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RPM of Group System/Boot

FirmwareUpdateKit-1.6-1.1.1 Assist with DOS-based firmware updates linux/i586
bootcycle-0.3-241.1.1 Boot Cycle Detection linux/i586
bootsplash-3.3-177.1.2 Graphical System Boot Utilities linux/i586
elilo-3.12-10.1.2 EFI Linux Loader linux/i586
firmwarekit-3-60.1.2 BIOS checker that validates ACPI and other parts for x86 and x86_64 machines linux/i586
genromfs-0.5.2-89.1.2 Utility for Creating romfs File Systems linux/i586
gfxboot-4.5.0-2.1.2 Graphical Boot Logo for GRUB, LILO and SYSLINUX linux/i586
gfxboot-branding-KDE-4.5.0-2.1.2 Graphical bootloader KDE theme linux/i586
gfxboot-branding-upstream-4.5.0-2.1.2 Graphical bootloader upstream theme linux/i586
grub-0.97-185.1.2 Grand Unified Boot Loader linux/i586
grub2-2.00-1.6.1 Bootloader with support for Linux, Multiboot and more linux/i586
grub2-efi-2.00-1.6.1 GRUB2 for EFI systems linux/i586
kiwi-config-openSUSE-12.2-3.5.1 KDE live CD linux/i586
lilo-23.2-72.1.2 The Linux Loader, a Boot Menu linux/i586
linuxrc-4.0.7-1.1.1 SUSE Installation Program linux/i586
loadlin-1.6d-8.1.1 Linux Loader with Command Line from DOS linux/i586
makebootfat-1.4-143.1.2 Create Bootable FAT File Systems linux/i586
master-boot-code-1.22-10.1.2 i386 Master Boot Record Code linux/i586
memtest86+-4.20-7.1.2 Memory Testing Image for x86 Architecture linux/i586
os-prober-1.49-2.1.2 Probes disks on the system for installed operating systems linux/i586
perl-Bootloader-0.6.7-1.1.1 Library for Configuring Boot Loaders linux/i586
splashy-0.3.13-35.1.2 A complete user-space boot splash system linux/i586
splashy-branding-openSUSE-0.3.13-35.1.2 Splashy branding for openSUSE linux/i586
splashy-themes-0.3.13-35.1.2 Additional themes for splashy linux/i586
syslinux-4.04-18.1.2 Boot Loader for Linux linux/i586
trustedgrub-1.1.3-25.1.2 Grand Unified Boot Loader with TPM support linux/i586
u-boot-tools-20111109-3.1.2 Tools for the u-boot Firmware linux/i586
u-boot-tools-doc-20111109-3.1.2 Documentation for the u-boot Firmware linux/i586

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