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RPM of Group Productivity/Graphics/Other

ImageMagick- Viewer and Converter for Images linux/i586
ImageMagick-extra- Viewer and Converter for Images - extra codecs linux/i586
OpenGTL-0.9.17-2.1.2 Graphics Transformation Languages linux/i586
barcode-0.98-475.1.2 Text-Mode Barcode Creation Utility linux/i586
cheese-3.4.2-2.1.2 Webcam Booth for GNOME linux/i586
colorhug-client-0.1.8-2.1.2 Tools for the Hughski Colorimeter linux/i586
compicc-0.8.5-2.1.2 Compiz ICC Colour Management Server linux/i586
dia-0.97.2-2.1.2 A Diagram Creation Program linux/i586
djvulibre-3.5.25-3.1.6 An Open Source Implementation of DjVu linux/i586
djvulibre-djview4-4.8-4.1.2 Portable DjVu Qt4 Based Viewer and Browser Plugin linux/i586
djvulibre-doc-3.5.25-3.1.6 Documentation for the the DjVu - djvulibre linux/i586
enblend-enfuse-4.0-19.1.2 Tool for Composing Images linux/i586
exempi-tools-2.2.0-3.1.2 XMP support library -- Tools linux/i586
exif-0.6.20-10.1.2 Small Command Line Utility to Show and Change EXIF Information in JPEG Files linux/i586
exiftran-2.09-2.1.4 Transform Digital Camera JPEG Images linux/i586
frogr-0.7-2.2.2 Tool to Manage Flickr Accounts linux/i586
fyre-1.0.1-102.1.2 Rendering system for chaotic maps linux/i586
gexif-0.5-196.1.2 GTK Tool for Viewing EXIF Information linux/i586
gimp-ufraw-0.18-10.1.2 Raw photo loader plugin for The GIMP linux/i586
gocr-0.49-6.1.2 Optical Character Recognition Program linux/i586
gocr-gui-0.49-6.1.2 Optical Character Recognition Program - Basic Graphical Interface linux/i586
hugin-2011.4.0-4.1.2 Toolchain for Stitching of Images and Creating Panoramas linux/i586
icc_examin-0.51-2.1.2 ICC profile viewer and colour visualisation linux/i586
jhead-2.95-2.1.2 Tool to Manipulate the Nonimage Part of EXIF Compliant JPEG Files linux/i586
kcolorchooser-4.8.4-2.1.2 Color Chooser linux/i586
kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer-4.8.4-2.1.2 Base package for kdegraphics apps linux/i586
kdegraphics-thumbnailers-4.8.4-2.1.2 Graphics file thumbnail generators linux/i586
kgamma-4.8.4-2.1.2 Display gamma configuration linux/i586
kipi-plugins-2.6.0-3.1.2 KDE Plug-Ins for Image Manipulation linux/i586
kipi-plugins-acquireimage-2.6.0-3.1.2 KDE Plug-Ins for Image Manipulation - Acquireimage plugin linux/i586
kipi-plugins-geolocation-2.6.0-3.1.2 KDE Plug-Ins for Image Manipulation - Geolocation plugin linux/i586
kruler-4.8.4-2.1.2 Screen Ruler linux/i586
ksaneplugin-4.8.4-2.1.2 A plugin that implements the scanning through libksane linux/i586
ksnapshot-4.8.4-2.1.2 Screen Capture Program linux/i586
lcms-1.19-9.1.4 Utilities for the Little CMS Engine linux/i586
lcms2-2.3-2.1.4 Little CMS Engine - A color managment library and tools linux/i586
leptonica-tools-1.68-6.2.2 Leptonica tools linux/i586
libEMF-utils-1.0.6-3.1.2 Library for manipulation with Enhanced MetaFile (EMF, ECMA-234) linux/i586
libMagickCore5- Viewer and Converter for Images - runtime library linux/i586
libMagickWand5- Viewer and Converter for Images - runtime library linux/i586
libdjvulibre21-3.5.25-3.1.6 Libraries of Open Source Implementation of DjVu - djvulibre linux/i586
libksane0-4.8.4-2.1.2 KDE scan library linux/i586
libpano-utils-2.9.18-8.1.2 Panorama Tools Utilities linux/i586
libwmf-tools- Utilities for Displaying and Converting Metafile Images linux/i586
lprof- ICC Profiler linux/i586
ocrad-0.21-15.1.2 Optical Character Recognition Program linux/i586
openexr-1.7.0-15.1.2 Utilities for work with HDR images in OpenEXR format linux/i586
openjpeg-1.5.0-2.4.1 An open-source JPEG 2000 codec linux/i586
raw-thumbnailer-3.0.0-2.1.2 Thumbnailer for digital camera RAW linux/i586
smugbatch-007-2.1.2 Tools for linux/i586
tumbler-0.1.25-2.1.2 Thumbnail Management for Xfce linux/i586
ufraw-0.18-10.1.2 The Unidentified Flying Raw linux/i586
ungifsicle-1.39-371.1.2 Creating and editing, GIF images and animations linux/i586
unpaper-0.3-14.1.2 Post-Processing Tool for Scanned Text Pages linux/i586
xcalib-profiles-0.8-5.1.2 ICC profiles for testing with xcalib linux/i586
xfce4-screenshooter-1.8.1-2.1.2 Screenshot Tool for the Xfce Desktop linux/i586
xmorph-20060817-237.1.2 A morphing program linux/i586
xmorph-devel-20060817-237.1.2 Development Files For Xmorph linux/i586

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