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RPM of Group Amusements/Games/Board/Other

bovo-4.8.4-2.1.2 Five-in-a-row board game linux/i586
gnect-3.4.2-3.1.2 Connect Four Game for GNOME linux/i586
gnomine-3.4.2-3.1.2 Minesweeper Game for GNOME linux/i586
gnugo-3.8-12.1.2 Chinese Game "Go" linux/i586
gtali-3.4.2-3.1.2 Yahtzee Game for GNOME linux/i586
iagno-3.4.2-3.1.2 Reversi Game for GNOME linux/i586
kajongg-4.8.4-2.1.2 4 Player Mahjongg game linux/i586
kdegames3-board-3.5.10-7.1.2 KDE board games linux/i586
kfourinline-4.8.4-2.1.2 Four-in-a-row board game linux/i586
kigo-4.8.4-2.1.2 Traditional Chinese Boardgame linux/i586
kigo-doc-4.8.4-2.1.2 Documentation for kigo linux/i586
kiriki-4.8.4-2.1.2 Yahtzee-like dice game linux/i586
kjumpingcube-4.8.4-2.1.2 Territory game linux/i586
kreversi-4.8.4-2.1.2 Reversi board game linux/i586
kreversi-doc-4.8.4-2.1.2 Documentation for kreversi linux/i586
ksquares-4.8.4-2.1.2 Connect the dots to create squares linux/i586
lightsoff-3.4.2-3.1.2 Lights Out Game for GNOME linux/i586
navalbattle-4.8.4-2.1.2 Ship sinking game linux/i586
qgo-1.5.4-157.1.2 A Go Board and SGF Editor linux/i586
xmahjong-2010.11.8-10.1.2 Mahjongg for X linux/i586

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