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atkmm-doc-2.22.2-3.1 C++ Binding for the ATK library linux/noarch
blender-doc-2.56.34784-3.3 Documentation for blender linux/noarch
blocxx-doc- BloCXX - Documentation linux/noarch
clanlib-doc-2.1.1-6.1 A Portable Interface for Writing Games linux/noarch
cobertura-javadoc-1.9.3-4.1 Javadoc for cobertura linux/noarch
dbus-1-glib-doc-0.92-2.1 Documentation for the D-Bus/GLib bindings linux/noarch
dirac-doc-1.0.2-12.1 Dirac Video Codec api documentation linux/noarch
ffado-doc-2.0.1-6.5 API documentation for ffado linux/noarch
gtkmm2-doc-2.22.0-2.1 C++ Interface for GTK2 (a GUI Library for X) linux/noarch
jemmy-javadoc- Javadocs for jemmy linux/noarch
jsr-305-javadoc-0.1-3.3 Javadoc for jsr-305 linux/noarch
kdelibs3-devel-doc-3.5.10-44.2 Additional Package Documentation linux/noarch
klatexformula-apidoc-3.2.2-3.2 API documentation for KLatexFormula linux/noarch
libgarcon-doc-0.1.5-6.4 Documentation for garcon linux/noarch
liboggz-doc-1.1.1-5.1 Documentation for Oggz linux/noarch
netbeans-platform-javadoc-6.8-4.4 Javadoc documentation for NetBeans Platform 11 linux/noarch
qt3-devel-doc-3.3.8b-111.1 Documentation for the Qt 3 Development Kit linux/noarch
swingx-javadoc-0.9.4-4.3 Javadoc for swingx linux/noarch
thunar-devel-doc-1.3.0-1.2.1 Developer Documentation for Thunar linux/noarch
thunar-doc-1.3.0-1.2.1 Documentation for Thunar linux/noarch
tulip-devel-doc-3.3.1-8.1 Visualization of huge graphs - development documentation linux/noarch
xfce-utils-doc-4.8.1-3.6.1 Documentation for xfce-utils linux/noarch
xmlgraphics-commons-javadoc-1.4-3.3 Javadoc for xmlgraphics-commons linux/noarch
xmlgraphics-fop-javadoc-1.0-5.5 Javadoc for xmlgraphics-fop linux/noarch
xmlunit-javadoc-1.0-8.1 Javadoc for xmlunit linux/noarch
yast2-installation-devel-doc-2.20.5-1.2.1 YaST2 - Installation Parts linux/noarch
yast2-pkg-bindings-devel-doc-2.20.3-3.1 YaST2 - Documentation for yast2-pkg-bindings package linux/noarch

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