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RPM of Group Productivity/Databases/Tools

MyODBC-unixODBC-5.1.8-7.2.2 ODBC Interface for Communication with MySQL Compiled with UnixODBC linux/i586
db-utils-4.8.30-17.1.4 Command Line tools for Managing Berkeley DB Databases linux/i586
db45-utils-4.5.20-120.1.4 Command Line tools for Managing Berkeley DB Databases linux/i586
dbview-1.0.4-109.1.2 Viewer for dBase III and dBase IV Files linux/i586
flamerobin-0.9.2-19.1.2 Graphical client for Firebird linux/i586
mariadb-bench-5.5.25-1.2.2 Benchmarks for MariaDB linux/i586
mdbtools-0.6pre1-32.1.2 A Suite of Libraries and Programs to Access Microsoft Access Databases linux/i586
mdbtools-gui-0.6pre1-32.1.2 A Suite of libraries and programs to access Microsoft Access databases linux/i586
mdbtools-odbc-0.6pre1-32.1.2 MDB Tools ODBC driver for unixODBC linux/i586
mysql-community-server-bench-5.5.25a-1.2.1 Benchmarks for MySQL Community Server linux/i586
pgadmin3-1.14.0-6.1.2 Management and Administration Tools for the PostgreSQL Database linux/i586
postgresql-9.1.1-7.1.3 Basic Clients and Utilities for PostgreSQL linux/i586
postgresql-contrib-9.1.1-7.1.3 Contributed Extensions and Additions to PostgreSQL linux/i586
postgresql-devel-9.1.1-7.1.2 PostgreSQL development header files and libraries linux/i586
postgresql-pltcl-9.1.1-7.1.3 PL/Tcl Procedural Language for PostgreSQL linux/i586
unixODBC-2.2.12-217.1.2 ODBC driver manager with some drivers included linux/i586
unixODBC-gui-qt-2.2.12-217.1.2 ODBC Configuration Utility, Data Source Browser, and ODBC Test Tool based linux/i586
xbase-2.0.0-268.1.2 XBase Compatible C++ Class Library linux/i586
xbase-doc-2.0.0-268.1.2 Developer documentation for XBase Compatible C++ Class Library linux/i586

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