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jack-1.9.8-5.3.2 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE 12.2 for i586

Name: jack Distribution: openSUSE 12.2
Version: 1.9.8 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 5.3.2 Build date: Mon Jul 16 03:41:12 2012
Group: System/Sound Daemons Build host: build33
Size: 1190921 Source RPM: jack-1.9.8-5.3.2.src.rpm
Summary: Jack-Audio Connection Kit
JACK is system for handling real-time, low latency audio
(and MIDI). It runs on GNU/Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, OS X and
Windows (and can be ported to other POSIX-conformant
platforms). It can connect a number of different
applications to an audio device, as well as allowing them to
share audio between themselves. Its clients can run in their
own processes (ie. as normal applications), or can they can
run within the JACK server (ie. as a "plugin"). JACK also
has support for distributing audio processing across a
network, both fast & reliable LANs as well as slower, less
reliable WANs.






* Wed Jun 27 2012
  - fix R_PPC64_ADDR32 fff85e94858 for symbol `' out of range
  - fix jack_connect segfault
* Tue Apr 10 2012
  - Disable parallel build to limit resource usage and prevent hung
    build hosts.
* Sun Feb 26 2012
  - Update to version 1.9.8
  - Remade jack-celt-build-fix.diff
  - Upstream changes :
  - Merge newer-midi branch (Devin Anderson redesign of the
    MIDI drivers: alsarawmidi, ffado, coremidi and winmme).
  - Correction in jackdmp.cpp: notify_server_stop should be done
    after server destruction.
  - Correct driver lifetime management.
  - Add XRun detection in PortAudio driver.
  - CELT code for NetJack2.
  - Merge branch switch-master-port-registration-notifications:
    correct driver port registration.
  - Libjacknet in progress.
  - Correct MIDI in NetJack2.
  - Correct OSX real-time thread setup.
  - Correct rd_acquire in dbus code.
  - Correct NetJack2 connection handling.
  - SaveConnections/RestoreConnections in NetDriver and JackAudioDriver.
  - Special version of jack_attach_shm/jack_release_shm on client
    side for POSIX shared memory, to solve a memory leak issue.
  - Another round of code improvements to handle completely
    buggy Digidesign CoreAudio user-land driver.
  - Special CATCH_CLOSE_EXCEPTION_RETURN to handle Close API calls.
    variables for NetJack2.
  - NetJack2 now only send data on network only is ports are connected
    both sides.
  - Fix for "starting two instances of same app in parallel does not
    work" bug.
  - Enable explicit channel mapping in CoreAudio driver.
  - New JackTimedDriver class to be used by JackDummyDriver,
    JackNetDriver and JackNetOneDriver classes.
  - More robust code in synchronization primitives and JackMessageBuffer.
  - More robust Control API implementation.
  - Add jackctl_driver_get_type in Control API.
  - Singleton behaviour for JackCoreMidiDriver and JackWinMMEDriver.
  - John Emmas patch for DSP CPU computation.
  - John Emmas Windows server launching patch.
  - Fix jack_set_port_name API.
  - Enable local access in NetJack2 code.
  - Dynamic port management in JACK/CoreMidi bridge.
* Mon Feb 13 2012
  - ppc64 doesn't have uc_regs
* Tue Oct 18 2011
  - drop jack-CAS.diff patch to fix non ia32/x86_64/ppc build,
    seems to be fixed upstream similar
* Wed Sep 07 2011
  - Enabled dbus support requested on multimedia list
  - Disabled engine profiling
* Tue Sep 06 2011
  - Removed malfunctioning services
* Thu May 19 2011
  - Update to version 1.9.7
  - Upstream changes :
    * Sync JackAlsaDriver::alsa_driver_check_card_type with JACK1 backend.
    * Improve backend error handling: fatal error returned by Read/Write
    now cause a Process failure (so a thread exit for blocking backends).
    * Recoverable ones (XRuns..) are now treated internally in ALSA and
    FFADO backends.
    * In jackdmp.cpp, jackctl_setup_signals moved before jackctl_server_start.
    * Correct dummy driver.
    * Adrian Knoth jack_lsp patch.
    * Remove JackPortIsActive flag.
    * New latency API implementation.
    * ComputeTotalLatencies now a client/server call.
    * Add latent test client for latency API.
    * Also print playback and capture latency in jack_lsp.
    * jack_client_has_session_callback implementation.
    * Check requested buffer size and limit to 1..8192  avoids weird
    behaviour caused by jack_bufsize foobar.
    * jack_port_type_get_buffer_size implementation.
    * Stop using alloca and allocate buffer on the heap for alsa_io.
    * Rename jdelay to jack_iodelay as per Fons' request.
    * Call buffer size callback in activate (actually this is done on
    client side in the RT thread Init method).
    * Add jack_midi_dump client. Synchronize net JACK1 with JACK1 version.
    * Synchronize jack_connect/jack_disconnect with JACK1 version.
    * Correct JackNetMaster::SetBufferSize.
    * Use jack_default_audio_sample_t instead of float consistently,
    fix ticket #201. -X now allows to add several slave backends, add -I
    to load several internal clients.
    * Rework internal slave driver management, JackServerGlobals now
    handle same parameters as jackdmp.
    * Correct JackEngine::NotifyGraphReorder, update JackDebugClient
    with latest API.
    * Devin Anderson server-ctl-proposal branch merged on trunk: improved
    control API, slave backend reworked.
    * Implement renaming in JackDriver::Open to avoid name collision.
    * Correct alsa_driver_restart (thanks Devin Anderson).
    * Correction of jack_connect/jack_disconnect: use of jack_activate
    and volatile keyword for thread shared variable.
    * Correction of JackNetOneDriver for latest CELT API.
    * Synchronize JackWeakAPI.cpp with new APIs.
* Fri Dec 10 2010
  - Added jack-celt-build-fix.diff to fix jack build with celt-0.9.1
* Tue Nov 09 2010
  - Update to version 1.9.6
  - Upstream changes :
    * Improve JackCoreAudioDriver and JackCoreAudioAdapter : when no
    devices are described, takes default input and output and
    aggregate them.
    * Correct JackGraphManager::DeactivatePort.
    * Correct JackMachServerChannel::Execute : keep running even in
    error cases.
    * Raise JACK_PROTOCOL_VERSION number. Arnold Krille firewire patch.
    * Fix some file header to have library side code use LGPL.
    * ffado-portname-sync.patch from ticket #163 applied.
    * Remove call to exit in library code.
    * Make jack_connect/jack_disconnect wait for effective port
    * Add tests to validate intclient.h API.
    * On Linux, inter-process synchronization primitive switched to
    POSIX semaphore.
    * In JackCoreAudioDriver, move code called in MeasureCallback to be
    called once in IO thread.
    * David Garcia Garzon netone patch.
    * Fix from Fernando Lopez-Lezcano for compilation on fc13.
    * Fix JackPosixSemaphore::TimedWait : same behavior as
    JackPosixSemaphore::Wait regarding EINTR.
    * David Garcia Garzon unused_pkt_buf_field_jack2 netone patch.
    * Arnold Krille firewire snooping patch.
    * Jan Engelhardt patch for get_cycles on SPARC.
    * Adrian Knoth hurd.patch, kfreebsd-fix.patch and
    alpha_ia64-sigsegv.patch from ticket 177.
    * Adrian Knoth fix for linux cycle.h (ticket 188).
    * In JackCoreAudioDriver, fix an issue when no value is given for
* Wed Jul 07 2010
  - Enable ffado firewire support
* Wed Jul 07 2010
  - Provide missing functions to enable SPARC compilation
* Tue Jul 06 2010
  - Build fix: make sure $RPM_OPT_FLAGS is in CFLAGS (SPARC _needs_
    its -march=ultrasparc from prjconf to make atomic ops available)
  - Strip remaining CFLAGS since they are the same as in prjconf
* Thu Apr 29 2010
  - use _smp_mflags instead of -j'percent'{jobs}
* Tue Apr 06 2010
  - Update to jack-1.9.5 which now has support for distributing audio
    processing across a network.
  - Removed jack-shmat-check-fix.diff.
* Fri Feb 19 2010
  - remove libfreebob dependency
* Wed Feb 17 2010
  - minor spec file clean-ups
* Tue Feb 09 2010
  - update to 0.118.0
  - don't use gcc4 patch and all that autotool stuff before ./configure
  - fixed dependencies (missing versions)
* Fri Dec 18 2009
  - add baselibs.conf as a source
* Tue Sep 22 2009
  - fix minor strdup memory leaks (bnc#539096)
* Sun Jun 21 2009
  - fix requires of devel package (libjack requires libsamplerate now)
* Fri Jun 19 2009
  - add libsndfile and libsamplerate to buildrequires to support
    netjack driver
* Fri Jun 19 2009
  - fix mismatching pclose() (bnc#514072)
* Mon Apr 20 2009
  - updated to version 0.116.2:
    * Stable version update since 0.109.2: quite lots of fixes and
      updates.  See



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