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RPM of Group System/GUI/KDE

NetworkManager-kde4-libs- NetworkManager client for KDE 4 linux/i586
NetworkManager-novellvpn-kde4- NovellVPN NetworkManager plugin for KDE 4 linux/i586
NetworkManager-openconnect-kde4- OpenConnect NetworkManager plugin for KDE 4 linux/i586
NetworkManager-openvpn-kde4- NetworkManager client for KDE 4 linux/i586
NetworkManager-pptp-kde4- NetworkManager client for KDE 4 linux/i586
NetworkManager-strongswan-kde4- Strongswan NetworkManager plugin for KDE 4 linux/i586
NetworkManager-vpnc-kde4- NetworkManager client for KDE 4 linux/i586
akonadi-4.8.4-2.5.1 KDE Resources for PIM Storage Service linux/i586
akonadi-google-0.3.1-2.1.2 Extension for accessing your Google data linux/i586
akonadi-runtime-1.7.2-2.1.2 PIM Storage Service linux/i586
analitza-4.8.4-2.1.2 A library to add mathematical features to programs linux/i586
clementine-kde-1.0.1.git-3.1.2 Clementine's support for plasma search linux/i586
compiz-kde4-0.8.8-2.1.2 OpenGL window and compositing managerdecorator for kde4 linux/i586
dolphin-plugins-4.8.4-2.1.2 Version control plugins for dolphin linux/i586
filelight-4.8.4-2.1.2 Graphical disk usage viewer linux/i586
jovie-4.8.4-2.1.2 Text-to-Speech linux/i586
kaccessible-4.8.4-2.1.2 Accessibility Bridge linux/i586
kactivities4-4.8.4-2.1.2 KDE Plasma Activities support linux/i586
kcm_gtk-1.1-20.1.2 KDE control module for switching GTK+ style linux/i586
kdbus-0.8.6_SVN_20070413-202.1.2 D-BUS service browser for KDE linux/i586
kde3-kommander-3.5.10-40.1.2 Editor to build dialogs and application linux/i586
kde3-kommander-runtime-3.5.10-40.1.2 Runtime to execute Kommander based applications linux/i586
kde4-kapptemplate-4.8.4-2.1.2 Template for KDE Application Development linux/i586
kde4-kgreeter-plugins-4.8.4-2.3.1 The KDE Greeter Plugin Components linux/i586
kdeaccessibility3-3.5.10-16.1.2 Tools for Handicapped People to Use the GUI linux/i586
kdeaccessibility3-icons-3.5.10-16.1.2 Monochrome icons for KDE linux/i586
kdeaddons3-games-3.5.10-5.1.2 Additional Modules for Atlantik linux/i586
kdeaddons3-kontact-3.5.10-5.1.2 Additional Modules for Kontact linux/i586
kdeartwork3-3.5.10-21.1.2 KDE Themes linux/i586
kdeartwork3-kscreensaver-3.5.10-21.1.2 Screensaver from KDE linux/i586
kdeartwork3-xscreensaver-3.5.10-21.1.2 XScreensaver Support for KDE linux/i586
kdeartwork4-decorations-4.8.4-2.1.2 KDE window decorations linux/i586
kdeartwork4-screensaver-4.8.4-2.1.2 KDE screensaver package linux/i586
kdeartwork4-styles-4.8.4-2.1.2 KDE application styles linux/i586
kdebase3- The KDE Core Components linux/i586
kdebase3-SuSE-11.3-8.1.2 SUSE KDE Extension linux/i586
kdebase3-SuSE-branding-openSUSE-11.3-8.1.2 SUSE KDE Extension linux/i586
kdebase3-apps- Major Applications KDE3 Desktop linux/i586
kdebase3-devel- KDE Base Package: Base, Build Environment linux/i586
kdebase3-extra- KDE Base package: Extra Applications linux/i586
kdebase3-kdm- The KDE login and display manager linux/i586
kdebase3-ksysguardd- KDE base package: ksysguard daemon linux/i586
kdebase3-nsplugin- Netscape plugin support for KDE linux/i586
kdebase3-runtime- Runtime Dependencies of KDE3 Applications linux/i586
kdebase3-samba- KDE Base package: Windows Connection Module linux/i586
kdebase3-session- The KDE Session linux/i586
kdebase3-workspace- Workspace Components of KDE3 Desktop linux/i586
kdebase4-libkonq-4.8.4-2.1.2 KDE Konqueror Libraries linux/i586
kdebase4-nsplugin-4.8.4-2.1.2 Netscape plugin support for KDE linux/i586
kdebase4-openSUSE-12.2-6.2.4 openSUSE KDE Extension linux/i586
kdebase4-runtime-4.8.4-2.1.2 The KDE Runtime Components linux/i586
kdebase4-runtime-branding-openSUSE-12.2-6.2.4 The KDE Runtime Components linux/i586
kdebase4-runtime-branding-upstream-4.8.4-2.1.2 The KDE Runtime Components linux/i586
kdebase4-runtime-xine-4.8.4-2.1.2 The KDE Runtime Components linux/i586
kdebase4-workspace-4.8.4-2.3.1 The KDE Workspace Components linux/i586
kdebase4-workspace-branding-openSUSE-12.2-6.2.4 openSUSE KDE Extension linux/i586
kdebase4-workspace-branding-upstream-4.8.4-2.3.1 The KDE Workspace Components linux/i586
kdebase4-workspace-ksysguardd-4.8.4-2.3.1 KDE base package: ksysguard daemon linux/i586
kdebase4-workspace-liboxygenstyle-4.8.4-2.3.1 The Libraries of the oxygen-style linux/i586
kdebase4-workspace-plasma-calendar-4.8.4-2.3.1 The calendar Plasma engine and applet linux/i586
kdebase4-workspace-plasma-engine-akonadi-4.8.4-2.3.1 The Akonadi Plasma engine linux/i586
kdebindings3-3.5.10-21.1.2 Bindings for Qt and KDE Libraries linux/i586
kdebindings3-javascript-3.5.10-21.1.2 JavaScript Bindings and Interpreter for KDE linux/i586
kdebindings3-javascript-devel-3.5.10-21.1.2 JavaScript Bindings and Interpreter for KDE linux/i586
kdeedu3-3.5.10-7.1.2 Education Applications linux/i586
kdegames3-3.5.10-7.1.2 Games for KDE linux/i586
kdelibs3-3.5.10-64.1.2 KDE Base Libraries linux/i586
kdelibs3-arts-3.5.10-64.1.2 KDE aRts support linux/i586
kdelibs3-default-style-3.5.10-64.1.2 The default KDE style linux/i586
kdelibs3-devel-3.5.10-64.1.2 KDE Base Package: Build Environment linux/i586
kdelibs3-doc-3.5.10-64.1.2 Documentation for KDE Base Libraries linux/i586
kdelibs4-4.8.4-2.3.2 KDE Base Libraries linux/i586
kdelibs4-branding-upstream-4.8.4-2.3.2 KDE Base Libraries linux/i586
kdelibs4-core-4.8.4-2.3.2 KDE Base Libraries linux/i586
kdelibs4-doc-4.8.4-2.3.2 Documentation for KDE Base Libraries linux/i586
kdemultimedia3- KDE Multimedia Libraries linux/i586
kdemultimedia3-arts- KDEMM aRts support linux/i586
kdemultimedia4-thumbnailers-4.8.4-2.2.2 KDE thumbnails for multimedia files linux/i586
kdepasswd-4.8.4-2.1.2 KDE Password Changer linux/i586
kdepim3-3.5.10-20.2.2 Personal Information Manager Software for KDE linux/i586
kdepim3-devel-3.5.10-20.2.2 Personal Information Manager software for KDE linux/i586
kdepim3-notes-3.5.10-20.2.2 Note taking application linux/i586
kdepim3-time-management-3.5.10-20.2.2 Personal Information Manager linux/i586
kdepim4-4.8.4-2.5.1 Base package of kdepim linux/i586
kdepim4-runtime-4.8.4-2.1.2 Base package of kdepim linux/i586
kdepimlibs4-4.8.4-2.1.2 KDE PIM Libraries linux/i586
kdesdk3-3.5.10-23.1.2 The KDE Software Development Kit linux/i586
kdesdk3-translate-3.5.10-23.1.2 Tools to Handle Translations linux/i586
kdesdk4-kdeaccounts-4.8.4-2.1.2 KAddressBook Plugins for Developer Database linux/i586
kdesdk4-scripts-4.8.4-2.1.2 Scripts for KDE Development linux/i586
kdetoys3-3.5.10-21.1.2 Nice Toys for KDE linux/i586
kdeutils3-extra-3.5.10-5.1.2 KDE Utility Programs linux/i586
kdialog-4.8.4-2.1.2 KDE version of xdialog linux/i586
kdm-4.8.4-2.3.1 KDE login and display manager linux/i586
kdm-branding-upstream-4.8.4-2.3.1 KDE login and display manager - upstream branding linux/i586
keditbookmarks-4.8.4-2.1.2 KDE Bookmark Editor linux/i586
kepas-0.9.3-20.1.2 KDE Easy Publish and Share linux/i586
kfloppy-4.8.4-2.1.2 Floppy Formatter linux/i586
kio_audiocd-4.8.4-2.2.2 KDE I/O Slave for Audio CDs linux/i586
kio_iso-2.0.0-27.1.2 KIO slave to access ISO images linux/i586
kio_svn-4.8.4-2.1.2 KDE KIO-Slave for SVN linux/i586
kio_sysinfo-12.2-6.2.4 System Information KIO-Slave linux/i586
kio_sysinfo-branding-openSUSE-12.2-6.2.4 System Information KIO-Slave linux/i586
kmag-4.8.4-2.1.2 Screen Magnifier linux/i586
kmousetool-4.8.4-2.1.2 Automatic Mouse Click linux/i586
kmouth-4.8.4-2.1.2 Speech Synthesizer Frontend linux/i586
knemo-0.7.3-2.1.2 The KDE Network Monitor linux/i586
kolor-manager-691cd53c-2.1.2 Colour Management Frontend for KDE linux/i586
kommander-runtime-4.8.4-2.1.2 Runtime for Kommander dialogs and application linux/i586
kpartloader-4.8.4-2.1.2 KDE SDK Package linux/i586
ksshaskpass-0.5.3-10.1.2 KDE 4 version of ssh-askpass linux/i586
ktray-0.2-104.1.2 Independent System Tray Applet linux/i586
kvkbd-0.6-19.1.2 A virtual keyboard for KDE linux/i586
kwalletmanager-4.8.4-2.1.2 Wallet Management Tool linux/i586
kwebkitpart-1.2.0git20111019-5.1.2 KDE Webkit web browser component linux/i586
kwikdisk-4.8.4-2.1.2 Removable Media Utility linux/i586
kwin-4.8.4-2.3.1 KDE Window Manager linux/i586
libakonadi4-4.8.4-2.1.2 PIM Storage Service Client Libraries linux/i586
libakonadiprotocolinternals1-1.7.2-2.1.2 PIM Storage Service linux/i586
libanalitza0-4.8.4-2.1.2 A library to add mathematical features to programs linux/i586
libattica0_3-0.3.0-2.1.2 Open Collaboration Service client library - development files linux/i586
libavahi-qt4-1-0.6.31-3.3.1 Qt4 Bindings for avahi, the D-BUS Service for Zeroconf and Bonjour linux/i586
libkcal-3.5.10-20.2.2 Calendaring Classes linux/i586
libkcal-devel-3.5.10-20.2.2 Calendering Classes linux/i586
libkcal2-3.5.10-20.2.2 Calendaring Classes linux/i586
libkcddb4-4.8.4-2.2.2 KDE CDDB Library linux/i586
libkcompactdisc4-4.8.4-2.2.2 KDE CD Library linux/i586
libkde4-4.8.4-2.3.2 KDE Base Libraries linux/i586
libkdecore4-4.8.4-2.3.2 KDE Core Libraries linux/i586
libkdepim4-4.8.4-2.5.1 KDE PIM Libraries linux/i586
libkdepimlibs4-4.8.4-2.1.2 KDE PIM Libraries linux/i586
libkeduvocdocument4-4.8.4-2.1.2 Library for KDE Education Applications linux/i586
libkmime-devel-3.5.10-20.2.2 Library to read MIME messages linux/i586
libkmime2-3.5.10-20.2.2 Library to read MIME messages linux/i586
libkonq5-4.8.4-2.1.2 KDE Konqueror Libraries linux/i586
libktnef-devel-3.5.10-20.2.2 Library to read TNEF linux/i586
libktnef1-3.5.10-20.2.2 Library to read TNEF linux/i586
libtag-extras1-1.0.1-15.1.2 Extra plugins for TagLib linux/i586
lokalize-4.8.4-2.1.2 KDE Translation Editor linux/i586
misc-console-font- A font for terminal usage linux/i586
mozilla-kde4-integration-0.6.3-10.1.2 Mozilla KDE Integration linux/i586
phonon-backend-gstreamer-0_10-4.6.1-2.5.1 Phonon Multimedia Platform Abstraction linux/i586
plasma-addons-4.8.4-2.1.2 Additional Plasma Widgets linux/i586
plasma-addons-akonadi-4.8.4-2.1.2 Additional Plasmoids Depending on Akonadi linux/i586
plasma-addons-lancelot-4.8.4-2.1.2 Additional Lancelot Launcher Plasmoid linux/i586
plasma-addons-marble-4.8.4-2.1.2 Additional Plasmoids Depending on Marble linux/i586
plasma-theme-oxygen-4.8.4-2.1.2 The Oxygen Plasma Theme linux/i586
plasmoid-folderview-4.8.4-2.1.2 Plasmoid to display a folder linux/i586
plasmoid-networkmanagement- NetworkManager client for KDE 4 linux/i586
plasmoid-quickaccess-0.8.1-19.1.2 Quick Access Plasmoid for KDE Desktop linux/i586
python-kdebase4-4.8.4-2.3.1 Python bindings for KDE 4 desktop shell linux/i586
qtc-0.7a-234.1.2 C Bindings for Qt linux/i586
qtcurve-kde4-1.8.12-2.1.2 QtCurve style for KDE 4 linux/i586
sweeper-4.8.4-2.1.2 KDE Privacy Utility linux/i586
yakuake-2.9.8-15.1.2 Terminal for KDE linux/i586

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