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zlib-devel-1.2.5-8.1 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE 11.4 for x86_64

Name: zlib-devel Distribution: openSUSE 11.4
Version: 1.2.5 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 8.1 Build date: Thu Feb 17 19:33:05 2011
Group: Development/Languages/C and C++ Build host: build25
Size: 169841 Source RPM: zlib-1.2.5-8.1.src.rpm
Summary: Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development
This package contains all necessary include files and libraries needed
to develop applications that require the provided includes and




Other uncritical OpenSource License


* Sun Jan 09 2011
  - do not use compiler profile information, as the testsuite fails
    when using it.
* Tue Dec 21 2010
  - Add dependency to make it build in a parallel world.
* Tue Dec 07 2010
  - use compiler profile information to make libz slightly faster.
* Tue Sep 21 2010
  - Simplified version of zlib-lfs.patch. Should also resolve issues
    arising with various combination of LFS derinfes.
* Tue Sep 14 2010
  - Add zlib-lfs.patch: Fix Large File Support. Patch comes from the
    zlib-devel mailinglist:
* Tue Aug 10 2010
  - Update to version 1.2.5:
    + fixes bugs in gzseek() and gzeof()
  - Changes from version 1.2.4:
    + Fixed bugs in adler32_combine(), compressBound(), and
    + Wholesale replacement of gz* functions with faster versions
    + As part of that, added gzbuffer(), gzoffset(), gzclose_r(), and
      gzclose_w() functions
    + Faster Z_HUFFMAN_ONLY and Z_RLE compression for images and
      other specialized compression
    + Added flush options Z_BLOCK to deflate() and Z_TREES to
      inflate() for finer control
    + Added inflateReset2() and inflateMark() functions, the latter
      to aid in random access applications
    + Added LFS (Large File Summit) support for 64-bit file offsets
      and many other portability improvements
    + Updated examples in examples/ and updated third-party
      contributions in contrib/
  - Drop obsolete patches:
    + zlib-1.2.1-make-test.patch
    + zlib-1.2.1-vsnprintf.patch
    + zlib-1.2.1-CFLAGS.dif
    + zlib-1.2.3-686.patch
    + zlib-1.2.3-visibility-support.patch
  - Rebased zlib-1.2.2-format.patch
  - Clean spec file using spec-cleaner.
  - BuildRequire to have proper pkgconfig() provides.
* Mon Jun 28 2010
  - use %_smp_mflags
* Sat Dec 12 2009
  - add baselibs.conf as a source
* Tue Nov 24 2009
  - refresh patches with fuzz=0
* Fri Apr 24 2009
  - added LICENSE file, for GPL licensed contrib files, however
    they are not used to build our zlib library (bnc#490107)
  - added zlib-1.2.3-686.patch - update license text (bnc#490107)
* Sat Mar 21 2009
  - there is one valid use case of static zlib in "qemu" package
    split a -devel-static subpackage, please do not BuildRequire
    this package unless you are 100% sure you need it, if in doubt
    mail either the security team or me.



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