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poppler-tools-0.18.0-2.1.3 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE 12.1 for x86_64

Name: poppler-tools Distribution: openSUSE 12.1
Version: 0.18.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1.3 Build date: Sat Oct 29 20:06:46 2011
Group: Productivity/Publishing/PDF Build host: build33
Size: 379578 Source RPM: poppler-0.18.0-2.1.3.src.rpm
Summary: PDF Rendering Library Tools
Poppler is a PDF rendering library, forked from the xpdf PDF viewer
developed by Derek Noonburg of Glyph and Cog, LLC.






* Tue Sep 27 2011
  - Update to version 0.18.0:
    + core:
    - Fix small memory leak when dealing with marked content
    - Remove DCTStream::getRawStream since Stream::getNextStream
      does the same
    + utils:
    - Rename pdfmerge to pdfunite
    - Rename pdfextract to pdfseparate
    - pdfseparate: Complain if %d is not present and it should
    - Add pdfseparate and pdfunite man pages
    + build system:
    - Minor cleanup in regarding removed qt code
  - Bump poppler_soname to 18, following upstream soversion change.
* Fri Sep 16 2011
  - Update to version 0.17.4:
    + core:
    - SplashOutputDev: Compile when defining USE_FIXEDPOINT
    - PNGWriter: Compile with libpng >= 1.5.0
  - Bump poppler_api define since the typelib file is now versioned
* Sat Sep 10 2011
  - Update to version 0.17.3:
    + core:
    - PSOutputDev:
      . Use Patterns for tiling fill when PS level >= 2
      . Avoid using /PatternType if only one instance of the
      pattern is used
      . Add poppler version as comment in the file
    - CairoOutputDev:
      . Set mime data for soft masked images (fdo#40192)
      . Assume printer pixel size is 1/600" when stroking 0 width
      lines (fdo#39067)
      . Use cairo_show_text_glyphs() when printing
      . Fix stroke patterns (fdo#11719)
      . Fix unique id mime data
      . Fix stroking of very thin lines
      . Align strokes when Stroke Adjust is true and line
      width <= 1 (fdo#4536)
    - TextOutputDev: Add TextFontInfo::matches()
    - Improve PNGWriter
    - Rework writing of PDF files
    + utils:
    - Introduce pdftocairo: utility for creating
      png/jpeg/ps/eps/pdf/svg using CairoOutputDev
    - Introduce pdfextract: utility to extract PDF pages
    - Introduce pdfmerge: utility to merge PDF files
    - Fix compilation warning
    - pdftohtml: Support text rotation (fdo#38586)
    - Update SEE ALSO section of man pages
    + glib:
    - Add poppler_page_get_text_attributes()
    - Add text attributes information to text demo
    + qt4:
    - Add a way to get the fully qualified name of a FormField
    - Minor documentation improvements
  - Changes from version 0.17.2:
    + core:
    - EmbeddedFile improvements
    - Don't gmalloc(-1) upon ftell failure
    - Fix missing content in some pages (fdo#39637)
    - Improve selection of CJK fonts (fdo#36474)
    - SplashOutputDev:
      . Implement overprint
      . Render dots for 0 length dashed lines (fdo#34150)
      . Fix bad memory access when not using antialias (fdo#37189)
    - PSOutputDev:
      . Make level2sep and level3sep write cmyk instead of rgb
      . Make level1sep, level2sep and level3sep write gray instead
      of rgb for gray images
    - Fix numerical overflow in libopenjpeg JPXStream (fdo#39361)
    - Fix crash on truncated JPEG/DCT stream (fdo#36693)
    - Make sure the dict is a page dict (fdo#35925, fdo#39072)
    - Fix calculation of startXRefPos
    - Handle missing startxref properly (fdo#38209)
    - Parse the "Medium" modifier when asking fontconfig for a font
    - Header cleanup
    - Include cleanup
    - Define cleanup
    + glib:
    - Add missing permissions flags to PopplerPermissions
    - Add missing permission flags to info demo
    - Update gtk-doc.make
    - Add poppler_document_get_n_attachments()
    + utils:
    - pdftohtml:
      . Fix encoding of PDF document metadata (fdo#37900)
      . Fix vertical spacing issues  (fdo#38019)
    - pdftotext: Fix -htmlmeta to correctly output U+2019 in PDF
      metadata (fdo#37900)
    - pdftoppm: Implement overprint
    + qt4:
    - Rework EmbeddedFile internals
    - Fix possible crash in test
  - Changes from version 0.17.1:
    + core:
    - Rework the way form fields tree is built
    - Cleanup unused parameters/variables
    + glib:
    - Add JavaScript actions
    - demo: Show javascript actions in actions view
    + qt4:
    - tests: Turn some assignments to bool into QVERIFY checks
  - Changes from version 0.17.0:
    + core:
    - Splash:
      . Implement tiling patterns
      . Support slight hinting
      . Radial shading improvements
      . General speed improvements
    - Arthur: Add Hinting API
    - Cairo:
      . Implement Type 4,5,6,7 shadings using cairo mesh gradients
      . Use the new cairo unique id to set the surface id when
    - PS:
      . Add PS level1 non standard binary output option
      . Allow setting the rasterization resolution
    - Form support improvements
    - Annotation support improvements
    - General speed improvements
    - Add support for handling ViewerPreferences
    - Remove abiword output device
    + utils:
    - pdftoppm:
      . Add -singlefile option (fdo#32025)
      . Add TIFF output format support (fdo#32027)
    - pdftops:
      . Add PS level1 non standard binary output option
      . Allow setting the rasterization resolution
    - pdftoabw has been removed
    + glib:
    - Add poppler_form_field_get_action() (fdo#33174)
    - Remove GDK API
    - Remove test-poppler-glib
    - demo:
      . Add a tooltip with current selected character in text demo
      . Show the activation action of form fields if there's one
    + cpp:
    - Add TIFF output possibility
    - Add PNM output possibility
    + qt4:
    - Support slight hinting
    - Form support improvements
    + qt3:
    - The Qt3 frontend has been removed
    + tests:
    - Merge splash and cairo tests into a single gtk-test tool
  - Drop poppler-pdftoabw-overflow.patch: the abiword output device
    got removed.
  - Drop poppler-0.16.5-disable-demo.patch: we don't need it anymore,
    as we won't build the test program anyway.
  - Bump the soname macros to follow upstream soversion changes.
  - Add libtiff-devel BuildRequires: new dependency.
  - Remove unneeded gtk-doc, gtk2-devel and libxml2-devel
    BuildRequires (GTK+ is only needed for a test tool).
  - Remove pkg-config BuildRequires: by depending on glib, we know it
    will be there.
  - Remove qt3-devel BuildReqiures: the Qt3 frontend has been
  - Move to pkgconfig()-style BuildRequires:
    + Old ones: liblcms-devel, libpng-devel.
    + New ones: lcms, libpng.
  - Add pkgconfig() BuildRequires that were brought in by gtk2-devel
    before: cairo, fontconfig, freetype2, gobject-2.0.
  - Remove cairo-devel and libjpeg-devel Requires from
    libpoppler-devel: those are not needed.
  - Remove libpoppler-devel, cairo-devel, glib2-devel and gtk2-devel
    Requires from libpoppler-glib-devel: the right Requires will
    automatically be added the pkgconfig() way.
  - Drop libpoppler-qt and libpoppler-qt3-devel subpackages as the
    Qt3 frontend has been removed.
  - Merge libpoppler-doc subpackage with libpoppler-glib-devel, as
    the documentation is only for the glib API. Add appropriate
    Provides/Obsoletes, and move the Provides/Obsoletes that
    libpoppler-doc had too.
  - Remove call to autoreconf: it was only needed for one of the
  - Pass --disable-gtk-test: don't bother building the GTK+ test
* Fri Aug 12 2011
  - remove requires on libdrm-devel
* Fri May 20 2011
  - Add poppler-0.16.5-disable-demo.patch: disable glib demo, its
    using deprecated GTK+ functions
* Mon May 02 2011
  - Update to version 0.16.5:
    + core:
    - Fix a memleak in AnnotScreen::initialize
    - Properly initialize pageObjectNum to 0 (fdo#35925)
    + utils:
    - pdftotext: bbox coordinates are relative to MediaBox size,
      not CropBox size
    + cpp:
    - Fix page_transition::operator=
  - Changes from version 0.16.4:
    + core:
    - Small improvements in Annot parsing
    + glib:
    - Add g_return macros to make sure index is correct in form
      field choice methods
    - Fix a crash when a choice form field has no items selected in
    + utils:
    - Small fixes to the pdftohtml manpage
    - Fix copyright years
    + qt4:
    - Fix caption of push button fields
  - Changes from version 0.16.3:
    + core:
    - Increase precision in PS output device
    - Workaround bug when converting pdf to ps with level1
    - Fix crash in Splash output device in some broken pdf
    - Fix infinite loop in some broken files
    - Fix rendering of some substituted fonts (fdo#34522)
    - Do not ask Freetype for 0x0 fonts in Splash output device
    - Don't assume y1 > y3 for points of a highlight annotation
    - Handle fontCIDType2OT when creating freetype font in Cairo
      output device (bgo#643273)
    - Fix crash in some pdf that use ICC color space (fdo#34357)
    + glib:
    - Don't use an uninitialized local variable in demo
    - Add some introspection markers
    + qt4:
    - Fix crash regression in unicodeToQString (again)
    + utils:
    - pdftotext: Do not crash when using -bbox
  - Ship COPYING in poppler-tools subpackage. Fixes bnc#678887.
  - Update poppler_soname as the soname has changed again.
* Wed Feb 23 2011
  - Update to version 0.16.2:
    + Core:
    - Fix text extraction for some files
    + qt4:
    - Fix crash regression in unicodeToQString
  - Changes from version 0.16.1:
    + Core:
    - Fix colorspace issues in the Cairo backend (fdo#32746)
    - Remove declaration of function without implementation
    - Do not crash in case jpeg_create_decompress fails (fdo#32890)
    - Fix variable access mismatch (fdo#33063)
    - Fix converting some pdf to ps with -level1sep (fdo#32365)
    - Fix line selection, dont check y for Line selections
    - Include zlib header in
    - Fix memleaks
    + glib:
    - Use NULL instead of FALSE for functions returning a pointer
    - Fix memory leak in poppler_page_get_text_layout() for pages
      with no text
    + qt4:
    - Fix unicodeToQString() to correctly decode the Unicode
  - Changes from version 0.16.0:
    + core:
    - Improve the correctness of radial shadings (fdo#32349)
    - Adapt the zlib-based FlateStream code to API changes
    - Make PreScanOutputDev be less agressive when deciding to
      rasterize (fdo#30107)
    - Fix some warnings in newer gcc in Splash backend
    - Fix the preliminary bbox/clip calculation in Splash backend
    - Use A1 instead of A8 for imagemask in the Cairo backend
    + utils:
    - Do not return 99 (or 1) with -h, -v and -printenc (fdo#32149)
    + build system:
    - Add more warning flags to the default gcc builds
    - Enable GObject introspection support in the cmake build system
  - Changes from version 0.15.3:
    + core:
    - Improve rendering of radial shadings
    - Open a broken file (fdo#31861)
    - Correct parsing of linearization table (fdo#31627)
    - Find fonts inside patterns (fdo#31948)
    - Use a std::vector<char> instead of a var-length-array of
    - Fix crashes in broken files
    - Use sets instead of arrays for looking for duplicate fonts
    + cpp:
    - Include correction
    + utils:
    - pdffonts: Remove duplicated code
  - Changes from version 0.15.2:
    + core:
    - Improve shadings and antialias in the Splash backend
    - Linearization improvements
    - Small improvements to the Arthur backend
    - Fix calculation of the size of some pages (fdo#30784)
    - Fix crashes in broken documents
    + qt4:
    - Add Page::renderToPainter() method
    - Add setDebugErrorFunction() method
    + cpp:
    - Add the hability to render pages to an image
    + utils:
    - Add -p flag to pdfimages
  - Changes from version 0.15.1:
    + core:
    - Consider render value when colorizing text (fdo#2807)
    - Improve rendering of Shading Type 6 and 7
    - Improve dict lookup speed for big dicts
    - Fix multiple crashes in malformed PDF files
    - Fix memory leak in in malformed PDF files
    - Fix memory leak in the Catalog names
    - Fix uninitialized uses on DCTScanInfo
    - Fix a crash when drawing square/circle annots without a
      border (fdo#30580)
    - Only clip boxes to mediabox if we are at the page level
    - Do not omit the notdef glyph in the Splash backend
    - Fix a crash when redering documents with invalid type 3
      fonts in the Cairo backend
    - Form improvements
    - Add a method to get the PDF file identifier
    + glib:
    - Add more printing options to the API
    - Add a method to get the PDF file identifier
    - Add accessor for all PopplerDocument properties
    - Form improvements
    - Documentation improvements
    - Improvements to the demo
    + qt4:
    - Add a callback to know which page has been printed
    - Add a method to get the PDF file identifier
    - Optimize GooString to QString conversion
    - Update Doxyfile (enables .qch file for assistant)
    + utils:
    - pdftohtml: Add -s option to generate a single HTML page
    - pdftotext: Add -bbox option
    + cpp:
    - Add the possibility of loading a document from raw data
    - Add a method to get the PDF file identifier
    - Improve Unicode to ustring conversion
    - Documentation improvements
    - Update Doxyfile
  - Changes from version 0.15.0:
    + core:
    - Remove exception support
    - Improve creation of Annotations
    - Fix failure to parse PDF with damaged internal structure.
      (fdo#29189, fdo#3870)
    - Add a way to access the raw text of a page
    - Speed improvements when reading multiple characters from a
      given Stream
    - Speed improvements in the Splash backend
    - Speed improvement in gray color space calculations
    - Speed improvement in ICC color space calculations
    - Speed improvement when reading some fonts
    - Make GBool a bool instead of an int
    + glib:
    - Add GObject introspection support
    - Improve creation of Annotations
    - Add a way to get the coordinates of each character of a page
    - Add a way to get the page label
    - Documentation improvements
    - Support password protected documents in the demo
    - Support for selection in the demo
    - Support for adding annotationss in the demo
    + qt4:
    - Add a way to access the raw text of a page
    - Recognize "Print" as named action
    - Documentation improvements
    + build system:
    - Improvements when build the glib frontend with CMake
    + utils:
    - pdftohtml: Use splash instead of external gs invocation to
      render the background
    - pdftohtml: Let the user specify the resolution of the
      background. (fdo#29551)
    + cpp:
    - Add a way to access the raw text of a page
  - Changes from version 0.14.3:
    + core:
    - Tell Windows we are writing/reading binary data from
      stdout/stdio (fdo#29329)
    - Fix crash when parsing some Movie elements (kde#249586)
  - Bump soname for glib / cpp / qt / qt4 libraries
  - Add gobject-introspection-devel BuildRequires to enable
    introspection support.
* Thu Nov 11 2010
  - own parent directories for poppler-qt
* Sat Oct 09 2010
  - Update to version 0.14.4:
    + core:
    - Set initial state of optional content groups based on
      BaseState field
    - Fix multiple crashes in malformed PDF files
    - Fix memory leak in in malformed PDF files
    - Fix memory leak in the Catalog names
    - Fix uninitialized uses on DCTScanInfo
    - Fix a crash when drawing square/circle annots without a
      border (fdo#30580)
    + glib:
    - Fix layers array generation when it contains multiple arrays
    - Fix a crash when building layer actions (fdo#30106)
* Sat Sep 11 2010
  - Update to version 0.14.3:
    + core:
    - Tell Windows we are writing/reading binary data from
      stdout/stdio (bgo#29329)
    - Fix crash when parsing some Movie elements (kde#249586)
* Thu Aug 19 2010
  - Update to version 0.14.2:
    + core:
    - Fix rendering of some documents involving tilingPatternFill
      in the cairo output device
    - Improve rendering of some annotations
    - Handle ColorTransform in DCT streams when using libjpeg
    - Fix crash in the ps output device in some files (kde#246269)
    - Fix crash in some malformed files (fdo#28842)
    + build system:
    - Improve build on windows
    - Add uninstalled .pc file support when using autoconf
    + glib:
    - Fix a crash when a layer doesn't have a name (fdo#28842)
    + utils:
    - Fix padding of names in pdftoppm
  - Bump poppler_soname from 6 to 7.
* Thu Jul 15 2010
  - Update to version 0.14.1:
    + Core:
    - fdo#26759: Add ObjectStream caching, makes opening some files
      ten times faster
    - fdo#28480: Fix crash when writing to negative coordinates
    - Check objects are the type we want them to be when parsing
    - Optimize Splash::compositeBackground
    - Optimize color space calculations by using sqrt instead of
      pow 0.5
    - Fix crash in JBIG2Stream with malformed documents
    + build system:
    - Make sure we ship two needed cmake files
    - Do not distribute glib/poppler-features.h and
    - Improve compilation with Sun Studio
    - Fix linking of the cpp frontend when using autotools
    + glib:
    - fdo#28588: Fix links/annots area for some documents
    - fdo#27927: Fix poppler_page_find_tex() when called more than
    + utils:
    - Add -cropbox to pdftoppm manual
* Thu May 20 2010
  - fix last change
* Mon May 17 2010
  - Split out qt bindings in a spec file, to speed up build.
* Thu Dec 24 2009
  - Update to version 0.12.3:
    + core:
    - Be more lenient with /Decode key on images. fdo#17439
    - Correctly initialize fileName in LinkGoToR. fdo#25221
    - Improve the reconstruction of the XRef for broken files
    - [Cairo backend] Do not crash on malformed files. fdo#24575
    - Accept Fontname if FontName is not present. kde#217013
    - Make PSOutputDev code a bit more resilient
    - Fix writing of null objects. fdo#25465
    - [Cairo backend] Fix crash in some documents. bgo#603934
    - Correctly initialize profileCommands in Gfx constructor
    + build system:
    - Check for openjpeg in the C++ part as it uses bool in the
      header. fdo#25103
* Fri Dec 18 2009
  - Package documentation as noarch
* Sat Dec 05 2009
  - Update to version 0.12.2:
    + core:
    - Fix a memory leak when converting to PostScript
    - Fix crash when reading a font fails. fdo#24525
    - Make the ICC cache per page instead of global. fdo#24686
    - Do not accept negative interval lengths in the page labels
      tree. fdo#24721
    - Do not crash on files Aspect of Movie objects are reals
      instead of integers. fdo#24733
    - Do not render patterns when using CairoImageOutputDev
    - Allow Transitions dictionary to be a Ref
    - Do not crash if jpeg_start_decompress fails. kde#214317
    + glib:
    - Fix CVE-2009-3607
    + qt4:
    - Use '.' in the annotations XML instead of the decimal
      separator of the current locale
  - Drop poppler-CVE-2009-3607.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Remove, and instead integrate its code in
* Fri Nov 13 2009
  - Update to version 0.12.1:
    + core:
    - Fix compilation on some compilers
    - Only initialize the font list once in Windows32/MSVC
    - Do not crash on fonts without CharCodeToUnicode. fdo#24036
    - Fix regression due to not setting LC_NUMERIC anymore
    - Improve realibility for Streams with broken Length. fdo#6841
    - Write the Info into the trailer dict if there is one.
    - Do not crash when saving files that come from a stream
      without name. fdo#24090
    - Improve relability of the save function
    - Fix the Length value if it was wrong when saving
    - Fix includes for those using internal headers
    - Rework how hinting is used in the splash backend. It is
      disabled by default now
    - fix constructor of DCTStream when using internal decoder
    - Security fixes based xpdf 3.02pl4
    + qt4:
    - Add the possibility of setting wheter to use or not font
    - Add a way for converters to return more exact errors they had
      when converting
    - Check the document is not locked when converting to PS
    + build system:
    - Compile on Cygwin
    - Use _WIN32 instead of WIN32. Bug #24259
    - Add the possibility to pass LIB_SUFFIX when using CMake
  - Drop poppler-change-hinting-flags.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Drop poppler-CVE-2009-3608.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Update description of the packages to be less verbose without
    being less informative.
  - Fix self-obsoletion rpmlint warnings: when we provide a version
    of a package, don't obsolete <= this version, but <.
* Tue Oct 27 2009
  - Help Vincent submit these patches.
  - Add poppler-CVE-2009-3607.patch: fix an integer overflow,
    bnc#546393, swampid#27127.
  - Add poppler-CVE-2009-3608.patch: fix an integer overflow,
    bnc#543090, swampid#27127.
  - Add poppler-pdftoabw-overflow.patch to fix string overflows in
    pdftoabw, bnc#537171, swampid#27127.
* Thu Oct 01 2009
  - Add patch to disable autohinting in the Splash backend, except
    when the bytecode interpreter is enabled, for consistency with
    other backends and better results
* Wed Sep 09 2009
  - Update to version 0.12.0:
    + core:
    - Fix printf format security warnings
    - Improve rendering of radial shadings. fdo#20238
    - Better fallback when there's a font type mismatch. fdo#17252
    - Do not crash on attachments without data stream. fdo#10386
    - Fix infinite loop in JBIG2Decoder. fdo#23025
    + build system:
    - Minimizes pkg-config dependencies for Qt frontends
    - Add automake 1.11 support
    - Use the newest automake found and not the oldest
    - Support AM_SILENT_RULES when using automake 1.11
    + utils:
    - Add common options to pdftoabw
* Tue Aug 25 2009
  - Update to version 0.11.3:
    + core:
    - Optimization in the Cairo renderer for some fonts
    - Do not apply masks when fill color space mode is csPattern in
      the Cairo renderer. fdo#22216
    - Check for overflow when parsing integers. fdo#23078
    - Do not save the font file twice for FreeType fonts in the
      Cairo renderer. fdo#20491
    - Use current fill_opacity when drawing images in the Cairo renderer
    - Fix alpha rendering in some files in the Splash renderer.
      fdo#22143, fdo#22152
    - Implement tiling patterns in the Cairo renderer
    - When converting a cm matrix to PS write 4 significant digits
      for numbers < 1 not 4 decimals. fdo#23332
    - Fix changing of locale, now poppler no longer changes LC_NUMERIC to "C"
    - Return PDF version as two integers instead of as a double
    + Qt4:
    - Addition of the Color Management API
    - Small fix to documentation
    - Fix backwards text search
    + utils:
    - Add the -png flag to pdftoppm to output to PNG
* Mon Aug 03 2009
  - Update to version 0.11.2:
    + core:
    - Make DecryptStream return sane values for getPos(). fdo#19706
    - Fix bug when printing pdf with multiple page sizes in duplex
    - Initilize AnnotColot properly when the Array is not correct
    - Fix crash on some files with forms. fdo#22485
    - Fix crash in files with invalid embedded files. fdo#22551
    - Improve FileSpec attribute parsing
    - Cairo output device improvements. fdo#10942, fdo#18017,
    - Implement blend modes in cairo backend
    - Handle fontType1COT fonts in CairoFontEngine
    - Fix generation of PS for some files. fdo#18908
    - Don't use byte_lookup table when color space doesn't support
      getLine methods. fdo#11027
    - Fix rendering of PDF files with malformed patterns. fdo#22835
    - Add the possibility of disabling font substitution in
      pdftops. fdo#23030
    - Fix some radio buttons not being detected as such
    + glib:
    - Improvements to the demo
    + Qt4:
    - Improvements to the demo
    + build system:
    - Use gtkbuilder rather than libglade for some tests
    + utils:
    - Fix bug with noCrop parameter in pdftops
* Tue Jul 28 2009
  - disable build of gtk-doc subpackage, the auto* macros are broken
    (may be fixed in next beta)
* Tue Jul 28 2009
  - update to version 0.11.1:
    * Support colorizing text in pattern colorspace. Bug #19670 and #19994
    * Add the possibility of forcing no hinting of fonts in the Splash backend
    * Support multiple page sizes when converting to PS. Bug #19777
    * Also tokens with leading 00 when parsing the char to unicode map. Bug #22025
    * Improvements of rendering speed in documents using PS transformations a lot. Bug #21562
    * More work on Annotations support
    * Use Interpolate flag to decide whether applying image interpolation during rendering. Bug #9860
    * Handle Streams in CMap definitions. Bug #22334
    * Fix pdftops crash on file from KDE bug #174899
    * Fix PS generation in some files. Bug #20420
    * Do not create the GfxColorTransform if the lcms could not be created. Bug #20108
    * Give an error when using level1sep in pdftops without having CMYK support. Bug #22026
    * Kill support for specifying extension in openTmpFile. Bug #21713
    * Add poppler_annot_markup_has_popup()
    * Hyphenate UTF-8 and UTF-16BE. Bug #21953
    * Use g_strerror instead of strerror. Bug #22095
    * Fix a crash when a destination points to an invalid page
    * Improvements to the demo
    * Add LinkDestination::destinationName()
    * Do not try to resolve named destinations for GoTo links pointing to external documents
    * Add Page::thumbnail()
* Thu May 21 2009
  - added GlobalParams::forceNoFTAutoHinting()
    - no-hinting.patch
    + force-no-hinting.patch
  - this patch was upstreamed and should appear in next release
* Sun May 17 2009
  - Update to version 0.11.0:
    + core:
    - Add initial support for color management
    - Remove case-insensitive matching of filenames in PDFDoc
    - Fix extraction of some ActualText content
    - More work on Annotations support
    - Improve font rendering in Cairo output device
    - Fix bug in cairo backend with nested masks
    - Fix cairo luminosity smask rendering
    - Add optionally text support to Cairo output device
    - Add the possibility of setting the datadir on runtime
    - Return an error code instead of a boolean when saving
    - Make the font scanner more versatile
    - Small opimization in documents that use PostScriptFunction
    - Minor optimization to Stream handling
    - Fix some compile warnings
    + glib:
    - Optional content support
    - More work on Annotations support
    - Improvements to the demo
    - Documentation improvements
    - Fix build when compiling with GTK_DISABLE_SINGLE_INCLUDES
    + Qt4:
    - Support URI actions for Table Of Contents items
    - Documentation improvements
    - Improvements to the demo
    - Add a FontIterator for iterating through the fonts of the
    + utils:
    - Allow the use of cropbox in pdftoppm
    - Make pdftohtml output png images when the image stream is not
      a jpeg
    - Make pdftotext accept cropping options like pdftoppm
    - Support rendering non-square pixels in pdftoppm
    + build system:
    - Require Cairo 1.8.4 for the Cairo output device
    - Require CMake 2.6 when using the CMake build system
    - Optionally require libpng for pdftohtml
    - Optionally require libcms for color management
  - Add liblcms-devel and libpng-devel BuildRequires.
  - Rename libpoppler4 to libpoppler5.
* Fri Apr 17 2009
  - Update to version 0.10.6:
    + core:
    - Fix problems that happen when parsing broken JBIG2 files.
      CVE-2009-0799, CVE-2009-0800, CVE-2009-1179, CVE-2009-1180,
      CVE-2009-1181, CVE-2009-1182, CVE-2009-1183, CVE-2009-1187,
    - Fix parsing of incorrect border arrays. fdo#19761
    - Fix clip test for fonts. fdo#20950
    - Fix getGlyphAdvance to behave correctly on font size changes.
    - Misc build fixes
    + build system:
    - Fix the Qt4 version we need
* Mon Mar 30 2009
  - poppler tools now provides and obsoletes xpdf-tools
* Tue Mar 24 2009
  - disable hinting -- patch moved from xpdf splash copy to
    poppler's splash, reason:
      xpdf is going to use splash from poppler instead of own and
      unmaintained copy of splash. Without it, the xpdf rendering
      of pdf is very poor, when pdf font is small (e. g. document
      was zoomed out).
    * no-hinting.patch
* Sun Mar 15 2009
  - Update to version 0.10.5:
    + core:
    - Read the UF entry if present and prefer it over F in Filespec
    - Fix typo that was making CairoOutputDev crash on some files.
    - Make JBIG2Stream more robust to corrupt input data
    - Do not blindly follow loops parsing OutlineItem. fdo#18364
    - Set up the error manager before calling
      jpeg_create_decompress. fdo#20484
    - Check there is an optional content config before using it.
    - Fix rendering of some PDF with OpenType fonts. fdo#20605
    + build system:
    - Yet more support for build on windows
    - Use AC_CHECK_HEADER to find headers. fdo#20538
    - Check for pkgconfig before using it
    - General autotools improvements



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