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RPM of Group Documentation/Other

alsa-docs- Additional Package Documentation linux/noarch
apache2-doc-2.2.17-3.1 Additional Package Documentation. linux/noarch
axis-javadoc-1.4-272.3 Api documentation for axis linux/noarch
axis-manual-1.4-272.3 Manual for axis linux/noarch
bind-doc-9.7.3-1.2.1 BIND documentation linux/noarch
books-2009.1.12-8.1 Several Linux Books linux/noarch
clanlib-examples-2.1.1-6.1 A Portable Interface for Writing Games linux/noarch
docbook-tdg-2.0.6-386.1 DocBook: The Definitive Guide linux/noarch
fhs-2.3-186.1 File System Hierarchy Standard linux/noarch
gnome-devel-docs-2.32.0-4.1 GNOME Platform Documentation linux/noarch
gnome-user-docs-2.32.0-4.1 GNOME Desktop Documentation linux/noarch
gnu-crypto-javadoc-2.0.1-240.1 Api documentation for gnu-crypto linux/noarch
gtkmm2-tutorial-2.22.0-6.1 C++ Bindings for GTK+ -- Tutorial linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-daemon-javadoc-1.0.5-3.1 Commons Daemon Javadoc linux/noarch
jessie-javadoc-1.0.1-239.3 Api documentation for jessie linux/noarch
krb5-doc-1.8.3-15.6 MIT Kerberos5 Implementation--Documentation linux/noarch
lessons4lizards_en-0.2-80.1 Lessons for Lizards - Understanding openSUSE linux/noarch
liblcms2-doc-2.1-4.1 User and developer documentation for lcms2 linux/noarch
libvorbis-doc-1.3.2-5.1 Documentation of Ogg/Vorbis library linux/noarch
openldap2-doc-2.4.23-10.3 OpenLDAP Documentation linux/noarch
otrs-doc-2.4.9-3.1 OTRS Documentation linux/noarch
python-mpservlets-doc-1.1.6-23.1 API Reference in HTML and PDF linux/noarch
python-mpservlets-tutorial-1.1.6-23.1 A tutorial on developing web applications using servlets linux/noarch
python-sphinx-doc-1.0.6-3.3 Documentation for python-sphinx linux/noarch
qpopper-doc-4.0.19-3.1 Documentation about the POP3 Mail Daemon from Qualcomm Inc linux/noarch
rfc-2011.1.5-3.4.1 The RFCs (Request For Comments) linux/noarch
samba-doc-3.5.7-1.17.1 Samba Documentation linux/noarch
xindy-doc-2.3.99pre1-3.8 Documentation for Xindy linux/noarch
xorg-x11-doc-7.6-6.1 X.Org documentation linux/noarch

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