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libqzeitgeist1-0.8.0-7.2.2 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE 12.2 for i586

Name: libqzeitgeist1 Distribution: openSUSE 12.2
Version: 0.8.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 7.2.2 Build date: Mon Jul 16 05:06:07 2012
Group: Development/Libraries/KDE Build host: build33
Size: 223495 Source RPM: QtZeitgeist-0.8.0-7.2.2.src.rpm
Summary: Qt Zeitgeist Library
Zeitgeist is a service which logs the user's activities
and notifications, anywhere from files opened to websites
visited and conversations, and makes this information
readily available for other applications to use. It is
also able to establish relationships between items based
on similarity and usage patterns.

This package provides the Qt interface for Zeitgeist.






* Mon Jun 25 2012
  - Added the following patches (taken from Fedora - already upstream):
    * libqzeitgeist-0.8.0-declarative.patch: Fix linking, consistently use
    * libqzeitgeist-0.8.0-reduced_linking.patch: Reduce linking in libqzeitgeist
  - Removed libQtWebKit-devel from build dependencies and devel package Requires:
    (not needed anymore because of the above patches).
* Fri Mar 02 2012
  - Make build verbose to aid log analysis.
* Tue Feb 07 2012
  - devel package must require libQtWebKit-devel too
* Wed Feb 01 2012
  - Added libQtWebKit-devel buildrequires
* Thu Jan 05 2012
  - Adjust the baselib.conf file to the new library name so that the
    correct -32bit package is generated
* Wed Jan 04 2012
  - Added recommends for zeitgeist, since the package is useless without it
  - Minor cleanup of spec file
* Sun Jan 01 2012
  - Update to 0.8.0
    * Used QZeitgeist everywhere instead of QtZeitgeist
    * QML Bindings
    * All basic datatypes (TimeRange, Event, etc) are no longer QObjects, adhering to the Qt Object Model.
    * Build system rewrite
    * Improved QZeitgeistConfig.cmake
  - Spec cleanup
* Wed Aug 24 2011
  - get rid of build cycle, this package does not require kdelibs
* Sun Aug 14 2011
  - Added 32bits version so as not to break 32bit KDE packages
  - Use make_install instead of makeinstall
* Fri Jul 22 2011
  - Initial version



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