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rsyslog-module-pgsql-5.8.5-6.1.2 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE 12.1 for i586

Name: rsyslog-module-pgsql Distribution: openSUSE 12.1
Version: 5.8.5 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 6.1.2 Build date: Sat Oct 29 21:34:32 2011
Group: System/Daemons Build host: build30
Size: 10861 Source RPM: rsyslog-5.8.5-6.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: PostgreSQL support module for rsyslog
Rsyslog is an enhanced multi-threaded syslog daemon. See rsyslog

This module provides the support for logging into PostgreSQL databases.






* Wed Sep 07 2011
  - update to 5.8.5 [V5-stable]
    - bugfix/security: off-by-two bug in legacy syslog parser,
      CVE-2011-3200 bnc#714658
    - bugfix: mark message processing did not work correctly
    - bugfix: potential hang condition during tag emulation
    - bugfix: too-early string termination during tag emulation
    - bugfix: The NUL-Byte for the syslogtag was not copied in MsgDup
    - bugfix: fixed incorrect state handling for Discard Action
      (transactions) Note: This caused all messages in a batch to be
      set to COMMITTED, even if they were discarded.
* Wed Aug 24 2011
  - Adopted to require new syslog-service package on 12.x, that
    provides the /etc/init.d/syslog LSB init script and systemd
    syslog.service service file. Removed rsyslog.service file
    installation from spec file. (fate#311316).
* Fri Aug 19 2011
  - Update to 5.8.4 [V5-stable]
    - bugfix: potential misadressing in property replacer
    - bugfix: memcpy overflow can occur in allowed sender checkig if
      a name is resolved to IPv4-mapped-on-IPv6 address Found by
      Ismail Dönmez at suse
    - bugfix: potential misadressing in property replacer
    - bugfix: MSGID corruption in RFC5424 parser under some
      circumstances closes:
  - remove rsyslog-5.8.0-memcpy.patch:
    applied upstream
  - fix build for older distros:
    only buildrequire systemd-devel for newer than 11.4, use systemd
    for the others
* Fri Aug 19 2011
  - Fix build with new gnutls
* Tue Aug 02 2011
  - Require systemd-devel to follow package split.
* Wed Jul 13 2011
  - drop modules imtemplate and omtemplate, the 2 modules are base
    templates for people who want to develop their own modules.
* Tue Jul 12 2011
  - enabled a few more modules which dont pull extra dependencies:
    impstats, pmcisconames, pmaixforwardedfrom, pmsnare, pmrfc3164sd,
    omruleset, mmsnmptrapd
* Tue Jul 12 2011
  - guard the file list entry for rsyslog.service with
    if {with systemd}. Please keep the package working on older
* Tue Jul 12 2011
  - upstream asked to change the syntax in the default config files
    to the new syntax:
    old: *.* * # (write to all)
    new: *.* :omusrmsg:*
    old: *.* $channel
    new: *.* :omfile:$channel
    from what i can see we are only affected with:
    old: *.emerg *
    new: *.emerg :omusrmsg:*
* Tue Jul 12 2011
  - Updated to 5.8.3  [V5-stable]
    - systemd support: set stdout/stderr to null - thx to Lennart for
      the patch
    - added support for the ":omusrmsg:" syntax in configuring user
    - added support for the ":omfile:" syntax in configuring user
      messages Note: previous outchannel syntax will generate a
      warning message. This may be surprising to some users, but it
      is quite urgent to alert them of the new syntax as v6 can no
      longer support the previous one.
* Tue Jun 21 2011
  - Updated to 5.8.2 [V5-stable] (bnc#701282) a maintenance release,
    containing only stability fixes:
    - bugfix: problems in failover action handling
    - bugfix: mutex was invalidly left unlocked during action processing
      At least one case where this can occur is during thread shutdown,
      which may be initiated by lower activity. In most cases, this is
      quite unlikely to happen. However, if it does, data structures may be
      corrupted which could lead to fatal failure and segfault. I detected
      this via a testbench test, not a user report. But I assume that some
      users may have had unreproducable aborts that were cause by this bug.
    - bugfix: memory leak in imtcp & subsystems under some circumstances
      This leak is tied to error conditions which lead to incorrect cleanup
      of some data structures. [backport from v6]
    - bugfix/improvement:$WorkDirectory now gracefully handles trailing
* Tue May 31 2011
  - Add systemd service file back (bnc#696963).
* Fri May 27 2011
  - Removed touch of obsolete /var/log/boot.log from spec post.
* Thu May 19 2011
  - update to 5.8.1
    - bugfix: invalid processing in QUEUE_FULL condition If the the
      multi-submit interface was used and a QUEUE_FULL condition
      occured, the failed message was properly destructed. However,
      the rest of the input batch, if it existed, was not processed.
      So this lead to potential loss of messages and a memory leak.
      The potential loss of messages was IMHO minor, because they
      would have been dropped in most cases due to the queue
      remaining full, but very few lucky ones from the batch may have
      made it. Anyhow, this has now been changed so that the rest of
      the batch is properly tried to be enqueued and, if not
      possible, destructed.
    - new module mmsnmptrapd, a sample message modification module
      This can be useful to reformat snmptrapd messages and also
      serves as a sample for how to write message modification
      modules using the output module interface. Note that we
      introduced this new functionality directly into the stable
      release, as it does not modify the core and as such cannot have
      any side-effects if it is not used (and thus the risk is solely
      on users requiring that functionality).
    - bugfix: rate-limiting inside imuxsock did not work 100% correct
      reason was that a global config variable was invalidly accessed
      where a listener variable should have been used.  Also
      performance-improved the case when rate limiting is turned off
      (this is a very unintrusive change, thus done directly to the
      stable version).
    - bugfix: $myhostname not available in RainerScript (and no error
      message) closes:
    - bugfix: memory and file descriptor leak in stream processing
      Leaks could occur under some circumstances if the file stream
      handler errored out during the open call. Among others, this
      could cause very big memory leaks if there were a problem with
      unreadable disk queue files. In regard to the memory leak, this
    - bugfix: doc for impstats had wrong config statements also,
      config statements were named a bit inconsistent, resolved that
      problem by introducing an alias and only documenting the
      consistent statements Thanks to Marcin for bringing up this
    - bugfix: IPv6-address could not be specified in omrelp this was
      due to improper parsing of ":" closes:
    - bugfix: TCP connection invalidly aborted when messages needed
      to be discarded (due to QUEUE_FULL or similar problem)
    - bugfix: $LocalHostName was not honored under all circumstances
    - bugfix(minor): improper template function call in syslogd.c
* Fri Apr 29 2011
  - Add rsyslog-5.6.5-memcpy.patch: fix overflowing memcpy call in
* Wed Apr 27 2011
  - move most of the additional requirements and subpackages into
    conditionals so we can switch them on and off by more easily.
* Tue Apr 26 2011
  - Dropped obsolete rsyslog-systemd-integration.bnc656104.diff
* Tue Apr 26 2011
  - dont ship the systemd service file for now.
* Sun Apr 24 2011
  - update to 5.8.0 (v5-tsable)
    This is the new v5-stable branch, importing all feature from the
    5.7.x versions. To see what has changed in regard to the previous
    v5-stable, check the entries for 5.7.x in
    - bugfix: race condition in deferred name resolution
      Special thanks to Marcin for his persistence in helping to solve this
    - bugfix: DA queue was never shutdown once it was started
  - dropped patch rsyslog-deferred-dns-query-race.diff
    included in the release
  - refreshed rsyslog-systemd-integration.bnc656104.diff:
    most of the patch went upstream just a small chunk left
  - fixed the with_dbi conditional, it was using the build_with_relp.
  - added a new conditional with_systemd and moved all the systemd
    specific things from suse_version >= 1140 to the with_systemd
    conditional. the patch line in the preamble should be
* Fri Apr 08 2011
  - bugfix: race condition in deferred name resolution (id=238)
    from v5.8.0 candidate.
* Thu Mar 24 2011
  - Updated to 5.6.5 (v5-stable) with following bugfixes:
    * bugfix: failover did not work correctly if repeated msg
    reduction was on.
    affected directive: $ActionExecOnlyWhenPreviousIsSuspended on
    * bugfix: omlibdbi did not use password from rsyslog.conf
    * bugfix(kind of): tell users that config graph can currently
    not be generated
    * bugfix: discard action did not work under some circumstances
    * bugfix: potential abort condition when $RepeatedMsgReduction
    were set to on as well as potentially in a number of other places
    where MsgDup() was used. This only happened when the imudp input
    module was used and it depended on name resolution not yet had
    taken place. (bnc#679030)
    * bugfix: fixed a memory leak and potential abort condition
    this could happen if multiple rulesets were used and some output
    batches contained messages belonging to more than one ruleset.
    * bugfix: memory leak when $RepeatedMsgReduction on was used
    bug tracker:
  - Merged systemd socket activation support
* Wed Feb 02 2011
  - update to 5.6.3 (v5-stable) with following bugfixes (digest):
    * action processor released mememory too early, resulting in
    potential issue in retry cases (very unlikely).
    * batch processing flagged invalid message as "bad" under some
    * unitialized variable could cause issues under extreme
    conditions plus some minor nits.
    * batches which had actions in error were not properly retried
    in all cases
    * imfile did duplicate messages under some circumstances
  - enabled plain tcp input, unix socket output, last message
    parser and the libdbi module as separate package.
  - disabled systemd patch for openSUSE <= 11.3
* Thu Jan 20 2011
  - Improved systemd socket activation support to allow multiple
    unix sockets and activation in forking mode (bnc#656197).
* Fri Dec 03 2010
  - update to 5.6.2 (v5-stable) with following bugfixes:
    * compile failed on systems without epoll_create1()
      Thanks to David Hill for providing a fix.
    * atomic increment for msg object may not work correct on
      all platforms. Thanks to Chris Metcalf for the patch
    * replacements for atomic operations for non-int sized types
      had problems. At least one instance of that problem could
      potentially lead to abort (inside omfile).
  - Increased mark frequency in rsyslog.conf to 1 hour
  - Enabled duplicate message reduction in rsyslog.conf to catch
    at least buggy programs running amok and writting same message
    zillion times until the disk gets out of space (bnc#656197).
  - Merged rsyslog-systemd-integration.bnc656104.diff (fuzz=0).
* Mon Nov 29 2010
  - update to 5.6.1
    This release addresses a TLS bug, that has been bothering a lot
    of users lately. It stops rsyslog from looping, thus disabling
    functionality and bearing the risk of unresponsiveness of the
    whole system. Other issues have been fixed for imptcp, failing
    testbench, segfault on empty templates and failed compile.
    For more detailed information, please review the ChangeLog and,,
  - applied systemd integration base patch (without the service and
    socket unit files, because we'll use same for all syslog damons)
    extracted from git master (bnc#656104).
* Sat Nov 20 2010
  - build with libnet-devel on 11.4
* Mon Nov 15 2010
  - update to 5.6.0
    This release brings all changes and enhancements of the 5.5.x
    series to the v5-stable branch.
    - bugfix: a couple of problems that imfile had on some platforms,
      namely Ubuntu (not their fault, but occured there)
    - bugfix: imfile utilizes 32 bit to track offset. Most importantly,
      this problem can not experienced on Fedora 64 bit OS (which has
      64 bit long's!)
  - removed obsolete patch
    - xconsole-pipe-loop
  - rpmlint
    - name-repeated-in-summary C Rsyslog
* Wed Apr 28 2010
  - Added $klogConsoleLogLevel 1 to the config, to use same default
    [KERNEL_LOGLEVEL in /etc/sysconfig/syslog] as klogd (bnc#593699).
  - Improved filter to discard iptables msgs higher err on console,
    changed to set default file template instead per file, removed
    duplicate filters (bnc#593699).
* Tue Apr 27 2010
  - Applied fix to avoid a tight send-retry loop in case there is
    nobody receiving the messages sent to the xconsole pipe
  - Disabled relp support for < 11.3 (librelp is new)
  - Fixed to create /var/run/rsyslog in post-install (rpmlint)
* Wed Apr 14 2010
  - dropped install_all_modules_in_lib conditional and all related
  - new subpackages
    - enable RELP support. new depdendency librelp
    - enable diagnotic tools.
    - enable UDP spoof support. new dependency libnet
  - moved module paths to 2 variables defined on top of the spec
* Tue Apr 13 2010
  - Updated to rsyslog version 5.4.0 (v5-stable). This version begins
    a new stable series based on the 5.3.x series, which has been
    proven rather well in practice. The new 5.4.0 contains fixes for
    all known problems. See ChangeLog file for a detailed history.
    The main new feature is speed: several optimizations were done,
    including support for epoll in tcp listeners.
  - Added new and to the file list.
  - Recompressed original tar.gz source archive using bzip2.
* Wed Sep 09 2009
  - Added read-only RSYSLOGD_NATIVE_VERSION sysconfig/syslog variable,
    that is set to the native mode version number for the -c parameter
    while every installation and used in the /etc/init.d/syslog script,
    except the user overrides this default in RSYSLOGD_COMPAT_VERSION.
* Wed Sep 02 2009
  - Updated to rsyslog version 4.4.1 (v4-stable), a bug-fixing release,
    providing some important fixes for issues that have only been
    detected after the beta phase. Some of them are serious (like a
    segfault when UDP messageforwarding is activated), so users of
    4.4.0 are urged to upgrade to this release. Changelog for 4.4.1:
    * features requiring Java are automatically disabled if Java
      is not present (thanks to Michael Biebl for his help!)
    * bugfix: invalid double-quoted PRI, among others in outgoing
      messages. This causes grief with all receivers.
      Bug tracker:
    * bugfix: Java testing tools were required, even if testbench
      was disabled. This resulted in build errors if no Java was
      present on the build system, even though none of the selected
      option actually required Java. (I forgot to backport a similar
      fix to newer releases).
    * bugfix (backport): omfwd segfault. Note that the orginal (higher
      version) patch states this happens only when debugging mode is
      turned on. That statement is wrong: if debug mode is turned off,
      the message is not being emitted, but the division by zero in
      the actual parameters still happens.
  - Removed jave2-devel-packages from build requires again
* Tue Sep 01 2009
  - Updated to rsyslog version 4.4.0, the actual stable 4.4.x series.
    It provides several bugfixes, performance improvements and new
    features: It adds generic network stream server for syslog, the
    capability to rebind the send socket of the UDP output section,
    allows multiple tcp listeners, multiple recipients in ommail,
    new plugins as omprog, improved documentation and testbench
    with a config switch. Please review ChangeLog file for details.
  - Removed obsolete moddirs patch (included in 4.4.0)
  - Added java2-devel-packages to BuildRequires (for test suite)
  - Enabled omprog and omtemplate plugins, added them and the
    lmstrmsrv plugin to the base-plugins file list.
* Mon Apr 20 2009
  - Improved config file comments about usage of additional
    modules provided in separate rsyslog-module packages.
  - Enabled GnuTLS (syslog-transport-tls) support module.
* Mon Apr 20 2009
  - Updated to rsyslog 3.20.6 [v3-stable]



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