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iscan-free- RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE 12.1 for x86_64

Name: iscan-free Distribution: openSUSE 12.1
Version: Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 104.1.2 Build date: Sun Oct 30 07:56:06 2011
Group: Hardware/Scanner Build host: build08
Size: 337974 Source RPM: iscan-free-
Summary: Free Image Scan Version with epkowa Driver for Epson Scanners
This version of the Image Scan for Linux software contains only
the free software parts of what Avasys provides.

In particular this version of the Image Scan for Linux software
neither contains any proprietary driver library nor firmware files
nor proprietary software to support scanner network interfaces
nor the proprietary "libesmod" library which would be required
by the "/usr/bin/iscan" frontend which is also not provided.

This package contains only the epkowa driver for SANE, which compiles
and runs natively even on non-i386 platforms. For documentation, see
"man sane-epkowa".

The frontend /usr/bin/iscan was removed because it requires the
proprietary "libesmod" library. This should cause no problem
because the driver epkowa in this version of the Image Scan
for Linux software runs natively even on non-i386 platforms
so that the usual frontends (like scanimage and xsane)
can be used even on non-i386 platforms.


The free version of the epkowa driver cannot work for those scanners
that require a proprietary driver library (and a firmware file).
As of this writing (June 2010), those scanners are the following models:

ES-D400, GT-1500, GT-7200U, GT-7300U, GT-9400UF, GT-D1000, GT-F500,
GT-F520, GT-F550, GT-F570, GT-F600, GT-F650, GT-F670, GT-F700,
GT-F720, GT-S50, GT-S80, GT-S600, GT-S620, GT-X750, GT-X770, GT-X820,
Perfection 1250, Perfection 1250 PHOTO, Perfection 1260,
Perfection 1260 PHOTO, Perfection 2480 PHOTO, Perfection 2580 PHOTO,
Perfection 3170 PHOTO, Perfection 3490 PHOTO, Perfection 3590 PHOTO,
Perfection 4180 PHOTO, Perfection 4490 PHOTO, Perfection V10,
Perfection V30, Perfection V100 Photo, Perfection V200 Photo,
Perfection V300 Photo, Perfection V350 Photo, Perfection V500 Photo,
Perfection V600 Photo, Stylus CX4300, Stylus CX4400, Stylus CX5500,
Stylus CX5600, Stylus DX4400

Those models do not work with the free iscan version.
The third-party Image Scan driver software from Avasys
is required for those models.
The Image Scan driver software is made and provided by Avasys
at where RPM packages
for 32-bit (i386) and 64-bit (x86_64) architecture can be downloaded
(provided you accept the Avasys and Epson license agreements).
The Image Scan driver from Avasys contains proprietary binary-only software.
For some models it is only available for 32-bit (i386) architecture
which does not work when you have a 64-bit system installation.
Some scanners are also supported by another (free-software) driver.
When your scanner model requires a non-free (proprietary) module,
you have to download and install two packages from Avasys:
The 'iscan' package for the base software and an additional
model dependant 'iscan-plugin' package with the proprietary module.

Other scanners may only work via USB but require a proprietary
software package which supports the network interface.
As of this writing (June 2010), those scanners are the following models:

Artisan 710 Series, Artisan 810 Series, EP-702A, EP-802A, EP-902A,
ES-H7200, GT-20000, PX-602F, Stylus Office BX610FW Series,
Stylus Office TX610FW Series, Stylus Photo PX650 Series,
Stylus Photo PX710W Series, Stylus Photo PX810FW Series,
Stylus Photo TX650 Series, Stylus Photo TX710W Series,
Stylus SX610FW Series, WorkForce 610 Series

To use those models via the network interface, you need the above
mentioned third-party Image Scan driver software from Avasys
plus an additional iscan-network-nt package from Avasys
which provides support for the network interface.

Note that the iscan-network-nt package from Avasys does not
provide support for the network interface for all models.
As of this writing (June 2010), the network interface
of the following models is not supported:

AcuLaser CX11NF, AcuLaser CX21, Artisan 700, Artisan 800, EP-801A,
EP-901A, EP-901F, ES-H300, Expression 10000XL,
Expression 10000XL Graphic Arts, Expression 10000XL Photo, GT-2500,
LP-A500, LP-M5000, LP-M5500, LP-M5500F, LP-M5600, LP-M6000,
ME Office 700FW, PM-A840S, PX-501A, PX-601F, Stylus Office BX600FW,
Stylus Office TX600FW, Stylus Photo PX700W, Stylus Photo PX800FW,
Stylus Photo TX700W, Stylus Photo TX800FW, Stylus NX400,
Stylus NX410 Series, Stylus SX400, Stylus SX410 Series,
Stylus SX600FW, Stylus TX400, Stylus TX410 Series, WorkForce 600




GPLv2+ ; LGPLv2.1+


* Sat Sep 10 2011
  - fix build with newer ld
* Tue Oct 26 2010
  - Removed obsolete BuildRequires of old branch of libxml.
* Thu Sep 16 2010
  - Replaced conditioned BuildRequires for sane-backends-devel
    if suse_version > 1130 by an unconditioned BuildRequires
    because iscan-free and sane-backends exist in the same
    openSUSE devel project "graphics" so that sane-backends-devel
    is available from this devel project for all repositories for
    which iscan-free is built (e.g. also if suse_version <= 1130).
* Wed Sep 15 2010
  - Change BuildRequires for sane-backends devel split.
* Thu Jun 17 2010
  - Updated the lists of unsupported models in the RPM package
    description and let it no longer mention the packages
    iscan-proprietary-drivers, iscan-firmware, and iscan
    because those packages are no longer provided by openSUSE
    (see Novell/Suse Bugzilla bnc#569917).
* Mon Jan 11 2010
  - Remove gdk-pixbuf-devel BuildRequires, since this is now building
    against gtk2.
* Wed Aug 05 2009
  - Removed db1-devel from BuildRequires because it is
    actually not needed to build it.
* Wed Jul 29 2009
  - fixes-for-GCC44-glibc_2.10.patch fixes GCC 4.4 and glibc 2.10
    issues, see
* Thu Apr 16 2009
  - Removed static libraries and "la" files via "--disable-static"
    in configure and '-type f -name "*.la" -exec ...__rm'
    to enforce detection of other software which use
    this stuff so that those other software could be fixed
    (see also Novell/Suse Bugzilla bnc#509945).
  - Replaced plain 'make' with '__make ... ?'.
  - Use 'find_lang iscan' and 'files -f iscan.lang' instead of the
    explicite file '_datadir/locale/*/LC_MESSAGES/'.
* Wed Apr 16 2008
  - Added some forward compatibility with libtool
    via libltdl.patch and 'rm -f m4/libtool.m4'.



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