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RPM of Group System/Sound Daemons

esound-daemon-0.2.41-21.1.2 A sound daemon for Enlightenment and GNOME linux/i586
jack-1.9.8-5.3.2 Jack-Audio Connection Kit linux/i586
libpulse-mainloop-glib0-1.1-6.1.2 GLIB 2.0 Main Loop wrapper for PulseAudio linux/i586
pulseaudio-1.1-6.1.2 A Networked Sound Server linux/i586
pulseaudio-esound-compat-1.1-6.1.2 ESOUND compatibility for PulseAudio linux/i586
pulseaudio-module-bluetooth-1.1-6.1.2 Bluetooth support for the PulseAudio sound server linux/i586
pulseaudio-module-gconf-1.1-6.1.2 GCONF module for PulseAudio linux/i586
pulseaudio-module-jack-1.1-6.1.2 JACK support for the PulseAudio sound server linux/i586
pulseaudio-module-lirc-1.1-6.1.2 LIRC module for PulseAudio linux/i586
pulseaudio-module-x11-1.1-6.1.2 X11 module for PulseAudio linux/i586
pulseaudio-module-zeroconf-1.1-6.1.2 Zeroconf module for PulseAudio linux/i586
pulseaudio-utils-1.1-6.1.2 PulseAudio utilities linux/i586

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