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RPM of Group Development/Tools/Building

autogen-5.16-1.1.1 Automated Text File Generator linux/i586
automoc4-0.9.88-17.1.2 CMake automatic MOC Generation linux/i586
binutils-2.22-17.2.3 GNU Binutils linux/i586
binutils-gold-2.22-17.2.3 The gold linker linux/i586
boost-jam-201104-2.1.2 An Enhanced Make Replacement linux/i586
brp-check-suse-1.0-53.2.1 Build root policy check scripts linux/i586
build-initvm-2012.07.19-1.1.1 A Script to Build SUSE Linux RPMs linux/i586
checkinstall-1.6.2-18.1.2 "make install" Installation Tracker linux/i586
chrpath-0.13-150.1.2 Modifies the dynamic library load path (rpath and runpath) of compiled programs and libraries linux/i586
cmake-2.8.8-5.1.3 Cross-platform, open-source make system linux/i586
cmake-gui-2.8.8-5.1.3 CMake graphical user interface linux/i586
cook-2.25-202.1.4 A File Construction Tool (Think 'make') linux/i586
cross-alpha-binutils-2.22-17.2.2 GNU Binutils linux/i586
cross-arm-binutils-2.22-17.2.2 GNU Binutils linux/i586
cross-avr-binutils-2.22-17.2.2 GNU Binutils linux/i586
cross-hppa-binutils-2.22-17.2.2 GNU Binutils linux/i586
cross-ia64-binutils-2.22-17.2.2 GNU Binutils linux/i586
cross-mips-binutils-2.22-17.2.2 GNU Binutils linux/i586
cross-ppc-binutils-2.22-17.2.2 GNU Binutils linux/i586
cross-s390-binutils-2.22-17.2.2 GNU Binutils linux/i586
cross-s390x-binutils-2.22-17.2.2 GNU Binutils linux/i586
cross-sparc-binutils-2.22-17.2.2 GNU Binutils linux/i586
cross-spu-binutils-2.22-17.2.2 GNU Binutils linux/i586
cross-x86_64-binutils-2.22-17.2.2 GNU Binutils linux/i586
dejagnu-1.4.4-155.1.2 Framework for Running Test Suites on Software Tools linux/i586
dtc-1.3.0-7.1.2 Device-tree compiler linux/i586
elftoaout-2.3-12.1.2 Utility for converting ELF binaries to a.out linux/i586
icecream-0.9.7-7.1.3 For Distributed Compile in the Network linux/i586
icecream-monitor-1.0-294.1.2 Monitor Program for the icecream Compile Farm linux/i586
imake-1.0.5-2.2.2 C preprocessor interface to the make utility linux/i586
jhbuild-3.4.0-2.1.2 Tool to build GNOME linux/i586
jhbuild-recommended-deps-3.4.0-2.1.2 Recommended dependencies to use jhbuild linux/i586
kbuild-0.1.9998svn2543-10.1.2 Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks linux/i586
libicecream-devel-0.9.7-7.1.3 For Distributed Compile in the Network linux/i586
libtool-2.4.2-5.1.2 A Tool to Build Shared Libraries linux/i586
lndir-1.0.3-2.1.2 Utility to create a shadow directory of symbolic links to another directory tree linux/i586
make-3.82-151.1.2 GNU make linux/i586
makedepend-1.0.4-2.1.2 Utility to create dependencies in makefiles linux/i586
mkelfImage-2.5-209.1.2 Utility to Create ELF Boot Images from Linux Kernel Images linux/i586
premake4-4.3-7.1.2 Powerfully simple build configuration linux/i586
qm-2.3-212.1.2 QMTest--General Purpose Testing Solution linux/i586
scons-2.1.0-3.1.2 Replacement for Make linux/i586
site-config-0.2-6.5.1 Site Paths Configuration for autoconf Based configure Scripts linux/i586
sparse-0.4.4-2.1.2 A semantic parser of source files linux/i586
tack-5.9-12.5.1 Terminfo action checker linux/i586
unsermake-0.4_20070504-148.1.2 Replacement for make and automake linux/i586
wadptr-2.4-6.1.2 Redundancy compressor for Doom WAD files linux/i586

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