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RPM of Group Development/Languages/Mono

avahi-mono-0.6.31-3.3.1 Mono Bindings for avahi, the D-BUS Service for Zeroconf and Bonjour linux/i586
docky-devel-2.1.4-2.1.2 A Dock Application linux/i586
gio-sharp-2.22.3-16.1.1 .NET/C# Bindings for GIO linux/i586
gio-sharp-devel-2.22.3-16.1.1 .NET/C# Bindings for GIO linux/i586
gkeyfile-sharp-0.2-11.1.1 .NET/C# Bindings for GKeyFile linux/i586
gkeyfile-sharp-devel-0.2-11.1.1 .NET/C# Bindings for GKeyFile linux/i586
gtk-sharp-beans-2.14.1-13.1.2 Extra Gtk# bindings linux/i586
gtk-sharp-beans-devel-2.14.1-13.1.2 Extra Gtk# bindings linux/i586
gudev-sharp-0.2-11.1.1 .NET/C# Bindings for GUDev linux/i586
gudev-sharp-devel-0.2-11.1.1 .NET/C# Bindings for GUDev linux/i586
ibm-data-db2-2.10.6-5.6.1 Database connectivity for DB2 linux/i586
libcaca-csharp-0.99.beta18-4.1.2 C# support for libcaca linux/i586
libgpod-sharp-0.8.2-9.1.2 Library to Manipulate Songs and Playlists Stored on an iPod -- .NET Bindings linux/i586
libmono-2_0-devel-2.10.6-5.6.1 Development files for libmono linux/i586
libmonosgen-2_0-devel-2.10.6-5.6.1 Development files for libmonosgen linux/i586
libproxy-sharp-0.4.7-14.1.2 .Net bindings for libproxy linux/i586
libqyoto2-4.8.4-2.1.2 Mono bindings for Qt4 libraries linux/i586
mono-complete-2.10.6-5.6.1 Install everything built from the mono source tree linux/i586
mono-core-2.10.6-5.6.1 A .NET Runtime Environment linux/i586
mono-data-2.10.6-5.6.1 Database connectivity for Mono linux/i586
mono-data-oracle-2.10.6-5.6.1 Database connectivity for Mono linux/i586
mono-data-postgresql-2.10.6-5.6.1 Database connectivity for Mono linux/i586
mono-data-sqlite-2.10.6-5.6.1 Database connectivity for Mono linux/i586
mono-debugger-2.10-7.1.2 Mono Debugger linux/i586
mono-devel-2.10.6-5.6.1 Mono development tools linux/i586
mono-extras-2.10.6-5.6.1 Extra packages linux/i586
mono-locale-extras-2.10.6-5.6.1 Extra locale information linux/i586
mono-mvc-2.10.6-5.6.1 Mono implementation of ASP.NET MVC linux/i586
mono-nunit-2.10.6-5.6.1 NUnit Testing Framework linux/i586
mono-qt4-4.8.4-2.1.2 Mono Qt4 kdebindings library linux/i586
mono-qt4-devel-4.8.4-2.1.2 Development libraries for Mono-Qt4 linux/i586
mono-wcf-2.10.6-5.6.1 Mono implementation of WCF, Windows Communication Foundation linux/i586
mono-web-2.10.6-5.6.1 Mono implementation of ASP.NET, Remoting and Web Services linux/i586
mono-winforms-2.10.6-5.6.1 Mono's Windows Forms implementation linux/i586
mono-winfxcore-2.10.6-5.6.1 Mono implementation of core WinFX APIs linux/i586
xapian-csharp-1.2.8-2.1.2 Files needed for developing C# applications which use Xapian linux/i586

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