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RPM of Group Development/Libraries/Python

open-ovf-0.1-8.1 Tool for importing and exporting OVF linux/noarch
papyon-0.5.4-2.1 Python client library for the MSN protocol linux/noarch
python-GnuPG-Interface-0.3.2-127.1 GnuPG-Interface module for python linux/noarch
python-argparse-doc-1.1-4.1 Documentation and examples for python-argparse linux/noarch
python-asn1-0.0.11-4.1 ASN.1 library for Python linux/noarch
python-atspi-0.4.1-2.1 Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface - Python bindings linux/noarch
python-beaker-1.4-9.1 WSGI middleware layer to provide sessions linux/noarch
python-beautifulsoup- HTML/XML parser for quick-turnaround applications like screen-scraping linux/noarch
python-boto-2.0-3.1 Python interface to Amazon Web Services linux/noarch
python-cerealizer-0.7-6.1 A secure pickle-like module linux/noarch
python-chardet-2.0.1-4.1 Universal encoding detectorUniversal encoding detector linux/noarch
python-clientform-0.2.10-3.1 Python module for client-side HTML forms linux/noarch
python-coherence- Python implementation of the UPnP specification linux/noarch
python-concurrentloghandler-0.8.4-4.1 Concurrent logging handler linux/noarch
python-configobj-4.7.2-5.1 ConfigObj is a simple but powerful config file reader and writer linux/noarch
python-configobj-docs-4.7.2-5.1 ConfigObj Documentation linux/noarch
python-couchdb-doc-0.8-2.3 The API reference files for CouchDB linux/noarch
python-cssutils-0.9.8a1-3.1 Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) parser and library for Python linux/noarch
python-dateutil-1.5-4.1 A Python Datetime Library linux/noarch
python-dialog-2.7-207.1 A Python interface to the Unix dialog utility linux/noarch
python-distutils-extra-2.23-3.1 Distutils/Setuptools Adapter linux/noarch
python-django-1.2.5-3.1 A high-level Python Web framework linux/noarch
python-feedparser-4.1-8.1 Universal Feed Parser Module for Python linux/noarch
python-gdata-2.0.13-2.1 Python library to access data through Google Data APIs linux/noarch
python-genshi-0.6-3.1 Python XML-based Template Engine linux/noarch
python-gitpython-0.3.0-2.1 GitPython is a python library used to interact with Git repositories linux/noarch
python-gtk-doc-2.22.0-4.1 Python bindings for the GTK+ widget set linux/noarch
python-httplib2-0.6.0-4.1 A Python HTTP library linux/noarch
python-iniparse-0.4-2.1 Python Module for Accessing and Modifying Configuration Data in INI files linux/noarch
python-killswitch-0.1-2.1 Python module providing functions for killswitches linux/noarch
python-logilab-astng-0.20.3-2.1 Python Python Abstract Syntax Tree (New Generation) linux/noarch
python-mako-0.3.4-2.1 A Super-Fast Templating Language linux/noarch
python-managesieve-0.4.2-3.1 Python Module Implementing the ManageSieve Protocol linux/noarch
python-markdown-2.0.3-3.1 Python Markdown Implementation linux/noarch
python-mechanize-0.2.4-3.1 Stateful programmatic web browsing linux/noarch
python-minimock-1.2.5-4.1 The simplest possible mock library linux/noarch
python-mpservlets-1.1.6-23.1 Mod_python Servlets - a mod_python handler linux/noarch
python-mutagen-1.20-40.1 Python module to Handle Audio Metadata linux/noarch
python-netaddr-0.7.5-3.1 Pythonic manipulation of IPv4, IPv6, CIDR, EUI and MAC network addresses linux/noarch
python-oauth-1.0.1-4.1 Library for OAuth version 1.0a linux/noarch
python-odfpy-0.9.2-3.1 Tools and Python API for manipulating OASIS ODF documents linux/noarch
python-opengl-3.0.1-9.1 OpenGL bindings for Python linux/noarch
python-optcomplete-1.2_devel-3.1 Automatic Shell Completion Support for Scripts Using Optparse linux/noarch
python-paramiko-1.7.6-4.1 SSH2 Module for Python linux/noarch
python-parsing-1.5.2-5.1 Python parsing module linux/noarch
python-parsing-doc-1.5.2-5.1 Documentation for python-parsing linux/noarch
python-pygments-1.3.1-5.1 Pygments is a Syntax Highlighting Package written in Python linux/noarch
python-pyinotify-0.9.1-3.1 Python module for watching filesystems changes linux/noarch
python-pypdf-1.12-3.1 PDF toolkit linux/noarch
python-pyx-0.10-56.1 Python graphics package linux/noarch
python-rdflib-3.0.0-2.1 A Python library for working with RDF linux/noarch
python-serial-2.5-2.4 Python Serial Port Extension linux/noarch
python-telepathy-0.15.19-4.1 Python library for Telepathy linux/noarch
python-transaction-1.1.1-7.1 Transaction management for Python linux/noarch
python-tz-2010h-3.1 Olson timezone database for python linux/noarch
python-urlgrabber-3.1.0-188.1 A high-level cross-protocol url-grabber linux/noarch
python-xlib-0.14-93.1 Python X11 interface linux/noarch
python-zc-lockfile-1.0.0-7.1 Basic inter-process locks linux/noarch
python-zdaemon-2.0.4-6.1 Daemon process control library and tools linux/noarch

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