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RPM of Group System/Monitoring

audit-visualize-1.5.2-98.1 Visualization tools for the audit subsystem linux/noarch
collectl-3.4.3-3.1 Collects data that describes the current system status linux/noarch
fs-check-0.9-40.1 Check File System Usage linux/noarch
iotop-0.4.1-3.1 Top Like UI to Show Per-Process I/O Going on linux/noarch
logwatch-7.3.6-78.82.1 Analyzes and Reports on system logs linux/noarch
monit-doc-5.2-3.3 Service Manager and Monitor System (Documentation and Examples) linux/noarch
nagios-plugins-nis-1.2-8.1 Nagios plugin to check the status of a NIS server on a specified host and NIS domain linux/noarch
nagios-plugins-rsync-1.02-9.1 Nagios plugin for checking rsync servers availability linux/noarch
nagios-plugins-zypper-1.38-3.1 Nagios plugin for checking software updates linux/noarch
sitar-1.0.6-137.3 System InformaTion at Runtime linux/noarch
ullae-veliyae-1.0-9.1 UV - Realtime graph of I/O per process linux/noarch

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