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RPM of Group Productivity/File utilities

dolphin-4.7.2-4.2.2 KDE File Manager linux/i586
file-5.08-7.1.3 A Tool to Determine File Types linux/i586
findutils-4.4.2-17.1.2 The GNU versions of find utilities (find and xargs) linux/i586
findutils-locate-4.4.2-17.1.2 Tool for Locating Files (findutils subpackage) linux/i586
gnome-commander- Nice and Fast File Manager for the GNOME Desktop linux/i586
kdeutils3-3.5.10-2.1.2 KDE Utility Programs linux/i586
kdirstat-2.4.4-266.1.2 Graphical Directory Statistics for Used Disk Space linux/i586
kfind-4.7.2-4.2.2 KDE Find File Utility linux/i586
krename-4.0.7-4.1.2 A Powerful Batch Renamer for KDE linux/i586
krusader-2.0.0-23.1.2 A File Manager linux/i586
krusader-doc-2.0.0-23.1.2 A File Manager linux/i586
mc- Midnight Commander linux/i586
mmv-1.01b-943.1.2 Move/Copy/Append/Link Multiple Files by Wildcard Patterns linux/i586
nautilus-3.2.1-2.1.2 File Manager for the GNOME Desktop linux/i586
nautilus-search-tool-0.3.0-14.1.2 A Nautilus extension to put "Search for Files" on the context menu of folders linux/i586
nautilus-sendto-3.0.1-2.1.2 Integrate Nautilus, Evolution, Empathy and Pidgin linux/i586
nautilus-sendto-plugin-bluetooth-3.2.1-2.1.2 Bluetooth plugin for nautilus-sendto linux/i586
nautilus-sendto-plugin-empathy- Empathy plugin for nautilus-sendto linux/i586
nautilus-sendto-plugin-evolution-3.0.1-2.1.2 Evolution plugin for nautilus-sendto linux/i586
nautilus-sendto-plugin-pidgin-3.0.1-2.1.2 Pidgin plugin for nautilus-sendto linux/i586
nautilus-sendto-plugin-upnp-3.0.1-2.1.2 UPnP plugin for nautilus-sendto linux/i586
patchutils-0.3.2-5.1.2 A Collection of Tools for Manipulating Patch Files linux/i586
pcmanfm-0.9.9_rc3-11.1.2 The next generation LXDE file manager linux/i586
pilot-2.00-68.1.3 Simple file system browser linux/i586
sushi-0.2.1-2.2.2 Quick Previewer for Nautilus linux/i586
thunar-1.2.3-3.2.2 Fast and Easy to Use File Manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment linux/i586
tree-1.5.3-11.1.3 File listing as a tree linux/i586
wipe-2.3.1-3.1.3 Secure Erasure of Data linux/i586

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