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ksh-93t-204.1.3 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE 12.1 for i586

Name: ksh Distribution: openSUSE 12.1
Version: 93t Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 204.1.3 Build date: Sat Oct 29 19:40:23 2011
Group: System/Shells Build host: build21
Size: 2463696 Source RPM: ksh-93t-204.1.3.src.rpm
Summary: Korn Shell
The original Korn Shell.  The ksh is an sh-compatible command
interpreter that executes commands read from standard input or from a

    David Korn <>
    Glenn Fowler <>
    Phong Vo <>




Common Public License Version 1.0 (CPL1.0)


* Thu Jul 07 2011
  - Check for ascii8 troff device, if not available use utf8
* Wed Jul 06 2011
  - Extract messages from ksh source code automagic by using msgcc and
    libpp from upstream ast-base packages (realted to bnc#703854) only
    missing are the translations for those messages
* Tue Jul 05 2011
  - Drop locale support as it is out of sync since year 2000 (bnc#703854)
* Mon Jul 04 2011
  - Avoid crash on unset of function within the same function
* Tue Jun 14 2011
  - Fix off by one error which should make work now
  - Update the array fix as well as the pipe fix
  - This also fixes bnc#677790
* Fri Jun 10 2011
  - Avoid redirection in subshell if an eval was used (bnc#697394)
* Wed Jun 08 2011
  - Extend Shift.JIS patch to avoid breakage of the parsers above
  - Avoid mounting 3D file system as this does not exist on linux
* Wed Jun 01 2011
  - Correct ... nevertheless typeset -T does not work
    with array types as this requires ksh93u
* Tue May 24 2011
  - gcc dumps out poerpc64 even on powerpc which does break the
    binary in a very special way e.g. in getopt(3)
  - do not use CC but CCFLAGS and HOSTTYPE at make time
* Fri May 13 2011
  - Add workaround to enforce synchronization on here documents done
    for forked sub shell or processes (bnc#690623)
* Fri Mar 04 2011
  - Avoid to export local variables from real subshells
* Tue Feb 22 2011
  - Make shell functions POSIX compliant (bnc#661875)
* Wed Oct 27 2010
  - Change fix for bnc#636389 to my first approach as this
    does not hang on x86_64
* Thu Oct 21 2010
  - Yet an other file descriptor leak caused by audit feature
* Tue Oct 19 2010
  - Close file descriptor leak caused by loading shell functions
* Mon Oct 11 2010
  - Add script for testing out the previous bug
* Fri Oct 08 2010
  - Fix crash on unset on local IFS within shell functions (bnc#636389)
* Tue Jun 29 2010
  - Avoid memory leak as reported on mailing list
* Mon Jun 28 2010
  - Update to 2010-06-21 of ksh93t+ bug fix version
    10-06-21  The next release this directory will be renamed ksh93t and will
      install as ksh93t and ksh93u will become the default ksh.
    10-05-27  Rewrote the subshell code to avoid using pipes in many cases.
* Fri May 28 2010
  - Update to 2010-05-27 of ksh93t+ bug fix version
    10-05-24 --- Release ksh93t+  ---
    10-05-24 Fixed a bug which cause an exception when both -s and -s were
      specified with typeset -i.
    10-05-21 Inputting of three dimensional indexed arrays with ( ( (...)...)...)
      was not working and has been fixed.
    10-05-21 A bug in which adding the attributes -Ai to a variable via a name
      reference could cause the value to display incorrectly has been fixed.
    10-05-21 A bug in which using $var inside ((...)) did not work when var was
      a hex float variable.
    10-05-20 A bug which caused an exception when multiple levels of composite
      functions in arithemtic expressions has been fixed.
    10-05-19 <<< with an empty string no longer gives an error.
    10-05-19 A bug in arithmetic evaluation when a name reference to an array
      instance was used has been fixed.
    10-05-14 A bug in which the shell treats a valid index array assignment,
      typeset -a x=(foo (x=3;y=4) bar) as a syntax error has been fixed.
    10-05-13 A bug in creating name references to assocative array variable
      after a lookup of one of its elements has been fixed.
    10-05-12 Two bugs in the handling of function static type variables in
      subshells have been fixed.  One could cause an exception and the
      other would leave side effects in the parent shell.
    10-05-10 A bug in which static variables in functions were not being saved and
      restored properly when running subshells has been fixed.
    10-05-05 A bug in which print -v did not work correctly when an operand was an
      indexed array element refering to a compound variable has been fixed.
    10-05-05 A change to improve performace by special casing empty string
      assignments to avoid repeated malloc() and free().
    10-05-05 A bug in which creating a name reference to a non-existant associative
      array element would create the array element has been fixed.
    10-05-04 A bug in which name references to static variables in the static
      scope were not found has been fixed.
    10-04-30 Do not use socketpair() on systems that implement ioctl(I_PEEK) on pipes.
    10-04-28 A type defined with a member foo that is an associative array without
      elements followed by an expansion ${[a]} and an assignment[a]=b, no longer indicates that ${[@]} has 0 members.
    10-04-27 Another bug in which a nested command substitution could hang if it
      generated too much data has been fixed.
    10-04-26 A type defined with a member that is an indexed array without elements
      would behave as if the 0th element of each instance was defined after
      a non-zero element was specified and this has been fixed.
    10-04-26 A bug in which types defined in a subshell were not undefined when
      the subshell completed has been fixed.
    10-04-23 For file completion in commmand line editing, file names starting
      with # are now escaped so that they are not treated as comments.
    10-04-23 A bug in which ${t.var:=value}, where t is an instance of a type
      variable, could assign value to the type variable rather than to
      the type instance has been fixed.
    10-04-22 A bug in which a nested command substitution could hang if it
      generated too much data has been fixed.
    10-04-20 A bug which corrupted one byte of memory when read was called with
      reads that did not use a delimiter has been fixed.
    10-04-19 The display of a compound variable with an embedded array with
      attributes was sometimes not working correctly and has been fixed.
    10-04-16 A bug in which attributes were not be propogated to elements in
      an associative array has been fixed.
    10-04-15 A bug which caused scripts containing user defined math functions to
      fail to compile with shcomp has been fixed.
    10-04-14 A bug in which a coprocess connection could terminate prematurely
      when running a nested subshell has been fixed.
    10-04-07 On Darwin on Mac/OS a bug has been fixed which generated an
      inappropriate error message when continuing a background job.
    10-04-07 A bug in which setting the trap on CHLD to ignore could cause
      an incorrect exit status has been fixed.
    10-04-06 A bug in which LINENO was not incremented for a here-document when
      the here-document word was followed by a comment has been fixed.
    10-04-06 The optimization that execs the last process of a script rather
      than creating a new process has been removed when a trap on
      interrupt has been set.
    10-04-06 Unsetting the 'C', 'A' or 'a' typeset attribute now produces an
      error message rather than generating an exception.
    10-04-06 A bug in which contained the subscript and .sh.subscript
      was empty in some cases with discipline functions on array instances
      has been fixed.
    10-04-05 A bug in the edit modes where preceding the interrupt character with
      the literal next character did not work has been fixed.
    10-04-05 A bug in the creation of type instances of arrays which could cause
      an exception has been fixed.
    10-03-30 A bug in the display of a compound variable containing an indexed
      array of compound variables has been fixed.
    10-03-24 A bug in which integer division was mistakenly used when the
      numerator was a binary operator with the first operand floating
      point and the second integer, e.g. (.1**3)/3, has been fixed.
    10-03-24 The >; file operator was modified so that the temporary file is
      created in the same physical directory as file.
    10-03-23 A warning message was added to sh -n when $var was used inside
      ((...)) instead of var.
    10-03-19 fmin was added to the list of math function on the man page.
    10-03-19 Fixed the return value for unalias when the alias did not exist.
    10-03-19 A bug in which the SHLVL variable exported the value it had on
      input rather than the incremented value has been fixed.
    10-03-19 A bug which causes whence -q to go into an infinite loop has been fixed.
    10-03-19 Removed space between Stopped message and (SIGTTIN) and (SIGTTOUT).
    10-03-17 Modified profile shell execution so that when builtins that
      correspond to executable have extended attributes, they are
      executed by pfksh instead of being treated as built-ins.
    10-03-16 A bug in whence -a which produced duplicate lines of output has been fixed.
    10-03-16 A bug in the handling of process groups in monitor mode for
      command substitutions has been fixed.
    10-03-12 A bug in which a here-document containing command substitutions
      that contained here-documents did not process correctly has been fixed.
    10-03-12 A bug in which the terminal is not restored to cannonical mode
      after read times out when in a multibyte locale with no edit mode
      enabled has been fixed.
    10-05-25 include/sfhdr.h: adjust SF_NMAP according to _ptr_bits
    10-05-25 include/shcmd.h: add sh_builtin() macro for lib_init() table initialization
    10-05-21 misc/optget.c: --html \bfoo::bar([[:digit:]][[:upper:]]*) => foo-bar.html
    10-05-15 include/proc.h,misc/procopen.c: add PROC_ORPHAN
    10-05-09 misc/optget.c: add --???MAN[section] --???SECTION
    10-05-07 sfio,stdio: fix all snprintf() variants to handle buf==0 and/or n==0
    10-05-04 string/fmtesc.c: add mb iswsoace() and iswcntrl() quoting checks
    10-05-03 fix LC_MESSAGES catalog lookup bugs, check for $set==3, accept $set==1
    10-04-30 string/chresc.c: add chrexp() for FMT_EXP_*
    10-04-30 string/stresc.c: add strexp() for FMT_EXP_*
    10-04-30 string/chresc.c: fix \uXXXXY bug that consumed Y
    10-04-22 misc/optget.c: check for html entities in <A name="...">
    10-04-22 misc/getcwd.c: add features/syscall check for SYSGETCWD() { linux solaris }
    10-04-22 string/stresc.c: wide chars absent locale guidance default to UTF-8
    10-04-12 port/mnt.c: favor bsd getfsstat() over getmntinfo()
    10-04-11 string/strtoi.h: k (1000) and ki (1024) now differentiated
    10-04-10 misc/recstr.c: fix 'd[delimiter]' parse
    10-04-08 include/vmalloc.h,vmalloc/vmstat.c: add Vmstat_t.mode region mode bits
    10-04-05 misc/fts.c: drop 1997-01-07 fts_open()=0 is one file and stat() fails
    10-04-05 misc/optget.c,optlib.h: add Optpass_t.release for --nroff .TH
    10-04-02 misc/optget.c: fix $'[-n?\n...]' --version bug
    10-04-02 regex/regcomp.c: ~(X) => REG_EXTENDED|REG_AUGMENTED, ~(PU) instead of ~(U)
    10-03-24 misc/procopen.c: add PROC_FD_CTTY(fd)
    10-03-24 path/pathtemp.c: fix pointer => int casts
    10-03-15 regex/regcache.c: fix 1 byte buffer overflow (didn't count trailing \0)
    10-05-09 tail.c: fix -0f bug that inially listed the entire file
    10-05-06 basename.c: add { -a,--all -s,--suffux=suffix } from BSD
    10-04-12 cat.c: fix -v bug that dumped core and make consistent with cmp --print-chars
    10-04-11 cmp.c: add --print-bytes, --count=n, --differences=n
    10-04-08 vmstate.c: add { method flags } vars for Vmstat_t.mode
    10-04-08 mkdir.c: fix check for { S_ISUID S_ISGID S_ISVTX } after successful mkdir(2)
    10-04-01 stty.c: add --fd=fd option
    10-03-23 tail.c: fix -f large initial offset bug that didn't copy all data
* Mon May 03 2010
  - Add patch from mail list tp avoid deadlock in builtin `whence'
* Fri Apr 09 2010
  - Add patch from upstream for problem with trap on SIGCHLD (bnc#591248)
* Mon Mar 15 2010
  - Add patch from upstream for minor problem with tty reset
* Wed Mar 10 2010
  - Use a wrapper to execute the ksh test suite without ignoring the
    signals SIGPIPE and SIGQUIT
  - Update to 2010-03-09 of ksh93t+ for bug fix version
    10-03-05  --- Release ksh93t+  ---
    10-03-05 A varibale unset memory leak has been fixed and tests/
      has been added to verify the fix.
    10-03-04 Documentation, comment, and disgnostic spelling typos corrected.
    10-03-08 features/tvlib: fix utimensat probe to include all macros/structs
    10-03-07 features/lib: change stream_peek to test pipes only
    10-03-07 string/strelapsed.c: fix next char return overrun
    10-03-06 tm/tvtouch.c: use runtime fallback if utimensat() fails with ENOSYS
    10-03-05 path/pathtemp.c: add pfx /seed for regression testing
    10-03-04 vmalloc/vmwalk.c: add user supplied handle arg
    10-03-04 path/pathtemp.c: properly handle mktemp()-style *+(X) templates
    10-03-03 include/ast_getopt.h: remove NULL guard - _AST_GETOPT_H now handles it
    10-03-07 tail.c: sfsync(sfstdout) after all -f done, fix -f partial line
    10-03-05 mktemp.c: add --regress=seed for testing
    10-03-05 vmstate.c: add
* Mon Mar 08 2010
  - Make it build for SLES10 and SLES9
  - Check if the shell used for build ignores SIGPIPE
* Fri Mar 05 2010
  - Add forgotten preun scriptlet for update-alternatives
  - Fixed typo
* Fri Mar 05 2010
  - Submit ksh93t+ from 2010-03-01 which fixes bnc#502622, bnc#523212,
    bnc#548588, bnc#555938, bnc#561405, bnc#564967, and bnc#585244
  - Add bugfix from David Korn to close memleak again
* Wed Mar 03 2010
  - Update to 2010-03-01 of ksh93t+ for final version
    10-02-14 Fix sh_getenv() initialization to cooperate with the 3d fs.
    10-02-12 A bug in which the get discipline function was not invoked for
      associative array subscripts for unset array elements has been fixed.
    10-02-12 A bug which could occur if the last line of a script was an eval
      that executed multiple commands has been fixed.
    10-02-02 A buffer overflow in read and another in binary type base64
      encoding were fixed.
    10-01-20 A bug in the evaluation of arithmetic expression in which the
      subscript was evaluated twice for $((foo[x++]++)) has been fixed.
    10-01-19 A workaround for a double-free of a trap in both a subshell and its
      parent has been added.
    10-01-18 A bug in type handling of typeset -H has been fixed.
    10-01-15 The "adding empty subscript" warning now only emitted with -x set.
    10-01-01 A bug in the parser in which '$((case i in i):;esac);:))' was not
      parsed correctly was fixed.
    10-01-01 A bug in the parser in which '$(( 2 , 3.6 ))' dumped core for locales
      with radix char , and thousands separator . has been fixed.
    09-12-28 A bug in the handling of SIGCLD on systems that generated SIGCLD
      while blocked waiting for process to complete has been fixed.
    09-12-24 ast setlocale() reworked to differentiate env var changes from user
    10-02-24 comp/getopt.h: fix ast_std.h interactions
    10-02-24 vmalloc/malloc.c: empty { VMALLOC_OPTION VMDEBUG ... } => no debug!
    10-02-02 string/base64.c: fix corner case output buffer overflow
    10-02-01 misc/optget.c: uppercase --html heading -- doh
    10-01-29 misc/optget.c: [+NAME?...] overrides for >= STYLE_man
    10-01-25 vmalloc/vmprivate.c: fix seg ptr initialization bug (24 years old!!)
    10-01-20 misc/optget.c: handle nested {...} rendering
    10-01-20 misc/state.c: add ast.version for runtime api version
    10-01-20 port/astconf.c: "_AST_VERSION" now returns ast.version
    10-01-20 include/ast_std.h: add ast.version for runtime api version
    10-01-01 vmalloc: VMALLOC_OPTIONS env var for all runtime options
    10-01-01 include: change some <ast.h> refs to less intrusive <ast_*.h>
    10-01-01 setlocale.c,translate.c,fmterror.c: AST_LC_internal retains prev state
    10-01-01 comp/setlocale.c: AST_LC_setenv defers to LC_ALL (for sh)
    10-01-01 ast_std.h: add { AST_LC_internal AST_LC_setenv }
    09-12-24 comp/setlocale.c: fix setlocale(LC_ALL,"") when already initialized
    10-01-26 tail.c: -f sleep(1) only if no progress from last round of checks
    10-01-20 fts_fix.[ch]: use <fts_fix.h> instead of <fts.h> (see fts_fix.c)
    10-01-20 cp.c: free(state) if called from old shell
* Mon Mar 01 2010
  - install /bin/ksh93 and /usr/bin/ksh93 symlinks
  - use update-alternatives
* Mon Dec 21 2009
  - Update to 2009-12-18 beta test of ksh93t+ for bug fixes
    09-12-18  A bug with the SHOPT_BGX option set which disabled traps for signals
      < SIGCHLD when a trap for a signal > SIGCHLD was set has been fixed.
    09-12-18  A bug where [[ -v var ]] was incorrect for some variables (including
      LC_* vars) has been fixed.
    09-12-15  A bug that produced a syntax error when a multibyte character
      straddled a buffer boundary has been fixed.
    09-12-11  A bug where the subscript of an unset variable was not evaluated has
      been fixed.
    09-12-09  A bug where shcomp dumped core on certain syntax errors has been fixed.
    09-12-07  A bug where a parent shell environment var reset in a subshell removed
      the value in subsequent children of the parent shell has been fixed.
* Wed Dec 09 2009
  - Update to 2009-12-06 beta test of ksh93t+ for bug fixes
    09-12-04  A bug in which in some cases a trap in a function executed in
      a subshell could trigger twice has been fixed.
    09-12-03  A bug in which SHLVL exported with some attributes could cause
      the shell to abort at startup has been fixed.
    09-12-02  A bug with pipefail in which the shell could hang waiting for the
      writer to complete before the last reader command has been fixed.
* Thu Dec 03 2009
  - Update to 2009-11-30 beta test of ksh93t+ for bug fixes
    09-11-30  A bug in which a trap could be inherited by the first element of
      a pipeline when the command had more than 63 arguments that did
      not contain any macro expansions has been fixed.
    09-11-19  When read from a terminal was called from with a while or foo loop,
      and an edit mode was on, a backspace or erase no longer will
      overwrite the prompt.
    09-11-17  Change .paths parse to handle BUILTIN_LIB=foo BUILTIN_LIB=foo-1.2.
    09-11-17  Inside a function, typeset will bind foo to global variable
      foo if local variable foo does not exist, instead of creating a
      local variable.
    09-11-17  "read -n1" from the terminal has been fixed to read exactly one character.
    09-11-11  Job control now works for subshell commands, (...).
    09-11-11  If set -e is on for an interractive shell errors in special builtins
      now cause the shell to exit.
    09-11-11  A bug in which an interrupt handler processed during the read builtin
      when IFS did not contain a new line has been fixed.
    09-11-09  A bug in which a variable that has been unset in a subshell and then
      exported from that subshell does not show up in the environment
      has been fixed.
    09-11-02  ",2" is now a valid numeric constant for locales with
    09-11-02  A bug where "return" in .profile did not restore the shell state
      has been fixed.
    09-10-31  A bug that corrupted saved exit status when pids wrapped around has
      been fixed.
    09-10-26  A bug in { LANG LC_ALL LC_category } ordering has been fixed in -last.
* Fri Oct 30 2009
  - Update to 2009-10-21 beta test of ksh93t+ for bug fixes
    09-10-16  A bug where notification to libast that the environment has changed
      has been fixed.
    09-10-12  A bug in which a function loaded in a subshell could leave side
      effects in the parent shell has been fixed.
    09-10-12  A bug in converting a printf %d operand to a number when the operand
      contains multiple subscripts for the same variable has been fixed.
    09-10-09  A bug in the handling of the escape character \ in directory prefixes
      in command completion has been fixed.
    09-10-09  $PATH processing has been changed to delay dir stat() and .paths
      lookup until the directory is needed in the path search.
    09-09-28  Call the ast setlocale() intercept on unset too.
    09-09-24  A bug in which LANG=foo; LC_ALL=foo; unset LC_ALL; did not revert
      LC_CTYPE etc. to the LANG value has been fixed.
    09-09-17  A bug in which unsetting SVLVL could cause a script invoked by
      name without #! to core dump has been fixed.
    09-09-16  A bug in which a pipeline in a here-document could hang when the
      pipefail option was on has been fixed.
    09-09-09  A bug in the processing of line joining in here documents which
      occurred when a buffer began with <escape><new-line> has been fixed.
    09-09-09  A leading ; with commands in a brace group or parenthesis group
      no longer causes an error.  It now is used for the "showme" option.
    09-09-09  A bug in which a subshell containing a background process could
      block until the background process completed has been fixed.
    09-09-04  A bug in handing ${var[sub]}, where var is a nameref has been fixed.
    09-09-03  A bug which caused an index array to have the wrong number of elements
      when it was converted from a compound variable by adding an another
      element has been fixed.
    09-09-03  Specifying export for a compound variable now generates an error.
    09-09-02  $"..." localizations strings are no longer recognized inside `...`.
    09-09-01  A bug in the for loop optimizer in the handling of type static
      variables has been fixed.
    09-09-01  An error message is not displayed when * and @ are used as subscripts.
    09-09-01  Several bugs in the processing for types that included an associative
      array of another type has been fixed.
    09-09-01  A bug in the tracing of [[ a < b ]] and [[ a > b ]] has been fixed.
    09-08-26  The .sh.file variable was not being set for a script that was run
      by name and didn't start with #! and this has been fixed.
    09-08-25  A bug in which a function called to deeply from command substitution
      did not display an error message has been fixed.
    09-08-24  When processing profiles, ksh93 now violates the POSIX standard and
      treats &> as a redirection operator similar to bash.
    09-08-23  A bug in the handling of the trap on SIGPIPE that could lead to a
      memory fault has been fixed.
    09-08-21  A bug in the handling of the comma operator in arithmetic expressions
      that could cause a core dump on some systems has been fixed.
    09-08-20  A bug in which a compound variable containing an array of a type
      that doesn't have any elements now expands correctly.
    09-08-19  A bug which disabled function tracing inside a function after
      a call to another function has been fixed.
    09-08-19  A bug in which initializing a compound variable instance to another
      compound variable by name has been fixed.
    09-08-18  A bug in which compound variable instances could be lost after
      an instance that invoked a type method discipline has been fixed.
    09-08-18  A bug in which a discipline function for a type applied to an
      array instance when invoked in a function ignored the subscript
      has been fixed.
    09-08-18  A scoping error with variables in arithmetic expression with
      type variables when reference with a name reference has been fixed.
    09-08-10  Several memory leaks were fixed primarily related to subshells.
    09-08-06  A bug in which setting the trap on CHLD to ignore could cause
      a script to hang has been fixed.
    09-07-08  A bug in the processing of name reference assignments when it
      contained pattern expansions with quoting has been fixed.
* Wed Aug 26 2009
  - Add patch to avoid crash within pipes
* Tue Aug 11 2009
  - Add three patches from David Korn for bug bnc#520598
  - Use mapping of libast virtual memory management (bnc#523212)
* Tue Aug 04 2009
  - Work around three memory leaks (bnc#520598)
  - Use workaround for bug in s390 for all architecture where named
    pipes aka fifos are in blocking mode which cause read failures
    in some sort of shell code test cases
  - Update to 2009-06-30 beta test of ksh93t+ for bug fixes
    09-06-22  The default width for typeset -X has been changed so that there
      should be no loss of precision when converting to a string.
    09-06-19  A bug in the printing of array elements for binary variables with
      printf %B has been fixed.
    09-06-19  A bug which caused a core dump with trap DEBUG set with an array
      assignment with no elements has been fixed.
    09-06-19  A bug with read with typeset -b -Z<num> has been fixed.
    09-06-19  Two bugs related to read -b for array variables has been fixed.
    09-06-19  A bug with typeset for compound variables containing arrays of
      compound variables has been fixed.
    09-06-18  A bug in appending a compound variable to a an indexed array of
      compound variables has been fixed.
    09-06-18  A bug which occurs when appending a compound variable to an indexed
      array element has been fixed.
    09-06-17  A bug in typeset -m when moving a local compound variable to a
      global compound variable via a name reference has been fixed.
    09-06-17  A bug in appending to nodes of an array of compound variables when
      addressing them via nameref has been fixed.
    09-06-17  A bug in typeset -p var, when var is an array of compound variables
      in which the output only contained on array element has been fixed.
    09-06-17  The prefix expansion ${!y.@} now works when y is a name
      reference to an element of an array.
    09-06-12  A bug in vi edit mode in which hitting the up arrow key at the
      end of a line longer than 40 characters which caused a core dump
      has been fixed.
    09-06-11  A bug in which "eval non-builtin &" would create two processes,
      one for the & and another for non-builtin has been fixed.
    09-06-08  When var is an identifier and is unset, ${var} no longer tries to
      run command substitution on the command var.
    09-06-08  Process substitution arguments of the form <(command) can now be
      used following the < redirection operator to redirect from command.
    09-05-13  A bug in which redirections of the form 2>&1 1>&5 inside command
      substitution could cause the command substitution to hang has been
    09-05-12  To conform with POSIX, the -u option only checks for unset variables
      and subscript elements rather than checking for all parameters.
    09-05-12  A bug which could cause a core dump when a variable whose name
      begins with a . was referenced as part of a name reference inside
      a function has been fixed.
    09-05-01  A bug that caused a core dump when SIGWINCH was received and
      both vi and emacs mode were off has been fixed.
    09-04-22  Default alias compound='typeset -C' added.
    09-04-15  A bug that caused ${...;} to hang for large files has ben fixed.
    09-04-08  A change was made in the -n option which printed out an incorrect
      warning with <>.
    09-04-05  A bug in handling new-lines with read -n has been fixed.
    09-03-31  A bug in which a nested command substitution with redirections could
      leave a file descriptor open has been fixed.
    09-03-17  The sleep(1) builtin now accept and ISO 8601 PnYnMnDTnHnMnS
      duration or date(1) compatible date/time operand.
* Fri Jun 19 2009
  - disable as-needed for this package as it fails to build with it
* Mon May 25 2009
  - Assigning to SECONDS in a subshell causes crash (bnc#502622)



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