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Packages beginning with letter H

hackbench-svn1649-52.1.2 Performance, overhead, and scalability benchmark for the Linux scheduler linux/x86_64
hanterm-xf-2.0.5_173-403.1.3 Hangul Terminal for the X Window System linux/x86_64
haserl-0.9.24-14.1.2 CGI scripting with shell/lua linux/x86_64
haveged-1.2-3.1.2 Feed entropy into random pool linux/x86_64
hawk-0.5.0-2.1.2 HA Web Konsole linux/x86_64
hawk-templates-0.5.0-2.1.2 Hawk Setup Wizard Templates linux/x86_64
hcode-2.1-667.1.2 Hangul Code Conversion Utilities (hcode, hdcode) linux/x86_64
hdjmod-kmp-default-1.28_k3.1.0_1.1-5.1.2 Support for Hercules DJ Devices linux/x86_64
hdjmod-kmp-desktop-1.28_k3.1.0_1.1-5.1.2 Support for Hercules DJ Devices linux/x86_64
hdjmod-kmp-xen-1.28_k3.1.0_1.1-5.1.2 Support for Hercules DJ Devices linux/x86_64
hdparm-9.37-7.1.2 A Program to get and set hard disk parameters linux/x86_64
hello-2.3-90.1.2 A Friendly Greeting Program linux/x86_64
help2man-1.40.4-2.1.5 Create Simple Man Pages from --help Output linux/x86_64
hercules-3.07-3.1.2 Hercules IBM Mainframe Emulator linux/x86_64
heroes-tron-0.21-885.1.2 Game Like Tron and Nibbles Games linux/x86_64
herqq-devel-1.0.0-3.1.2 The development files for herqq and libHUpnp1 linux/x86_64
hex-1.4-268.1.2 Yet Another Hex Dumper linux/x86_64
hfsutils-3.2.6-1229.1.3 Tools Used for the Macintosh's Hierarchical File System linux/x86_64
hicolor-icon-theme-branding-basedonopensuse-12.1-6.1.2 Provides hicolor-icon-theme branding linux/x86_64
himeno-3-12.1.2 Benchmark to evaluate the performance of incompressible fluid analysis code linux/x86_64
hmconv-1.0pl5-662.1.2 HangulCode Conversion Program linux/x86_64
hostap-utils-0.4.7-192.1.3 Tools for Prism2 cards linux/x86_64
hostapd-0.7.3-2.1.3 Turns Your WLAN Card into a WPA capable Access Point linux/x86_64
hp-drive-guard-0.3.12-10.1.2 HP DriveGuard for SuSE linux/x86_64
hp2xx-3.4.2-579.1.3 Converts HP-GL Plotter Language into a Variety of Formats linux/x86_64
hping-3-4.1.3 Command-line oriented TCP/IP packet assembler/analyzer linux/x86_64
hplip-3.11.10-3.1.2 HP's Printing, Scanning, and Faxing Software linux/x86_64
hplip-hpijs-3.11.10-3.1.2 Only plain printing with HPLIP printer drivers linux/x86_64
hplip-sane-3.11.10-3.1.2 Only plain scanning with HPLIP scan drivers linux/x86_64
ht-2.0.18-3.1.2 Disassembler, object dumper and hex editor linux/x86_64
htdig-3.2.0b6-229.1.2 WWW Index and Search System linux/x86_64
htdig-devel-3.2.0b6-229.1.2 Development files for htdig linux/x86_64
htdig-doc-3.2.0b6-229.1.2 WWW Index and Search System Documentation linux/x86_64
html2text-1.3.2a-152.1.2 HTML to ASCII Converter linux/x86_64
htmldoc-1.8.27-184.1.2 HTML Processor that Generates HTML, PostScript, and PDF Files linux/x86_64
htop-0.9-16.1.3 An Interactive text-mode Process Viewer for Linux linux/x86_64
hugin-2011.0.0-3.1.2 Toolchain for Stitching of Images and Creating Panoramas linux/x86_64
hunspell-1.3.2-6.1.2 Hunspell - a spell checker and morphological analyzer library linux/x86_64
hunspell-32bit-1.3.2-6.1.2 Hunspell - a spell checker and morphological analyzer library linux/x86_64
hunspell-devel-1.3.2-6.1.2 Files for developing with hunspell linux/x86_64
hunspell-static-1.3.2-6.1.2 Static hunspell library linux/x86_64
hunspell-tools-1.3.2-6.1.2 Hunspell tools linux/x86_64
hwinfo-19.0-2.1.3 Hardware Library linux/x86_64
hwinfo-devel-19.0-2.1.3 Hardware Detection Library linux/x86_64
hxtools-20110721-5.1.3 Collection of day-to-day tools (binaries) linux/x86_64
hydrogen-0.9.6-2.2.2 A Real-Time Drum Machine and Sequencer linux/x86_64
hyena-0.5-3.1.2 Library for .NET applications linux/x86_64
hylafax-6.0.4-11.1.2 Very Powerful Fax Server linux/x86_64
hylafax-client-6.0.4-11.1.2 Linux client package for the Hylafax server linux/x86_64

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