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RPM of Group Development/Tools/Version Control

bzr-2.4.1-7.1.3 Friendly distributed version control system linux/i586
cervisia-4.8.4-2.1.2 CVS Frontend linux/i586
cvs-1.12.12-174.1.2 Concurrent Versions System linux/i586
cvsps-2.1-176.1.2 A Program for Generating Patch Set Information from a CVS Repository linux/i586
giggle-0.6.1-4.1.2 A graphical frontend for git linux/i586
giggle-devel-0.6.1-4.1.2 A graphical frontend for git linux/i586
git- Fast, scalable, distributed revision control system linux/i586
git-arch- Git tools for importing Arch repositories linux/i586
git-core- Core git tools linux/i586
git-cvs- Git tools for importing CVS repositories linux/i586
git-daemon- Simple Server for Git Repositories linux/i586
git-email- Git tools for sending email linux/i586
git-gui- Grapical tool for common git operations linux/i586
git-remote-helpers- Python package for remote helper scripts linux/i586
git-svn- Git tools for importing Subversion repositories linux/i586
git-web- Git Web Interface linux/i586
gitg-0.2.5-6.1.2 Git repository viewer linux/i586
gitk- Git revision tree visualiser linux/i586
kdesdk3-kdecvs-3.5.10-23.1.2 KBugBuster linux/i586
kdesvn-1.5.5-13.1.2 KDE Subversion Client linux/i586
kdiff3-0.9.96-14.1.2 Feature-Rich Code Comparison Utility linux/i586
libsvn_auth_gnome_keyring-1-0-1.7.5-4.1.3 A Concurrent Versioning system similar to but better than CVS linux/i586
libsvn_auth_kwallet-1-0-1.7.5-4.1.3 A Concurrent Versioning system similar to but better than CVS linux/i586
libsvnqt-devel-1.5.5-13.1.2 KDE Subversion Client linux/i586
libsvnqt6-1.5.5-13.1.2 KDE Subversion Client linux/i586
mercurial-2.2.2-2.1.2 Scalable Distributed SCM linux/i586
qgit-2.4-4.1.2 Graphical Git Repository Viewer linux/i586
rcs-5.8-1011.1.2 Revision Control System linux/i586
subversion-1.7.5-4.1.3 Subversion version control system linux/i586
subversion-perl-1.7.5-4.1.3 Allows Perl scripts to directly use Subversion repositories linux/i586
subversion-python-1.7.5-4.1.3 Allows Python scripts to directly use Subversion repositories linux/i586
subversion-server-1.7.5-4.1.3 Apache server module for Subversion server linux/i586
subversion-tools-1.7.5-4.1.3 Tools for Subversion linux/i586
tig-1.0-2.1.2 An ncurses-based text-mode interface for git linux/i586

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