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twinkle-1.4.2-9.1 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE 11.4 for x86_64

Name: twinkle Distribution: openSUSE 11.4
Version: 1.4.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 9.1 Build date: Sat Feb 19 13:44:10 2011
Group: Productivity/Telephony/SIP/Clients Build host: build21
Size: 4509625 Source RPM: twinkle-1.4.2-9.1.src.rpm
Summary: A SIP Soft Phone
Twinkle is a SIP-based soft phone for making telephone calls over IP

    Michel de Boer <>






* Mon Mar 08 2010
  - fix compiler warning about no-return-in-nonvoid-function
* Thu Feb 26 2009
  - Integration with Diamondcard Worldwide Communication Service
    (worldwide calls to regular and cell phones and SMS).
  - Show number of calls and total call duration in call history.
  - Show message size while typing an instant message.
  - Show "referred by" party for an incoming transferred call in systray popup.
  - Option to allow call transfer while consultation call is still in progress.
  - Improved lock file checking. No more stale lock files.
  - Opening an IM attachment did not work anymore.
  - Link with ncurses library
* Sat Jan 31 2009
  * Update to 1.4.1
    * No sound when Twinkle is compiled without speex support.
    * Compiling without KDE sometimes failed (cannot find -lqt-mt).
    * Configure script did not correctly check for the readline-devel package.
    * The twinkle-return.patch is no longer needed, the patch is part of
    twinkle itself now.
* Mon Jan 26 2009
  * Update to 1.4
    * Service route discovery during registration.
    * Codec preprocessing: automatic gain control, voice activation detection,
    noise reduction, acoustic echo cancellation (experimental).
    * Support tel-URI as destination address for a call or instant message.
    * User profile option to expand a telephone number to a tel-URI instead
    of a sip-URI.
    * Add descending q-value to contacts in 3XX responses for the redirection
    * AKAv1-MD5 authentication.
    * Command line editing, history, auto-completion.
    * Ignore wrong formatted domain-parameter in digest challenge.
    * Match tel-URI in incoming call to address book.
    * Determine RTP IP address for SDP answer from RTP IP address in SDP offer.
    * Show context menu's when pressing the right mouse button instead of
    after clicking.
    * Swedish translation
    * Resampled ringback tone from 8287 Hz to 8000 Hz
    * Text line edit in the message form looses focus after sending an IM.
    * Twinkle does not escape reserved symbols when dialing.
    * Deregister all function causes a crash.
    * Twinkle crashes at startup in CLI mode.
    * Twinkle may freeze when an ALSA error is detected when starting
    the ringback tone and the outgoing call gets answered very fast.
    * User profile editor did not allow spaces in a user name.
    RFC 3608 - Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Extension Header Field
      for Service Route Discovery During Registration
* Tue Sep 09 2008
  - Update to 1.3.2
    * gcc 4.3 fixes
    * Disable file attachment button in message window when destination
      address is not filled in
    * Updated russian translation
    * Send file attachment with instant message.
    * Show timestamp with instant messages.
    * Instant message composition indication (RFC 3994).
    * Persistent TCP connections with keep alive.
    * Do not try to send SIP messages larger than 64K via UDP.
    * Xsession support to restore Twinkle after system shutdown/startup.
    * Call snd_pcm_state to determine jitter buffer exhaustion (some ALSA
      implementations gave problems with the old method).
    * SDP parser allows SDP body without terminating CRLF.
    * SIP parser did not allow white space between header name and colon.
    * With "send in-dialog requests to proxy" enabled and transport
      mode set to "auto", in-dialog requests are wrongly sent via TCP.
    * Crash when a too large message is received.
    * Comparison of authentication parameters (e.g. algorithm) were case-sensitive.
      These comparisons must be case-insensitive.
    * SDP parser could not parse other media transports than RTP/AVP.
    * Twinkle sent 415 response instead of 200 OK on in-dialog INFO without body.
    * Twinkle responds with 513 Message too large on an incoming call.
    * ICMP error on STUN request causes Twinkle to crash.
    * Add received-parameter to Via header of an incoming request if it contains
      an empty rport parameter (RFC 3581)
    * Twinkle did not add Contact header and copy Record-Route header
      to 180 response.
* Tue May 06 2008
  - Add missing return values.
* Wed Mar 12 2008
  - update to version 1.2 [bnc#370032]
    SIP over TCP
  - Automatic selection of IP address.
    * On a multi-homed machine you do not have to select an IP address/NIC
    * You can now start Twinkle when the network interface is down.
  - Support for sending a q-value in a registration contact.
  - Send DTMF on an early media stream.
  - Choose auth over auth-int qop when server supports both for authentication.
    This avoids problems with SIP ALGs.
  - Support tel-URI in From and To headers in incoming SIP messages.
  - Print a log rotation message at end of log when a log file is full.
  - Remove 20 character limit on profile names.
  - Reject an incoming MESSAGE with 603 if max. sessions == 0
  - Delivery notification when a 202 response is received on a MESSAGE.
* Fri Jan 18 2008
  - adding bison to buildrequires
* Thu Nov 08 2007
  - fix linking too
* Thu Nov 01 2007
  - fix compile, leaving the linking error to the experts



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