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openvas-administrator-1.1.1-5.1.3 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE 12.1 for x86_64

Name: openvas-administrator Distribution: openSUSE 12.1
Version: 1.1.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 5.1.3 Build date: Sat Oct 29 20:45:06 2011
Group: Productivity/Networking/Security Build host: build12
Size: 209569 Source RPM: openvas-administrator-1.1.1-5.1.3.src.rpm
Summary: Administrator Module of OpenVAS
This is the administrator module for the Open Vulnerability Assessment
System (OpenVAS). It is intended to simplify the configuration and
administration of an OpenVAS server both on a local installation as
well as on a remote system.






* Thu Aug 25 2011
  - Fix build with current factory dependencies and
    new linker defaults.
* Wed Feb 23 2011
  - Updated to 1.1.1
    * The build environment has been consolidated.
    * The logging behaviour when started with --verbose has been improved.
    * The parameter name for the user name has been changed to --username/-u.
    * User name validation has been added.
* Fri Feb 04 2011
  - Updated to 1.1.0
    * The default log level has been reduced to avoid logging sensitive information
      during normal operation.
    * If the password for the new user has not been provided as a command line
      parameter, it will be requested interactively.
    * OpenVAS Administrator now uses pkg-config to find required libraries.
    * OpenVAS Administrator now provides a manual page for the openvasad binary.
    * The installation is now compliant with Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS 2.3).
* Thu Jan 20 2011
  - Updated to 1.0.1
    * Fixed behaviour for ldap-based authentication for Admin role.
    * Added protocol documentation for OAP (html and rnc format,
      can be build with "make doc").
    * Code hardening at compile time is now the default.
    * Harmonized output of "--version" with other modules.
* Tue Dec 07 2010
  - Updated to 1.0.0
    * Handling of invalid commands in console mode has been made more consistent.
* Wed Nov 24 2010
  - Updated to 0.99.1
    * The build environment has been improved to be more consistent across different
      OpenVAS modules and to stay compatible with different openvas-libraries
    * Support for logging user creation, deletion and role changes has been added.
* Wed May 26 2010
  - Updated to 0.9.0
    - A large amount of code which was duplicated from openvas-manager has been to
    - The build environment has been further improved.
    - Support for providing the authentication configuration via OAP has been added.
    - Support for modifying user has been improved, a number of issues and
      inconsistencies has been addressed.
    - New command line parameters for determining the feed version and the
      synchronization status and for starting a feed synchronization have been
* Mon Apr 12 2010
  - Updated to 0.8.0
    * Communication with synchronization scripts launched by openvas-administrator
      has been improved; this should prevent synchronization processes from becoming
      defunct when they are finished.
    * A number of build issues discovered by Stephan Kleine has been fixed.
    * Support for retrieving the version of an installed NVT collect has been added.
* Fri Feb 05 2010
  - Updated to 0.7.0
    * When synchronizing with an NVT feed, the administrator now simply starts the
      synchronization script in the background instead of waiting for it to finish
      before continuing.
* Tue Jan 26 2010
  - Updated to 0.6.0
    * When creating a user, now scan hosts to be denied or
      allowed for this user can be specified.
    * A user editor has been added and allows to change
      the host restrictions and the password
      (OAP command MODIFY_USER)
    * OAP command CLIENT_GET_USERS now also provides the
      host restriction information.
    * The log protocol filters entries where potentially
      a password may appear, so that passwords do not end
      up in a log file.
    * uuid's are generated for each user.
    * New package build dependency to uuid library.
* Sun Jan 24 2010
  - Added %ghost entry for log file.
  - Added logrotate file.
  - Added init script.
  - Fixed cmake arguments.
* Wed Jan 20 2010
  - Updated to 0.5.0
    * Make it possible to sort the list of users.
    * Setting retrieval has been improved.
    * Feed synchronization has been improved.
    * Added support for modifying settings.
* Wed Dec 23 2009
  - Added and apply patch of Vladimir Nadvornik (built libs are
    static, no need to install them)
* Tue Dec 22 2009
  - Marked log config file as %config
* Tue Dec 22 2009
  - Updated to 0.4.0
    * A bug which cause defunct administrator processes to remain after
      feed synchronization has been fixed.
    * Initial support for retrieving settings von configuration files
      has been added.
  - Adjusted to use bz2 (instead of gz) tarball
* Thu Dec 10 2009
  - Updated to 0.3.0
    * Pidfile handling has been made more robust.
    * A number of possible resource leaks have been identified and fixed.
    * The configuration and build process has been improved.
    * Support for NVT feed synchronization has been added.
* Tue Nov 24 2009
  - Initial RPM



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