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RPM of Group Development/Languages/Python

IPCE-r7-64.1 Implementation of the Python programming language running on .NET linux/noarch
IPython-0.10-11.1 An Enhanced Interactive Python Shell linux/noarch
bpython- Fancy Curses Interface to the Python Interactive Interpreter linux/noarch
docutils-0.7-3.1 Python Documentation Utilities linux/noarch
pychecker-0.8.18-11.1 A tool for finding bugs in python source code linux/noarch
python-argparse-1.1-4.1 Python command-line parsing library linux/noarch
python-babel-0.9.5-7.1 Internationalization utilities linux/noarch
python-couchdb-0.8-2.3 A Python library for working with CouchDB linux/noarch
python-doc-2.7-8.1 Additional Package Documentation for Python. linux/noarch
python-doc-pdf-2.7-8.1 Python PDF Documentation linux/noarch
python-jinja2-2.5.5-3.1 A small but fast and easy to use stand-alone template engine written in Python linux/noarch
python-logilab-common-0.52.1-3.1 Python lowlevel functionality shared by logilab projects linux/noarch
python-pip-0.8.2-3.1 Pip installs packages. Python packages. An easy_install replacement linux/noarch
python-ply-3.3-12.1 Lex and Yacc-like tools written in Python linux/noarch
python-ply-doc-3.3-12.1 Lex and Yacc-like tools written in Python linux/noarch
python-py2pack-0.3.10-3.1 Generate distribution packages from Python packages on PyPI linux/noarch
python-pylint-0.21.2-4.1 Syntax and style checker for Python code linux/noarch
python-setuptools-0.6c11.99.r84273-9.1 Download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages -- easily! linux/noarch
python-sphinx-1.0.6-3.3 Python documentation generator linux/noarch
python-zopeinterface-3.6.1-3.1 Interfaces for Python linux/noarch
python3-doc-3.1-3.1 Additional Package Documentation for Python. linux/noarch
python3-doc-pdf-3.1-3.1 Python PDF Documentation linux/noarch

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