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javadict-1.1-763.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE 11.4 for noarch

Name: javadict Distribution: openSUSE 11.4
Version: 1.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 763.1 Build date: Sat Feb 19 18:34:13 2011
Group: Productivity/Office/Dictionary Build host: build23
Size: 1395270 Source RPM: javadict-1.1-763.1.src.rpm
Summary: Japanese-English Dictionary Lookup Tool Featuring Handwriting Recognition
JavaDict is a Japanese-English dictionary and character dictionary
browser (for Jim Breen's EDICT dictionary) featuring handwriting
recognition-based character lookup.

It is portable, easy to use, and primarily intended for use by
English-speaking students of Japanese (or Japanese-speaking students of

    Todd David Rudick <>




GPL v2 or later


* Thu Aug 09 2007
  - build from source (fixes #227446)
  - fix build with java 1.5
* Fri Dec 15 2006
  - Bugzilla #227445: move javadict from /usr/X11R6/bin to /usr/bin.
  - use sazanami fonts instead of kochi fonts in font setup.
* Wed Jan 25 2006
  - converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Sun Feb 13 2005
  - only create links to existing dicts
* Fri Feb 06 2004
  - building as non-root (#norootforbuild)
* Mon Sep 08 2003
  - require "xjdic-indices" and add it to neededforbuild becaue
    javadict can only work with EUC-JP encoded dictionaries and
    needs "xjdic-indices" to generate them from the UTF-8
    encoded dictionaries in edict.rpm.
* Tue Jul 01 2003
  - use "export LC_ALL=ja_JP.eucJP" in the start script as a
    workaround because javadict doesn't work well in ja_JP.UTF-8.
  - patch the file to use fonts which work
    on SuSE Linux. This file is not used automatically, but the
    documentation mentions it and recommends to copy it to
    to the /usr/lib/java/lib directory, therefore it should better
    be correct just in case anybody really does this.
* Fri Jun 13 2003
  - add edict to "# neededforbuild" to be able to create symlinks
    to edict
  - fix "directory not owned by any package"
* Sun Jun 30 2002
  - fix directory permissions
* Thu Nov 22 2001
  - changed Requires from java to more universal jre1.1.x



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