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RPM of Group System/GUI/GNOME

dasher-data-extras-4.11-8.1 Zooming Predictive Text Entry System -- Data files for additional languages linux/noarch
dasher-data-recommended-4.11-8.1 Zooming Predictive Text Entry System -- Data files for common languages linux/noarch
dmz-icon-theme-cursors-11.2.0-2.1 DMZ Cursor Theme linux/noarch
gconf2-branding-openSUSE-11.4-14.19.1 openSUSE defaults for the GNOME configuration system linux/noarch
gdm-branding-openSUSE-11.4-3.4 openSUSE branding of gdm linux/noarch
glib2-branding-openSUSE-11.4-4.2 Definition of GNOME Default Applications linux/noarch
gnome-audio-2.22.2-33.1 Audio Files for the GNOME Desktop linux/noarch
gnome-backgrounds-2.32.0-2.1 GNOME Backgrounds linux/noarch
gnome-common-2.28.0-10.1 Common Files to Build GNOME linux/noarch
gnome-doc-utils-0.20.3-5.1 A Collection of Documentation Utilities for GNOME linux/noarch
gnome-doc-utils-devel-0.20.3-5.1 A Collection of Documentation Utilities for GNOME linux/noarch
gnome-icon-theme-2.31.0-3.1 GNOME Icon Theme linux/noarch
gnome-icon-theme-extras-2.30.1-5.1 GNOME Icon Theme Extras linux/noarch
gnome-menus-branding-openSUSE-11.4-2.4 openSUSE branding of gnome-menus linux/noarch
gnome-mime-data-2.18.0-148.1 MIME Type and Application Database for the GNOME 2.x Desktop linux/noarch
gnome-panel-branding-openSUSE-11.4-14.19.1 openSUSE branding of gnome-panel linux/noarch
gnome-patch-translation-11.4-3.1 Collect and Merge Translations From RPM Patches linux/noarch
gnome-screensaver-extra-2.30.2-12.1 GNOME Screen Saver and Locker -- Additional screensavers linux/noarch
gnome-themes-2.32.1-2.1 GNOME Themes linux/noarch
gnome-themes-extras-2.22.0-61.1 Additional GNOME Themes linux/noarch
gsettings-desktop-schemas-0.1.5-2.1 Shared GSettings Schemas for the Desktop linux/noarch
gtk2-metatheme-gilouche-11.1.2-11.1 openSUSE themes and metathemes for gtk2 and metacity linux/noarch
gtk2-metatheme-industrial-0.6.5-56.1 Industrial Metatheme for GNOME linux/noarch
gtk2-metatheme-sonar-11.3.0-13.1 GTK+ and Metacity Sonar Theme linux/noarch
gtk2-themes-0.1-787.1 Additional Themes and Engines for GTK2 linux/noarch
metacity-themes-0.1-768.1 Themes for the Metacity Window Manager linux/noarch
metatheme-sonar-common-11.3.0-13.1 GTK+ and Metacity Sonar Theme -- Common Files linux/noarch
nimbus-icon-theme-0.1.4-6.1 Nimbus Icon Theme linux/noarch
novell-sound-theme-11-8.19.1 Novell Sound Theme linux/noarch
openSUSE-dynamic-wallpaper-11.4-14.19.1 Dynamic wallpaper for GNOME, with openSUSE Look linux/noarch
openSUSE-dynamic-wallpapers-old-11.4-14.19.1 Dynamic wallpapers for GNOME, from previous versions of openSUSE linux/noarch
sonar-icon-theme-11.3.1-13.1 Sonar Icon Theme linux/noarch
tango-icon-theme-0.8.90-12.1 Tango Icon Theme linux/noarch
xml2po-0.20.3-5.1 Tool to extract translatable content from XML documents linux/noarch
xml2po-devel-0.20.3-5.1 Tool to extract translatable content from XML documents linux/noarch

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