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RPM of Group Productivity/Text/Utilities

agrep-0.8.0-13.1.2 Another powerful grep with interesting features linux/i586
coccinelle-1.0.0-5.1.2 Semantic patch utility linux/i586
diffstat-1.55-2.1.2 Utility That Provides Statistics Based on the Output of diff linux/i586
diffutils-3.2-2.1.2 GNU diff Utilities linux/i586
dirdiff-2.1-154.1.2 Diff Tool to Merge Source Trees linux/i586
figlet-2.2.4-6.1.9 Tool for Creating Cool ASCII-Art Signatures linux/i586
gawk-4.0.1-2.1.4 GNU awk linux/i586
grep-2.13-1.1.2 Print lines matching a pattern linux/i586
idutils-4.2-242.1.2 Language-Independent Identifier Database Tool linux/i586
jtools-1.0-705.1.2 Ken Lunde's Japanese Code Manipulation Tools linux/i586
less-444-9.1.2 Text File Browser and Pager Similar to more linux/i586
lv-4.51-140.1.2 Powerful, Multilingual File Viewer, Same User Interface as "Less" linux/i586
mawk-1.3.4-14.1.2 Implementation of New/POSIX AWK linux/i586
mbuffer-20120505-2.1.2 Replacement for "buffer" with many more Features linux/i586
patch- GNU patch linux/i586
sgrep-1.92a-974.1.2 Searching for Structured Patterns linux/i586
wdiff-1.0.1-3.1.2 Display Word Differences Between Text Files linux/i586
wdiff-lang-1.0.1-3.1.2 Translations for Wdiff linux/i586
wiggle-0.9-2.1.2 A Tool for Applying Patches with Conflicts linux/i586
xindy-2.3.99pre1-9.1.2 Index generator for structured documents like LaTeX or SGML linux/i586
xless-1.7-1249.1.2 Text browser linux/i586
yajl-2.0.1-10.1.2 Yet Another JSON Library Tools linux/i586

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