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cairomm-doc-1.10.0-7.1.2 C++ Interface for Cairo linux/i586
kmymoney-doc-4.6.2-2.1.2 Documentation for KMyMoney linux/i586
libqt4-devel-doc-4.8.1-2.1.2 Qt documentation linux/i586
libreoffice-sdk- LibreOffice SDK linux/i586
libtorrent-rasterbar-doc-0.15.10-2.1.2 Documentation for libtorrent-rasterbar linux/i586
libwpg-devel-doc-0.2.1-7.1.2 Documentation for the libwpg API linux/i586
llvm-doc-3.1-2.3.1 Documentation for LLVM linux/i586
orc-doc-0.4.16-6.1.2 The Oil Runtime Compiler Library - Documentation linux/i586
proftpd-doc-1.3.4a-2.1.3 Documentation for ProFTPD linux/i586
python-psycopg2-doc-2.4.5-3.1.2 Documentation for psycopg python PostgreSQL database adapter linux/i586
python3-psycopg2-doc-2.4.5-3.1.2 Documentation for psycopg python PostgreSQL database adapter linux/i586
rekonq-doc-0.9.2-2.1.2 Documentation for rekonq linux/i586
skanlite-doc-0.8-2.1.2 Documentation for skanlite linux/i586
smb4k-doc-1.0.2-2.1.2 Documentation for smb4k linux/i586
xfce4-panel-plugin-clipman-doc-1.2.3-3.1.2 Documentation for xfce4-panel-plugin-clipman linux/i586
xfce4-screenshooter-doc-1.8.1-2.1.2 Documentation for xfce4-screenshooter linux/i586

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