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libreoffice-languagetool-en-1.4-3.1.2 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE 12.1 for noarch

Name: libreoffice-languagetool-en Distribution: openSUSE 12.1
Version: 1.4 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.1.2 Build date: Sun Oct 30 16:50:48 2011
Group: Productivity/Office/Dictionary Build host: build15
Size: 2356324 Source RPM: libreoffice-languagetool-1.4-3.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: English Dictionary for LibreOffice Language Tool
The English dictionary that can be used to check grammar and other more
complex mistakes using the LibreOffice language tool extension.




BSD3c, BSD4c, Public Domain, Freeware


* Thu Sep 01 2011
  - updated to version 1.4:
    * add support for Khmer
    * update rules and dictionaries for almost all languages
    * pressing [CTRL+Ret] will check the current text
    * fix pre-selection of user's language
    * use localized screen messages and buttons
  - updated License tag to mention also 3rd party stuff
  - removed obsolete Jaminid and jdic sources
  - called unopkg-sync-bundled in post install scripts; added
    libreoffice- into PreReq (bnc#712358)
  - renamed lo-LanguageTool* helper scripts to lo-languagetool to better match
    the package name
  - disabled help content that was not displayed; unopkg complained about it
    in the %%posttrans script
* Mon Mar 07 2011
  - fixed handling of the architecture dependant symlinks (bnc#677354)
* Sun Feb 13 2011
  - updated to version 1.2:
    * updated rules and dictionaries for almost all languages
    * major update of the French dictionary (bnc#569617)
    * added new scripts and testwikipedia.bat; these allow
      to check a local Wikipedia XML dump; it helps to test new rules,
      especially to avoid false alarms
    * problem with salutation ending with comma and false alarm
      for a missing uppercase letter (sf#2830181)
    * incorrect line numbers for files larger than 64000 bytes (sf#3076989)
    * SRX sentence tokenization rules for Catalan, Danish, German
    * initial support for checking bilingual texts (bitexts),
    * fixed LT menu integration for OOo/LO 3.3.0 (i#114078)
    * add tagger dictionary and synthesizer for Catalan
    * incorrect ICU regex in SRX file (sf#2998138)
    * do not show LT menu in Calc (sf#2972055)
    * better deal with Windows line breaks
    * initial support for OOo help system
    * footnote numbers before a comma
    * add synthesizer for Spanish
    * updated the morfologik-stemming library to version 1.4.0
    * performance improvements
    * ability to build the binary automata directly from Java
  - updated script to generate part of the spec file
  - added Catalan dictionary
* Thu Feb 03 2011
  - renamed from OpenOffice_org-LanguageTool to libreoffice-languagetool
  - installed unpacked extension into the newly preferred prefix
  - removed obsolete postinstall scripts that registered the extensions;
    instead linked the directory to /usr/lib(64) where it is found and
    registered automatically
  - added unzip into BuildRequires to install unpacked extension
* Thu Mar 25 2010
  - replaced "Other uncritical OpenSource License" with CCA-SA2.0; CCA-SA3.0;
    in the License tag of the main package
* Thu Mar 18 2010
  - readding whitespace lost in autobuild
* Thu Dec 10 2009
  - regenerated diffs to remove fuzzy hunks
* Wed Dec 09 2009
  - updated to version 1.0.0:
    * update of the decompounding component for German (jWordSplitter 3.0)
    * update to segment library, removed loomchild-util library that
      is no longer needed
    * update to morfologik-stemming library
    * add support for Danish, Catalan, Galician, New Zealand and South African
    * add Slovak tagger and synthesizer dictionaries
    * add Russian synthesizer dictionary and disambiguator
    * add SRX-based sentence tokenizers for Slovenian, Icelandic, and Russian
    * enable general rules in the Slovenian module
    * more features for the server-side LanguageTool
    * simple replacement rule can be used now with any language
    * change from DTD to XML schema for rule files
    * bug with counting column positions (sf#2878819)
    * bug in unification.
    * bug with matching elements that have POS tag information and whitespace
    * many new or fixed rules; many fixes in the dictionaries
    * added subpackages: sk(Slovak), gl(Galician)
* Mon Nov 09 2009
  - used basis-link instead of basis3.1 to fix build with OOo-3.2-beta1
* Tue Nov 03 2009
  - updated patches to apply with fuzz=0
* Thu Aug 20 2009
  - added back the prebuilt commons-logging.jar; did not use the system one
    because it was not available on SLED11 and it was not worth doing extra
    hacks for 60kB big file (bnc#530007)
  - fixed to print reasonable error messages with JRE 1.5; we removed
    the prebuilt JRE 1.5 compat stuff because we would need to add the
    corresponding sources into the source package and it was hard to locate
  - added jre >= 1.6 to Requires
* Thu Aug 06 2009
  - updated to version 0.9.9:
    * bugs with pairing brackets
    * paragraph-level rules crasher (sf#2787814)
    * new sentence tokenizer that uses SRX format
    * support sentences written in different languages
    * truncated suggested replacements for false friends
    * disallowed using rules that were turned off by default
    * recognize mistyped lowercase words that should be uppercase
    * update of morfologik-stemming library to version 1.1.4 (sf#2613574)
    * more grammar rules and updated translations
  - removed the unsupported Czech dictionary; was packaged by mistake
  - fixed dependency of dictionaries; they should require exact version
    of the framework
* Fri Jul 03 2009
  - added detection of installed dictionaries to do not show many errors
    when they are not installed (bnc#523973)
* Thu May 21 2009
  * fixed encoding of the menu entries (bnc#501037)
* Fri Apr 10 2009
  - improved the scriptlets to force new versions and remove cache of the older
  - added missing Jaminid and jdic sources and README-libs.txt to fulfil LGPL
* Wed Mar 18 2009
  - updated to version 0.9.7:
    * add Czech dictionary
    * preliminary support for Romanian
    * new tagger dictionary for Russian
    * add compound rules for English and Polish
    * support for new Proofreading API in OOo-3.0.1
    * new features to the rule disambiguator, such as
      unification, filtering, deleting and adding interpretations
    * no errors visible in context menu for some languages
    * ClassCastException crash with non-English texts
    * remove redundant toolbar button (bnc#471540)
    * new menu command "Recheck document"
    * possibility to add shorter comments for rules to be
      displayed in 3.x context menus
    * many other bugs in the tool and dictionaries
  - added jre >= 1.5 to Requires (bnc#471540)
  - bumped dependency on OpenOffice_org to version >= 3.0.99



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