meta.
    - add blt and rblt commands, aka "buildlogtail" and "remotebuildlogtail" to show
      just the end of a build log (for getting the fail reason faster).
      CHANGE: the --start parameter is now called --offset
    - add "createrequest -a add_group" option to create a group request
    - add "createrequest -a add_me" shortcut
    - add "less" command, doing the same as "osc cat" but with pager
    - fallback to unexpanded diff mode on "osc diff" on merge error.
    - support viewing the commit history of deleted packages
    - show review states on "review list"
    - new source service commands "localrun" and "disabledrun" to generate files without _service: prefix
    - add "request supersede" and "review supersede" to supersede with existing request
    - make it possible to run single source services, even when not specified in _service file.
      (For example for doing a version update without creating a _service file: osc service lr update_source)
    - protect rebuild and abortbuild commands with required "--all" option to mass failures by accident (similar to wipebinaries)
    - "review accept/decline" is trying to change all reviews of a requests, if a specific one is not specified by user
    [#] Features which requires OBS 2.3
    - "my requests" is doing faster and complete server side lookup now if available
    - "review" command has been extended to handle reviews by project or by package maintainers
    - support for new source service modes: disabled, trylocal and localonly
    - support project wide source services
    - support for armv7hl architecuture. used to denote armv7 + hardfloat binaries
    - add force option to accept requests in review state.
    - add "maintenancerequest" command to request a maintenance incident from maintenance team
    - add "releaserequest" command run a maintenance update release process (for maintenance team only)
    - allow to force the storage of project meta data (to ignore depending repositories for example)
    - "my requests" is showing requests with open reviews also now
* Fri Mar 18 2011
  - add Requires: rpm-python (bnc#680986)
* Sat Dec 18 2010
  - update to 0.130.1 (bugfix release):
    - don't crash if a file marked as 'A' does not exist (bnc#658664)
    - fixed proxy handling (bnc#657958)
    - fixed repairwc (bnc#657838)
    - fixed build for python2.4
* Mon Dec 06 2010
  - update to 0.130
    - new "revert" command to restore the original working copy file (without
      downloading it)
    - rewrote "diff" logic
    - added new "--http-full-debug" option, "--http-debug" filters the
      "Authentication" and "Set-Cookie" header
    - added new "--disabled-cpio-bulk-download" option: disable downloading
      packages as cpio archive from api
    - added new "repairwc" command which tries to repair an inconsistent working
    - workaround for broken urllib2 in python 2.6.5: wrong credentials lead to an
      infinite recursion
    - support --interactive-review option when running "osc rq list <project>"
    - improved "osc rq show <id> --interactive-review"
    - do_config: added new options --stdin, --prompt, --no-echo:
    - -stdin: read value from stdin
    - -prompt: prompt for a value
    - -no-echo: prompt for a value but don't echo entered characters (for
      instance to enter a passwd)
    - added template support for a submitrequest accept/decline message
    - lots of internal rewrites (new working copy handling etc.)
    - support added for osc search 'perl(Foo::Bar)'
    - New "service" command to run source services locally or trigger a re-run on the server.
    - setlinkrev is setting now the revision to xsrcmd5 by default to avoid later breakage on indirect links by default.
    [#] Feature which requires OBS 2.1
    - support reliable diff for an accepted request
  - osc might fail with the following error:
    Your working copy '.' is in an inconsistent state.
    Please run 'osc repairwc .' (Note this might _remove_
    files from the .osc/ dir). Please check the state
    of the working copy afterwards (via 'osc status .')
    Simply run "osc repairwc" (see README for more information)
* Wed Dec 01 2010
  - Add Recommends for osc add $URL functionality
* Mon Aug 30 2010
  - release 0.129
* Fri Aug 27 2010
  - recommend build >= 2010.05.04
  - update to 0.129
    - "dists" command to show the configured default base repos from the server.
    - "review list" command to list open review requests
    - "review add" command to add another reviewer for a request (either user or group)
    - add "buildinfo --prefer-pkgs <dir>" option
    - add "prjresults --hide-disabled" option to hide packages which are disabled/excluded
      in all repos and repos which have only disabled/excluded packages
    - harmonize "api"'s options with curl's options
    - use builtin signature check by default (instead of verifying the signature with "rpm -K...")
    - add "status --show-excluded"  to show all files (except the store dir)
    - new "osc reqmaintainership" command which is a shortcut for
      "osc creq -a add_role USER maintainer PROJECT PACKAGE"
    [#] Feature which requires OBS 2.1
    - add "osc aggregate --nosources" option
    - add "request clone" command to clone all packages from a given request
    - fixed references into to honor the new Wiki structure
* Fri Jul 16 2010
  - update to 0.128
    - better default commands selection for editor/pager
    - support "osc rq reopen" to set a request in new state again
    - "osc repos" and "wipebinaries" is checking for local project now
    - "osc getbinaries" works in project dir now
    - support added for SPARC builds
    - support build --oldpackages
    - introduced the "trusted projects"
    - Fixes for default editor, api check on deleterequest call, tempfile leaks, getbinaries source package handling, results command
    [#] Feature which require either OBS 2.1 or 2.0.4
    - add osc signkey --extend for extending the expiration date of the gpg public key
* Wed Jun 09 2010
  - update to 0.127
    - add size limit mode, files can be ignored on checkout or update given a certain size limit.
    - --csv/--format options for results command - using format user can explicitly specify what he wants print
    - osc branch reads project/package in package directory
    - fix creation of package link, when target project has the package via linked project
    - add "osc rq approvenew $PROJECT" command to show and accept all request in new state.
      This makes sense esp. for projects which work with default reviewers before.
    - support external source validator scripts before commiting
    - support request creation with multiple actions
    [#] Features which require OBS 2.0 server
    - support "osc add http://...", this uses obs source service for downloading a file and verify it via sha256 verifier service
    - add support for CBpreinstall/CBinstall
    - support branch --force to override target
    - support for "unresolvable" state of OBS 2.0
    - support undelete of project or package
    - support for package meta data checkout
* Mon Apr 19 2010
  - update to 0.126 (final):
    - added VM autosetup to osc. This requires appropriate OBS version and build script version.
    - enhanced QEMU cross build support with 'armv4l' 'armv5el' 'armv6el' 'armv7el' 'armv8el' 'mips' 'mips64' 'ppc' 'ppc64' 'sh4' arch strings now supported on x86 host
    - suggest git, svn, ... if indicated, after oscerr.NoWorkingCopy
    - "osc cat" & "osc ls" now auto-expands through link.
    - fixed "osc add" after "osc delete".
    - fix "osc patchinfo" command (crashed before)
    - fixed SSL proxy support
    - fixed meta attribute create and set calls
    - osc remotebuildlog supports a buildlogurl
    - Allow --prefer-pkgs to parse repodata
    - new "osc build --no-service" option to skip source service update
    - fix linktobranch apiurl usage
    - "maintained package" search is telling relevant projects now
    * requires OBS 1.7.2 or 2.0
    - added "osc chroot" command
    - fixed #547005 ("osc co could show download progress")
    - added "--interactive" option to "osc request"
    - store commit message so it doesn't get lost on failure
    - added "--cpio-bulk-download" and "--download-api-only" options to "osc build"
    - added "osc localbuildlog" command
    - added "--build-uid uid:gid|caller" option to "osc build" to specify abuild id in chroot
    - verify files using rpm bindings and keys supplied by buildservice
    - added "--exclude-target-project <prj>" option to "osc rq list"
    - added "--message" option to "osc branch"
    - added "osc config" command to set/get/delete a config option
    - added "--binary" and "--baseproject" options to "osc search"
    - added "-o/--offline" and "-l/--preload" options to osc build
    * osc build -l standard i586 foo.spec (to cache all dependencies)
    * osc build -o standard i586 foo.spec (to build without contacting the api)
* Wed Apr 07 2010
  - use rpm macros
  - mark files in %%{_sysconfdir}/profile.d/ as %%config
* Sun Mar 21 2010
  - fixed rpmlint warning
* Sun Mar 21 2010
  - -update to version 0.126 (unstable)
    - suggest git, svn, ... if indicated, after oscerr.NoWorkingCopy
    - "osc cat" & "osc ls" now auto-expands through link.
    - fixed "osc add" after "osc delete".
    - fix "osc patchinfo" command (crashed before)
    - fixed SSL proxy support
    - fixed meta attribute create and set calls
    - osc remotebuildlog supports a buildlogurl
    - Allow --prefer-pkgs to parse repodata
    - new "osc build --no-service" option to skip source service update
    - fix linktobranch apiurl usage
    - "maintained package" search is telling relevant projects now
    * requires OBS 1.7.2 or 2.0
    - added "osc chroot" command
    - fixed #547005 ("osc co could show download progress")
    - added "--interactive" option to "osc request"
    - store commit message so it doesn't get lost on failure
    - added "--cpio-bulk-download" and "--download-api-only" options to "osc build"
    - added "osc localbuildlog" command
    - added "--build-uid uid:gid|caller" option to "osc build" to specify abuild id in chroot
    - verify files using rpm bindings and keys supplied by buildservice
    - added "--exclude-target-project <prj>" option to "osc rq list"
    - added "--message" option to "osc branch"
    - added "osc config" command to set/get/delete a config option
    - added "--binary" and "--baseproject" options to "osc search"
* Mon Feb 01 2010
  - update to version 0.125.5
    - rdiff happens against baserev now
    - fixed "osc build --local-package
    - detect a kiwi file on build
    - improved _service file handling
* Wed Jan 27 2010
  - update to 0.125.4
    - fix patchinfo command
* Thu Jan 21 2010
  - update to 0.125.3
    - fixed attribute handling for final OBS 1.7 api
* Wed Jan 20 2010
  - update to osc 0.125.2
    * include ssl proxy fix from Ludwig
* Thu Jan 14 2010
  - osc 0.125.1 final
    * when a broken link is encountered automatically switch to last working
    version. use 'osc pull' to repair the broken link.
    * osc my request is showing now also requests from other people target to
    * new config option 'submitrequest_on_accept_action' to specify a default action
    if a submitrequest has been accepted
    * show scheduler state for each repo with "results" and "prjresults"
* Mon Jan 11 2010
  - version 0.125 beta 1
    * the new commands are "pull" and "linktobranch"
    * proxy support via SSL
* Thu Dec 10 2009
  - make version 0.124 final. (commit 13d900a64838fb577527d520fa0cf31c09af4cf6)
    Full changelog is inside the NEWS file.
* Wed Dec 09 2009
  - first package from git repo (osc 0.124 RC1)
    * fixing product building
* Wed Dec 02 2009
  - update to current svn trunk (r9348, osc 0.124 beta 2)
    * build --release option added by Ludwig
* Fri Nov 13 2009
  - update to current svn trunk (osc 0.124 beta 1)
    * osc submitrequest is working on project level
    * patchinfo support
* Mon Nov 02 2009
  - update to current svn trunk (osc 0.124 alpha 1)
    * Juergens incompatible changes are back, may get removed again for release
    * For maintenance work:
    - new "osc maintained $PACKAGE" command
    - new "osc mbranch $PACKAGE" command
* Fri Oct 16 2009
  - update to version 0.123
    - IMPORTANT: ssl certificate checks are actually performed now to
      prevent man-in-the-middle-attacks. python-m2crypto is needed to
      make this work. Certificate checks can be turned off per server
      via 'sslcertck = 0' in .oscrc.
    - 'osc list' option -D now only limits non-'new' requests. In state 'new' all are shown.
    - suggest 'osc list' --bugowner option. Not implemented.
    - implemented 'osc ls .' to take proj/pack name from current directory.
    * Incompatible change: 'osc ls' now defaults to 'osc ls .',
    * Use 'osc ls /' if you really want to list all projects.
    * This is meant as a proof of concept. I intend to generalize this usage of '.'
      for all osc commands. Feedback welcome.
    - 'osc in' to be done. Its usage just prints a suggested zypper command line.
    - Incompatible change: osc se now prints Project Package, instead of Package Project
      for easier copy&paste.
    - fix checkout of packages, which contain not committed files (but uploaded)
    - add signing key management command (osc signkey)
    * shows public part of project key
    * allows (re)creation of a project key
    * allows deletion of a project key
    - support 100% offline build with "osc build --noinit ...."
* Thu Oct 08 2009
  - update to 0.123 svn snapshot
    * new dependency to python-m2crypto for SSL certification check
* Thu Sep 17 2009
  - removed "Recommends: rpm-python" which isn't needed anymore
* Tue Sep 08 2009
  - update to 0.122
    * added missing code for 'osc sr -l [ID]'
    * allow osc cat with one parameter, if it is a url.
    * make osc getpac really get the package (instead of branch only)!
    * expanded several tabs to spaces.
    * added default project to new getpac and bco subcommand. .oscrc:getpac_default_project = OpenSUSE:Factory
      (not added to branch subcommand, to not interfere with its syntax.)
    * add support for generic python-keyring lib, supports KWallet, Gnome keyring, MacOS and Windows.
    * make buildhist command usable without checked out package
    * rename old "platform/s" names to "repository/ies" (internal cleanup only)
    * fixed osc diff -c N, it failed with int and string concatenation
    * made osc diff and rdiff more similar: added -p, -c to rdiff, removed -u from rdiff.
      made -u default for both, renamed --pretty to --plain as it is the opposite of -u
    [#] Features which require OBS 1.7
    * option to download server side generated _service:* files on update
    * support for running source services locally. Happens by default on source update
      and build.
    * support modification flages on creation of submit request
      (for auto update or clean up packages or to avoid it, when submit request got accepted)
    * show request ids from package source logs
    * added support to require local packages which don't exist in the obs for a local build. This
      fixes #377021, #481193
* Fri Sep 04 2009
  - update to version 0.122 pre 1
* Fri Sep 04 2009
  - Add switch to installation in debian/rules to correctly install on debian-based systems
* Thu Sep 03 2009
  - switch to noarch package for > 11.1
* Tue Sep 01 2009
  - update to version 0.121.1
    * fix creation of new .osrc (#535919)
    * fix "osc my request"
* Thu Aug 27 2009
  - update to r7948 (version 0.121 candidate)
* Wed Aug 19 2009
  - Fix on spec file for x64 system bash auto-complete (bnc#528088).
* Thu Jun 18 2009
  - use completion script from tar ball
  - update to r7560 (version 0.120)
    - support "setlinkrev" for whole projects
    - add "setlinkrev --unset" for removing revision references
    - add "osc request list -t <type>" to list only submit, delete or develchange requests
    - add shell completion scripts
    - fix support of listing requests with multiple actions
    - "osc maintainer" is following to the development project / package now
    - "osc maintainer" list maintainer and bugowner roles now
* Thu Jun 18 2009
  - update to version 0.119.1
    * fixing listing of requests, when a delete request exists
* Wed Jun 10 2009
  - Add completion support for both tcsh and bash
* Wed Jun 03 2009
  - update to r7528 (version 0.119)
    - Support new request types
    - "submitreq" command has a new syntax (incompatible !)
    - new "deleterequest" command
    - new "changedevelrequest" command
    - new "request" command for showing/modifing requests
    - Multiple actions in one request is not yet supported by osc
    - The new commands require an OBS 1.7 server, submitreq is still working with
      older servers.
    - support of added .changes in commit message template
    - make submit request listing fast by server side filtering
    - allow pulling of conflicting changes via "osc repairlink"
    - delete commands consolidated:
    * deleteprj and deletepac are obsolete.
    * delete and rdelete take over
    - enable package tracking by default
    - bugfix: templates in edit commit message causes an empty commit logs
    - osc submitrequest consumes DESTPRJ [DESTPKG] arguments only
    - osc build now also tested on native arm targets where uname -m reports a string
      like armv{4l,5el,6l,7el,7l}
    - osc rlog now works with srcmd5 also
    - plugins now should be placed in /usr/lib/osc-plugins to match FHS (the /var path
      is still supported though)
    - osc now includes automatically generated man page
    - osc can now store credentials in Gnome keyring if it is available
    - new support for osc linkpac to specify cicount attribute
    - new log/rlog output formats (CSV and XML)
    - new jobhistory/buildhistory/search output format (CSV)
    - new option to fetch buildlogs starting at given offset
    - new option for copypac
    * -r to specify source revision
    * -m to specify a comment (and send default comment if not specified)
    - new option to results(r), and rresults:
    * -r|--repo to specify a repository(repositories)
    * -a|--arch to specify a architexure(s)
    * --xml for xml output (makes results_meta obsolete)
    - request list -M shows open SRs created by the user.
    - Fixed build support for images, only refered packages from buildinfo get used. (#485047)
    - "req" command got renamed to "api" to avoid clash with "request" command
    - osc build has a smarter default platform selection - it checks the
      availibility config value, 'standard' and 'opensuse_Factory' in platforms list and in case
      of fail it uses the last entry from that list
    - new osc linkpac -f to allow to override existing _link files
    - rename "rebuildpac" to "rebuild", but keep "rebuildpac" as alias
* Wed Apr 22 2009
  - update to r7162 (version 0.117)
    - new repairlink command for repairing a broken source link (requires server version 1.6)
    - new vc command for editing the changes files (requires build.rpm 2009.04.17 or newest)
    - support checkout of single package via "osc co PACKAGE" when local dir is project
    - allow to specify target project and package on osc branch (requires server version 1.6)
    - add option to automatic checkout a branched package
    - support "osc getbinaries" in checkout packages
    - '-b|--brief' option for osc submitreq show subcommand
    - use "latest" commited revision on checkout, not "upload" (#441783)
* Thu Apr 16 2009
  - update to r7093 (version 0.116)
    - support listings of older revisions with "osc ls -R"
    - add --current parameter for linkpac to use current revision of source package fixed.
    - add osc setlinkrev to add or update revision number in links easily
    - fix streaming of binary files via "cat" (#493325)
* Tue Mar 17 2009
  - update to r6820 (version 0.115)
    - optional transfer of devel project during copy_pac and link_pac is fixing
      opertation with remote build service instance
    - "osc ci" fails uploading large files to Provo BuildService
    - fixed support for accessing download repositories (worked only for download.o.o so far)
* Tue Mar 03 2009
  - update to r6667 (version 0.114):
    - the .oscrc config handling has been cleaned up:
    * use "apiurl" for everything now (== <protocol>://<host>)
    * added aliases support for [apiurl] sections in the ~/.oscrc.
      aliases = foo, bar
      => "osc -A foo <cmd>" will do the same as "osc -A http(s)://foobar ls"
    * "scheme" and "apisrv" are deprecated and will produce a warning
    * when writing a new ~/.oscrc, store the apiurl in the conffile (bnc#478054)
    * fixed bug that made osc ask for credentials when -A was used (bnc#478054)
    * fixed crash upon password entry (first startup) (bnc#478052)
    - osc build:
    * make product builds work
    * speed up by using a cookie when fetching the binaries (bnc#477690)
    * support for VM (kvm or xen) builds
    * obsolete the need to configure download server, get it from the build
      service instance instead.
    * be a bit more verbose if the linked package isn't expanded (bnc#470948)
    - osc branch:
    * --develproject option fixed (the API calls it 'ignoredevel' instead of 'nodevelproject')
    * --revision option added
    - osc jobhistory: new command to see build job history of a project or a package
    - osc results/rresults: option -l, --last-build added (show last build results)
    - osc linkpac: fix failure when -A<url> is used (bnc#479156)
    - osc commit: don't scare users if they want to commit a nonexistent file (bnc#469167)
    - osc diff: bugfix to make --pretty option work
    - 11.1 added to the osc project template



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