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RPM of Group Productivity/Graphics/Visualization/Graph

gle-graphics-4.2.4b-3.2.2 GLE is a graphics scripting language linux/i586
gnuplot-4.6.0-3.1.2 GNUplot a Function Plotting Utility linux/i586
graphviz-2.28.0-10.2.2 Graph Visualization Tools linux/i586
graphviz-doc-2.28.0-10.2.2 Documentation for graphviz linux/i586
graphviz-gd-2.28.0-10.2.2 Graphviz plugin for renderers based on gd linux/i586
graphviz-gnome-2.28.0-10.2.2 Graphviz plugins that use gtk/GNOME linux/i586
graphviz-guile-2.28.0-10.2.2 Graph Visualization Tools linux/i586
graphviz-java-2.28.0-10.2.2 Graph Visualization Tools linux/i586
graphviz-lua-2.28.0-10.2.2 Lua extension for graphviz linux/i586
graphviz-ocaml-2.28.0-10.2.2 OCAML extension for graphviz linux/i586
graphviz-perl-2.28.0-10.2.2 Perl extension for Graphviz linux/i586
graphviz-php-2.28.0-10.2.2 PHP Extension for Graphviz linux/i586
graphviz-python-2.28.0-10.2.2 Python Extension for Graphviz linux/i586
graphviz-ruby-2.28.0-10.2.2 Ruby Extension for Graphviz linux/i586
graphviz-sharp-2.28.0-10.2.2 C# Extension for Graphviz linux/i586
kst-2.0.5-2.2.2 Real-Time Data Viewing and Plotting Tool with Basic Data Analysis Functionality linux/i586
libtulip-3.7.0-2.1.2 A library for handling large graphs linux/i586
libtulip-ogl-3.7.0-2.1.2 A library for displaying graph in a GL context linux/i586
libtulip-qt4-3.7.0-2.1.2 A set of Qt Widgets for tulip/tulip-ogl linux/i586
plotutils-2.6-13.1.2 GNU Plotting Utilities linux/i586
qgle-4.2.4b-3.2.2 User interface for gle-graphics linux/i586
tulip-3.7.0-2.1.2 Visualization of huge graphs linux/i586
tulip-ogdf-3.7.0-2.1.2 A library for displaying graph in a GL context linux/i586
zimg-5.0.0-226.1.2 display 2-D data of arbitrary format linux/i586

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