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pam_p11-32bit-0.1.5-12.1 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE 11.4 for x86_64

Name: pam_p11-32bit Distribution: openSUSE 11.4
Version: 0.1.5 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 12.1 Build date: Fri Feb 18 19:19:13 2011
Group: Hardware/Other Build host: build10
Size: 23632 Source RPM: pam_p11-0.1.5-12.1.src.rpm
Summary: PAM Authentication Module for Using Cryptographic Tokens
Pam_p11 is a pluggable authentication module (pam) package for using
cryptographic tokens, such as smart cards and usb crypto tokens, for

Pam_p11 uses libp11 to access any PKCS#11 module. It should be
compatible with any implementation, but it is primarily developed using

Pam_p11 implements two authentication modules:

* pam_p11_openssh authenticates the user using openssh
   ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file.

* pam_p11_opensc authenticates the user using certificates found in
   ~/.eid/authorized_certificates. It is compatible with the older
   opensc "pam_opensc" authentication module (eid mode).

Pam_p11 is very simple. It has no configuration file, no other options
than the PKCS#11 module file, and does not know about certificate
chains, certificate authorities, revocation lists, or OCSP. It is
perfect for the small installation with no frills.

    Andreas Jellinghaus
    Antti Tapaninen
    Juan Antonio Martinez
    Juha Yrjölä
    Kevin Stefanik
    Ludovic Rousseau
    Mario Strasser
    Markus Friedl
    Olaf Kirch
    Tatu Ylonen
    Timo Sirainen






* Mon Feb 01 2010
  - package baselibs.conf
* Thu Jun 25 2009
  - Supplement pam-32bit/pam-64bit in baselibs.conf (bnc#354164).
* Wed Sep 10 2008
  - Updated to version 0.1.5:
    * fix wiki to html export.
    * number of build fixes
* Thu Apr 10 2008
  - added baselibs.conf file to build xxbit packages
    for multilib support
* Thu Jul 26 2007
  - Updated to version 0.1.3:
    * make some functions static.
    * rename variables to avoid names of glibc functions
      (e.g. random).
    * do not save the password (i.e. pin - shouldn't go anywhere
      except to the card).
* Thu Mar 29 2007
  - added zlib-devel to buildreq
* Fri May 12 2006
  - New SuSE package, version 0.1.2.



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