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thunar-1.2.3-3.2.2 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE 12.1 for x86_64

Name: thunar Distribution: openSUSE 12.1
Version: 1.2.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.2.2 Build date: Sun Oct 30 05:23:21 2011
Group: Productivity/File utilities Build host: build35
Size: 1995185 Source RPM: thunar-1.2.3-3.2.2.src.rpm
Summary: Fast and Easy to Use File Manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment
Thunar a file manager for the Xfce desktop environment which has been designed
from the ground up to be fast and easy to use. It provides a clean, intuitive,
and fully accessible user interface and does not include any confusing or
useless options by default. Thunar is fast and responsive with good startup and
folder load times.






* Thu Oct 20 2011
  - install HTML documentation under /usr/share/xfce4/Thunar/html
  - package COPYING
* Fri Oct 14 2011
  - recommend gvfs
* Fri Oct 14 2011
  - added thunar-sendto-bluetooth.desktop in order to easily allow
    sending files via bluetooth
  - recommend -doc subpackage
* Tue Sep 20 2011
  - update to version 1.2.3
    - use glib functions for get/set cwd
    - revert "Speed up initial start by loading the network item later
    - on installation create relative paths in symlinks to images
    - allow exec bit of MS-DOS executables and MSI to be changed
    - prevent falling back to an unexpected locale
    - show translated names of desktop files
    - bugfixes
    - translation updates
  - dropped obsolete
    thunar-1.2.2-fix-crash-opening-drive-with-no-media.patch and
* Tue Sep 20 2011
  - added thunar-1.2.2-fix-crash-opening-drive-with-no-media.patch
    which fixes a crash when opening a drive with no media
    (backported from upstream git)
  - added thunar-1.2.2-fix-crash-with-missing-icons.patch which fixes
    a crash when icons are missing or not found (backported from
    upstream git)
* Sun Jul 24 2011
  - added thunarx-refrence-images.tar.bz2 with the images missing
    from the source tarball (bxo#7838)
* Tue Jul 19 2011
  - added thunar-allow-custom-helper-dir.patch in order to allow the
    installation of helpers under libexecdir
  - added patch tags
* Tue Jul 19 2011
  - "update" to version 1.2.2 which is the most recent stable
    release whereas 1.3.x is the current development branch; this
    version has been released after 1.3.0 and contains additional
    bugfixes and translation updates not present in 1.3.0
  - removed obsolete thunar-CVE-2011-1588.patch
* Tue May 17 2011
  - fixed CVE-2011-1588 [bnc#687874]
* Fri Feb 18 2011
  - update to version 1.3.0
    - only change the Name field when renaming desktop files
    - force desktop file reload after changing the Name field
    - allow installation of helper scripts in a custom location using
      the --with-helper-path-prefix=PATH configure option
    - improve thumbnailing by avoid sending thumbnail requests while
      the user is scrolling in a directory
    - cancel thumbnail requests when leaving a directory
    - avoid regenerating thumbnails when files are copied, moved,
      linked or trashed
    - update the thumbnail cache when files are deleted permanently
    - bugfixes
    - translation updates
* Thu Feb 17 2011
  - call %desktop_database_post/un
  - call %icon_theme_cache_post/un
* Thu Feb 03 2011
  - update to version 1.2.1
    - include stock_folder-{copy,move}.png icons
    - bugfixes
* Mon Jan 17 2011
  - update to version 1.2.0
    - bugfixes
* Fri Jan 14 2011
  - recommend rather than require -lang subpackage
  - include manpage in main package
* Tue Jan 11 2011
  - remove dependency on xfconf
* Sun Jan 09 2011
  - update to version 1.1.6
    - bugfixes
    - translation updates
  - corrected URL
  - recommend tumbler
  - cleaned up thunar-rpmlintrc
* Wed Dec 29 2010
  - fix patch level and revert change to Thunar-bulk-rename.desktop
    until %%suse_update_desktop_file is fixed
* Wed Dec 29 2010
  - fix category of Thunar-bulk-rename.desktop
* Sun Dec 26 2010
  - cleanup
* Sat Dec 25 2010
  - improved summaries/descriptions
  - corrected group
  - require versioned -lang subpackage
  - make the -devel subpackage recommend the -doc subpackage
  - symlink thunar -> Thunar manpage
  - drop obsolete build dependency on fam-devel
  - recommend thunar-volman rather than ivman
  - mark documentation as such
  - split developer and user documentation
  - build -doc subpackage as noarch
  - do not install user documentation under /usr/share/doc
* Wed Dec 15 2010
  - fix filelist
* Sun Dec 05 2010
  - updated to 1.1.5
    - Make .desktop entries installed by Thunar validate against
      desktop-file-utils 0.16 (bug #6655). Patch by Samuli Suominen.
    - Fix missing instruction to load the sendto model (bug #6762).
    - Fix the sample D-Bus client for the org.xfce.FileManager interface.
    - Fix home folder being displayed as "Desktop" if $HOME is set to
    - Fix outdated Thunar D-Bus API usage in the trash panel applet.
    - Create user dirs instead of showing an error if they don't exist.
    - Allow scrolling in the 'Open With' combo box of the file properties
      dialog (bug #3055).
    - Expand filenames starting with './' based on the current working
      directory instead of home (bug #3451).
    - Print an error if thunar-settings fails to contact the file manager
      service (bug #6547).
    - Permanently delete files if at least one of them cannot be trashed
      (bug #6748).
    - Fix a typo in (bug #6724).
    - Include panel macro header (bug #6680).
    - Use GTK_STOCK_FILE as the fallback icon for files (bug #6662).
    - Fix compiler warnings about shadowed variables.
    - Use Name field as display name of desktop entries (bug #6860).
    - Fix a memory leak in thunar_transfer_job_execute().
    - Fix a segmentation fault when reloading files.
    - Avoid GIO 2.20 function calls.
    - Properly avoid launching the file manager recursively by checking
      the GAppInfo id/name.
    - Translation updates: Hungarian, German, Slovak,
      Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese (China), Greek, Catalan (Valencian),
      Italian, Basque, Spanish (Castilian), Kazakh, Portuguese, Hebrew,
      Galician, Indonesian, Chinese (Taiwan), Japanese,
* Wed Dec 01 2010
  - use pkgconfig symbol in BuildRequires
* Sat Jul 17 2010
  - updated to 1.0.2
    * Build fixes for GIT and some cleanups.
    * Fix make distcheck.
    * Work around png 1.4 API change.
    * Umask < 0022 not honoured (bug #5813 and #3532).
    * Translation updates (el, es, it, gl, pl, ru, tr, ro, lv, ur,
      ur_PK, ast, hu, kk, nn, nl, am, bn, sk, ug).
  - Drop thunar-libpng14.patch.
* Fri May 28 2010
  - removed info pages prerequires (no info pages to install)
  - fixed -doc subpackage RPM group
* Mon May 24 2010
  - split libthunarx-1-2 and libthunar-vfs-1-2 to reduce packages
  - added fdupes to make rpmlint happy
  - move %%_datadir/doc/Thunar to -doc subpackage to make
    rpmlint happy
  - fixed -devel subpackage RPM Group
  - split -lang subpackage to reduce main package size and make
    rpmlint happy
* Thu Apr 08 2010
  - build with libpng14
* Thu Mar 18 2010
  - added xfconf to BuildRequires/Requires
* Tue Nov 03 2009
  - updated patches to apply with fuzz=0
* Tue Apr 21 2009
  - updated to 1.0.1
    * Put quotes around filenames in thunar-wallpaper-plugin (bug #5056)
    * Apply umask properly when creating files/directories.
      Patch by Giovanni Bechis (bug #3532).



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