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xterm-268-1.2.1 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE 11.4 for i586

Name: xterm Distribution: openSUSE 11.4
Version: 268 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2.1 Build date: Sat Feb 19 00:33:35 2011
Group: System/X11/Utilities Build host: build21
Size: 2108045 Source RPM: xterm-268-1.2.1.src.rpm
Summary: The basic X terminal program
This package contains the basic X.Org terminal program.






* Wed Feb 16 2011
  - Patch #268 - 2011/02/10
    * fix an inconsistency of the "Enable Reverse Video" checkbox in the VT
      Options menu. This also removes a special case added in patch #217 which
      limited the effect of the reverseVideo resource (Debian #603808).
    * amend decoding of misformed UTF-8 sequences to avoid absorbing valid
      characters as documented in Unicode 6.0 section 3.9 (report by Keith
    * do not set urgency hint when window already has focus (patch by Dimitrios
    * amend extended mouse-coordinate mode from patch #262 changes to include the
      Cb button-code, which also may be greater than 127 (report by Ailin Nemui).
    * ensure that underline-cursor is visible when an application happens to set
      the background color (report by Christian Weisgerber).
    * add feature for full-screen toggling using either Alt-Enter or a menu
      selection (integrated patch by Dave Simmons).
    * add missing logic to handle reallocation of FIFO index for the "UTF-8" menu
      entry (report by David Holland, NetBSD #44344).
    * add makefile rules docs-ctlseqs, docs-xterm, etc.
    * correct typo in description of DECRPM in control sequences document (report
      by Ailin Nemui).
  - Patch #267 - 2010/11/20
    * minor formatting changes to to simplify a script which extracts
      the feature information. See the results in Comparing versions, by counting
      controls in the xterm FAQ.
    * add docs-clean makefile rule.
    * add copy-selection action (request by Timo Juhani Lindfors, Debian #588785).
    * trim leading/trailing blanks from string used for "Selection" font-menu
    * trim leading/trailing blanks from color resource values.
    * configure script improvements:
      o add workaround for removal of X11 dependency from Xt's package file
      (report by Robert Hooker).
      o add workaround for removal of fontconfig dependency from Xft's package
      file (report by Jeremy Huddleston).
      o add workaround for removal of Xmu dependency from Xaw's package file
      (report by Jeremy Huddleston).
      o improve workaround in CF_X_TOOLKIT macro, checking for other possible
      packages where Xt's dependencies may be given.
      o prefer ${name:=value} to ${name-value}, since recent bash changes break
      legacy support for that feature.
  - Patch #266 - 2010/10/24
    * add rpm and dpkg scripts, for testing.
    * more fixes for Debian #600707 (report by Cyril Brulebois).
  - Patch #265 - 2010/10/22
    * fix a regression in fontname logic from patch #263 changes (Debian #600707,
      reported by Vincent Lefevre).
    * revert modification of any-event/any-button protocol from patch #263
      changes. It interferes with selection using a shifted mouse button (reports
      by Neil Bird, Bram Moolenaar).
* Fri Oct 15 2010
  - Patch #264 - 2010/10/14
    * replace a null-pointer check with check for empty string in
      xtermOpenFont, to eliminate a warning message from patch #263 changes.
    * build-fix for patch #263 when toolbar is not configured (patch by
      Chris Clayton) (reports by Robby Workman, David Wood).
  - Patch #263 - 2010/10/13
    * corrected initialization of "misc" resource values, to ensure that
      xterm has allocated a copy of strings which may not have been malloc'd
      by the X library (Debian #600129).
    * modify handling of any-event/any-button mouse protocol; it now is
      active with any combination of key-modifiers.
    * add debugging feature showWrapMarks, which marks lines which xterm
      knows are wrapped, showing where a double-click will select past the
      end of a line.
    * build-fix to address change in include-guards for Xlib.h in ongoing
      Xorg edits (patch by Jeremy Huddleston).
    * improve pointerMode by continuing to watch for motion events after
      mouse tracking is disabled if the pointer is hidden (Debian #594856).
    * further extend initialization for active-icon font to check if the
      font was not loaded succesfully, to retry with font1, or as even
      (if TrueType fonts are used) to use a TrueType font. The retries
      are to help with cases as in patch #241 where the bitmap fonts are
      not available.
    * fix special case of active-icon used when TrueType font is specified
      for the xterm window, from patch #261 change. In that case, the
      default font's size was used for layout of the active icon's window
      (Debian #591265).
  - Patch #262 - 2010/8/30
    * fix a case where changing the cursor color via escape sequences did
      not immediately update the screen (report by Andreas Wagner).
    * implement ANSI and DEC request-mode control sequences. The latter
      includes the xterm-specific private modes such as the mouse mode. The
      feature is ifdef'd with the rectangle operations since its decoding
      overlaps that feature.
    * correct typo in for response of OSC 21 (patch by Kevin Schoedel).
    * improve discussion of mouse tracking in
    * increase an array limit used in reporting mouse events (report by Ryan Johnson).
    * add extended mouse-coordinates mode, allowing up to 2015x2015 windows,
      using UTF-8 encoding (patch by Ryan Johnson).
    * modify manpage hyphens to conform with Debian.
  - Patch #261 - 2010/6/28
    * fix regression in renderFont logic, from patch #260 changes (report
      by Joseph Quinsey).
  - Patch #260 - 2010/6/20
    * modify to work around problem linking to recent PCRE libraries.
    * extend renderFont resource to allow deferred switch to TrueType
      fonts without affecting existing resource settings (Debian #585620).
    * modify configure macro CF_X_TOOLKIT to work around omission of ICE
      library from ".pc" file (report by Miroslav Lichvar).
    * change configure script default for --enable-broken-st i.e., the
      brokenStringTerm feature) to normally enable it. If the corresponding
      resource is enabled, this feature eliminates an apparent freeze of
      xterm when sending mis-encoded data to the screen (Debian #584801).
    * document in manpage some actions which were overlooked:
      o readline-button
      o scroll-lock
      o set-8-bit-control
    * undo a change to limit-check in ScrnRefresh in patch #257, which
      broke fastScroll feature (Debian #584841).
    * modify handling of brokenLinuxOSC and brokenStringTerm to also sound
      the bell.
    * add control/D and control/Q to controls which will cause early exit
      from control string per brokenStringTerm resource.
    * improve documentation of brokenStringTerm resource in manpage.
  - Patch #259 - 2010/6/5
    * modify configure check for luit to include new aliases for the program
      (xterm-filter and bluit).
    * add workaround in xtermClearLEDs() to account for Xkb's override,
      making vttest's LED demo reset the scroll lock.
    * filter out client-message events when deciding whether to hide cursor,
      e.g., when using SCIM (patch/report by anonymous user).
    * improve description of -bd option in manpage (report by Guy Daniel Clotilde).
    * modify configure checks for PCRE and other libraries to use pkg-config, if available.
    * amend change from patch #252, to take veryColorColors resource into
      account when checking colorBDMode resource for TrueType fonts (report
      by anonymous user).
    * add vttests/ script for demonstrating the OSC 50 font query.
    * improve manpage discussion of Scroll Lock feature.
    * improve configure macros CF_GCC_VERSION and CF_GCC_WARNINGS.
    * fix warnings for "clang --analyze".
    * change default for allowScrollLock resource to false, noting that
      the supposedly unused key has been useful for various rebindings
      (Debian #580946).
  - Patch #258 - 2010/5/1
    * add pointer-checks in ScrnRefresh to fix a case in rapid scrolling
      where an empty record is fetched from the scrollback FIFO.
  - Patch #257 - 2010/4/22
    * correct description of OSC 17 and OSC 19 (patch by Emanuele Giaquinta).
    * corrected logic for menuLocale resource; the setlocale function
      returns the original locale only when querying.
    * improve filtering of translations resource, narrowing the scope of
      the alwaysUseMods to address only the translations that would cause
      a key to be sent to the host (report by Andrew Gaylard).
    * change default value of menuLocale resource to "C", to work around
      longstanding Xorg bug.
    * modify handling of scrollKey feature to ignore XON/XOFF keys.
    * implement scroll-lock feature.
    * revise memory allocation in UTF8toLatin1() to fix an out-of-bounds
      index (Mandriva #54531).
    * compute value for first wide-character rather than assuming it is
      256, fixes problem with -cjk_width introduced in patches 242 and 249
      (report by Thomas Wolff).
    * improve configure script:
      o corrected check for _XOPEN_SOURCE for OpenSolaris.
      o when possible, add rpath option for libraries in unusual places
      o add configure option --disable-rpath-hack to control whether the rpath option can be added.
    * modify AllocateTermColor() to separate initialization from control
      sequences, fixing problem from patch #254 changes where enabling
      allowSendEvents resource prevents setting cursor color on command-line
      (Debian #572928).
    * amend logic from patch #185 to not reallocate cell-array if processing
      ESC % G to switch from UTF-8 if already in ISO-8859-1 character set
      (report by Michael Koehne).
    * fix to avoid calling XmuInternStrings() with zero count (report by Johan Bockgård).
    * fix build when --disable-ansi-color configure option is used.
    * fix build when neither OPT_TCAP_QUERY or OPT_TCAP_FKEYS is defined
      (patch by Matthieu Herrb)
  - Patch #256 - 2010/3/6
    * add TerminalEmulator to desktop category files.
    * modify to ignore the "." appended to permissions by selinux.
    * change app-defaults organization, installing UXTerm-color and
      KOI8XTerm-color for consistent behavior regarding customization: color
      (prompted by discussion in Ubuntu #421261).
    * fix typo in from patch #255 changes, and add case for
      /var/run needed for full path of utmp (report by Julien Cristau).
    * minor fix to xterm manpage, remove a comment stating that margin bell
      can be changed via the VT Options menu. That was replaced in patch #225
    * add a "docs" rule to makefile.
    * fix initialization of Atom used for XkbBell feature from patch 243
      changes. Unlike the other calls to XInternAtom(), in this case the
      flag telling X to create the Atom was unset (patch by Chris Adams).
* Thu Sep 09 2010
  - BuildRequire utempter-devel
* Sat Feb 13 2010
  - Patch #255 - 2010/1/21
    * rename to install-sh in case suffix-rules might interfere.
    * extend range for convertToUTF8 function to full 31-bits, to use with
      printing, etc.
    * improve manpage by checking for actual locations of utmp/wtmp files
      (Debian #562640).
    * modify configure macro CF_XOPEN_SOURCE to remove -D's before adding the
      same name rather than relying on -U's, to reduce redefinition warnings
      for some platforms that have conflicting definitions in headers.
    * correct logic used to switch to alternate screen using FIFO-lines
      configuration (Debian #565772).
    * update config.guess, config.sub
* Fri Jan 15 2010
  - Patch #254 - 2010/1/6
    * add a configure-check to eliminate install-ti rule from Makefile
      when the system has no tic (terminfo compiler) program. This lets
      one use the install-full rule more consistently.
    * amend change to WriteText() function in patch #252 to take into
      account the colorAttrMode resource (report by Krzysztof Kotlenga).
    * document titleModes resource in manpage, added in patch #252.
    * modify tcap-query table entries for shifted up/down cursor keys
      to match ncurses convention.
    * improve lookup of termcap-query data, allowing for duplicate
      keycodes versus missing entries.
    * add control sequence which can be used to modify the terminal data
      used for the termcap-keyboard.
    * improve portability of tcap-query feature, using terminfo functions
      in preference to termcap on systems having terminfo.
    * improve font-setting/querying control (OSC 50):
      o when TrueType font is selected, the TrueType faceName will
      be set, rather than the bitmap font.
      o when TrueType font is selected, querying returns the name
      of the TrueType font.
      o querying a font recognizes the relative-font convention that
      setting a font could use.
    * add menu-entry for allowColorOps.
    * add new resources for fine-tuning menu entries: allowColorOps,
      disallowedColorOps, disallowedFontOps and disallowedTcapOps.
    * correct logic for disabling the "TrueType Fonts" menu item; it
      was not ensuring that the faceName resource value was non-empty.
    * implement VT520-style controls DECSMBV and DECSWBV for setting
      the margin- and warning-bell volume.
    * fix a minor error from patch #243 which made the zIconBeep feature
      use a minor-error tone rather than an informational tone.
    * add a null-pointer check for the case where renderFont resource is
      true, but faceName resource is unset, used in logic to strip "xft:"
      prefix from patch #251 changes (patch by Michael Riepe).
    * add special case to configure CF_XOPEN_SOURCE macro to use
      extensions on Darwin (patch by Dennis Preiser).
    * improve configure checks for regular expressions header and library
    * update config.guess, config.sub
  - Patch #253 - 2009/12/10
    * add a null-pointer check in getPrinterFlags() per changes in patch #252.
    * add a null-pointer check, needed in UTF-8 mode for Xft fonts after
      changes in patch #252 (patch by Alan Coopersmith).
    * correct size when clearing struct for tek4014 (patch by Jochen Voss).
    * parenthesize expression in MoreRows macro, fixing a limit check
      added in patch #251 (Debian #560039).
  - Patch #252 - 2009/12/7
    * modify title-querying logic to support retrieval of titles encoded using UTF-8.
    * add new "title-modes" control sequence for controlling whether
      window/icon titles can be set or queried using UTF-8, optionally
      encoded in a hexadecimal string.
    * use mkdir -p rather than (prompted by discussion of mawk
      by Aleksey Cheusov).
    * add appropriate copyright/license notices to the bulk of files
      lacking same, and modify to use identical terms in others which used
      different wording. The main exceptions are the files contributed
      by Markus Kuhn, who appears to prefer public domain distribution,
      noting that I have modified/improved several of these without
      changing the terms of distribution (request by Jari Aalto).
    * add control sequences for resetting the "dynamic" colors to their
      default values.
    * add control sequences for resetting the "special" colors to their
      default values.
    * add control sequences for setting the "special" colors such as
      colorBD (bold).
    * add overlooked case for setting highlight foreground color with
      the dynamic-colors control.
    * add OSC 104, for resetting ANSI/16/88/256 colors to default.
    * reset ANSI/16/88/256 colors to default in soft/hard reset functions.
    * strip "xft:" prefix from faceName and faceNameDoublesize resource values,
    * add DECSCUSR (discussion with Andy Koppe).
    * add check/warning on failure to load font, to see if the name looks
      like an Xft pattern rather than XLFD. This can happen if someone
      happens to modify their X resource settings for programs that read
      data from xterm's namespace.
    * modify handling of print and print-everything actions to allow
      the various printer flags to be overridden by supplying parameters.
    * add resource printerNewLine (request by Ovidiu Gheorghioiu).
    * minor cleanup, finish using TScreenOf() and TekScreenOf() macros introduced in patch #224.
    * improve checks in ShowCursor/HideCursor to get the background color,
      particularly when highlightReverse resource is used (reports by
      Jan Engelhardt, Christian Weisgerber).
    * correct checkVeryBoldAttr to omit comparison of foreground color
      to special color values used for color<XX> resources (report by
      Jan Engelhardt).
    * make colorBDMode and colorULMode resources work with TrueType
      configuration (report by Jan Engelhardt).
  - Patch #251 - 2009/11/11
    * add window-ops controls to push/pop icon and/or window labels on a stack.
    * minor fixes to align termcap file with terminfo.
    * add resource disallowedWindowOps, to allow fine-tuning of features
      to suppress with the allowWindowOps resource (prompted by discussion
      with Bram Moolenaar).
    * add makefile rules for resize-manpage to pdf, etc.
    * further improve limit-checks in select/paste (Mandriva #54531).
  - Patch #250 - 2009/10/13
    * add check and error-message for fonts that have no printable values
      in the ISO-8859-1 range (Debian #542434).
    * some compiler-warning cleanup, in particular workaround for
      defective implementation of gcc's attribute warn_unused_result
      (report by Bram Moolenaar).
    * improve estimate of single-column width for packed TrueType fonts
      by ignoring extents for codes 127 and 159.
    * improve line-drawing for TrueType fonts which happen to have defined
      glyphs which are not line-drawing in 0..31 by assuming they're not,
      and just checking the existence of the Unicode codepoints. This
      makes it more likely that the user can override a misconfigured
      font using the "Line-Drawing Characters" menu entry.
    * limit minimum cell-width for packed font to maximum-advance reported
      by Xft. Some fonts are wider than that, even in the Latin-1 range
      (Debian #550497).
    * add list of direct-contributors in "THANKS" file.
    * stylistic changes to this file to help scripted extraction of list
      of contributors.
    * correct off-by-one in okPosition fix from patch #249 limit-checks
      which prevented double-click selection on the bottom line of the
      screen (reports by Rajeev V. Pillai, Debian #550368).
    * add -q option to vttest/ and vttest/ to
      demonstrate bulk initialization of color palette.
    * improve the workaround from patch #188 by enabling resources for
      the 88-color model.
    * document in xterm manpage the limited availability of resources
      color16 to color255 as noted in patch #188 (Ubuntu #438850).
  - Patch #249 - 2009/10/1
    * change default for allowWindowOps resource to false.
    * add limit-checks for result of visual_width() function, needed
      from patch #242 and exposed by #244 changes (Debian #548321).
    * improve limit-checks in select/paste.
    * fix a remaining bug from patch #230 changes for displaying
      multi-column characters in a proportional font (report by Chris
    * add new resource forcePackedFont and menu entry "Packed Font" to
      control whether to use the font's minimum (default) or maximum width
      when those differ. The workaround which xterm uses to accommodate
      proportional fonts is not necessary with certain fonts such as
      unifont which happen to store a mixture of multicolumn glyphs
      (report by Chris Jones).
    * fix an (old) bug which did not restart the timer for blinking
      text if the only blinking text was temporarily scrolled out of view,
      e.g., using the scrollbar.
    * fix an (old) flaw in the delete-line operation where the text
      which is scrolled into view while the display is scrolled up was
      not repainted.
    * improve delete-line and insert-line operations, retaining selection
      when the selection does not intersect the deleted/inserted lines.
    * fix an (old) off-by-one error when an application cleared above
      the cursor position while the display was scrolled up, that would
      leave an extra line of text uncleared.
    * fix a similar problem where the double-size attribute would not
      be reset when clearing the screen while the display was scrolled up.
    * fix an indexing error which would occur if an application cleared
      a line while the display was scrolled up and was also in UTF-8 mode
      (Redhat #524503). The error was from patch #228 but more visible
      after changes from patch #244.
  - Patch #248 - 2009/9/11
    * fix an overlooked adjustment for selecting double-width characters
      in the narrow-character configuration.
    * eliminate uses of XTERM_CELL and XTERM_CELLC where an appropriate
      LineData pointer is available.
    * correct expression in okScrnRow macro, making selections give the
      length of lines below the visible screen (report by Stuart Henderson).
    * correct logic used to improve performance of missing-glyph check,
      which did not handle line-drawing characters (Debian #545220).
  - Patch #247 - 2009/8/30
    * add ifdef's and check for openpty() on DragonFly (patch by Alex
    * correct calculation for size of line's data block, which was
      sometimes off-by-one when configured using --enable-16bit-chars
      (report by H Merijn Brand).
    * fix indexing error in print-everything feature from patch #246
      (patch by Ovidiu Gheorghioiu).
  - Patch #246 - 2009/8/16
    * remove obsolete logic for saving/restoring wrapping flags, which did
      not work on 64-bit platform. Wrapping flags (stored in the
      line-index) are now copied with line-data (Debian #541160).
    * modify comments in app-defaults files to avoid problem with C
      preprocessor used by xrdb (Debian #541603).
    * restore special case in makeColorPair, needed for colorBDMode
      resource (Debian #541089).
    * correct SetLineFlags() macro, broken in patch #244 when recoding
      to avoid gcc-specific bitfields (Debian #541236).
    * modify initialization of screen buffers to ensure that pointers
      align to int-boundaries. This fixes a problem introduced in patch
      [#244] where the color- and character-arrays (stored after the
      video-attributes in each row) might be misaligned (report by Rajeev
      V Pillai).
    * add limit-check in ScrnRefresh for handling saved-lines from the
      circular buffer which are repainted on a screen whose width has
      increased. To improve performance, circular buffer entries are
      not resized (report by Rajeev V Pillai).
    * correct type for CellColor (a late change in patch #244 to avoid
      gcc-specifc enums made that unsigned rather than unsigned short,
      for the 256-color option).
    * fix typo in configure option --enable-16bit-chars (report by Rajeev
      V. Pillai).
  - Patch #245 - 2009/8/12
    * correct a special case in saving FIFO-lines from patch #244. If
      the screen was shrunk, xterm used the wrong amount for copying to
      FIFO-lines, and then used this amount to adjust the current row
      on the screen. That was both a visible defect (Debian #541109)
      as well as a potential addressing error (Debian #541132, #541160,
      and #541236).
    * add clarification in xterm manual about the various allowXXXOps
      resources, which are disabled when the allowSendEvents resource
      is active (patch by Julien Cristau, Debian #531597).
  - Patch #244 - 2009/8/9
    * refactored storage of saved-lines, providing a configure
      option to manage them as a FIFO (actually a circular buffer),
      improving performance. Added configure option --enable-fifo-lines
      to enable/disable the new feature (it is enabled by default).
    * added fastScroll resource, to amuse people who measure terminal
      emulator performance by cat'ing large files to the screen.
    * modify check in readPtyData from return values to provide exit
      on zero-bytes read from pty for FreeBSD, or eliminate high-CPU
      in "xterm-hold" processing (discussion with Ulrich Spoerlein,
      FreeBSD ports/136686). The check was originally modified to combine
      negative/zero values in XFree86-3.1.2E, 1996/05/06.
    * add configure option --enable-16bit-chars to provide wide-characters
      with 1account whether they are double-width (report by Guilbert
      Stabilo on
    * add capability for keypad-center (kb2/KA2) to termcap entry
      for xterm-new, as well as xterm-8bit, xterm-sun and xterm-vt220
      (FreeBSD conf/136336).
    * change default for keepSelection resource to true (prompted by
      discussion with David Muir Sharnoff).
    * remove a limit-check in ptydata.c, allowing Unicode values past
      64k to be displayed using TrueType fonts (Debian #458432).
    * remove a vt52-specific ifdef to allow mapping F1-F4 to PF1-PF4
      when vt52 support is not compiled (report by Olaf 'Rhialto' Seibert).
    * save/restore line-wrapping flags when converting from ISO-8859-1
      encoding to UTF-8 encoding, as well as when resizing screen.
    * remove extra adjustment of position in fix for Debian #418324.
    * modify default check for mkWidth resource to check for line-drawing
      characters, which are categorized as double-width in Solaris 10
      (report by Sebastian Kayser).
    * add "print-everything" action (patch by Ovidiu Gheorghioiu).
    * start refactoring scrollback data using new getLineData() function.
    * demote recent change to Debian #252873 fix to experimental,
      ifdef'd out as EXP_BOGUS_FG (Debian #522141).
    * work around groff mapping of ASCII quotes using macros (requested
      by Reuben Thomas based on Colin Watson advice, fixes Debian #378700).
    * correct symbol used for default of allowWindowOps which was
      DEF_ALLOW_FONT rather than DEF_ALLOW_WINDOW (report by Matthieu
    * amend fix for tek4014 from patch #243 to make it only apply to
      the Tek Options menu.
    Patch #243 - 2009/3/28
    * revert change to default for allowTcapOps (request by Bram Moolenaar).
    * reallocate result returned by xtermEnvLocale() to avoid reference
      to freed memory after handling menuLocale resource.
    * fix an old (X11R5) bug in tek4014 for switching fontsizes.
    * add resource defaultString to make configurable the use of "#"
      when pastes of UTF-8 text fail due to limitations in the current
      locale settings.
    * make the set of selection target Atom's configurable by two new
      resources eightBitSelectTypes and utf8SelectTypes, e.g., to use the
      TEXT Atom in preference to UTF8_STRING (discussion with Stanislav
      Sedov regarding koi8rxterm and the FreeBSD port).
    * modify handling of TARGETS Atom by making it return exactly the
      set of targets as those which xterm is currently providing.
    * set MANPAGER and PAGER explicitly to /bin/cat in
      to work around /etc/man.conf's with those variables already set
      (report by ÐаÑÑÑÑиÐ&frac; СеÐ&frac;ÑÐ&frac;).
    * improve error-checking of tcap-query parser.
    * add check for keyboard tcap), which ensures that terminal
      descriptions containing the same string for shifted/unshifted keys
      will be seen by tcap-query as only the unshifted key. (This would
      only happen with an incorrect terminal description).
    * fix conversion for input event-state to modifier-parameter which
      made tcap-query feature not work with tcapFunctionKeys (keyboard
      type tcap).
    * add "DEF_ALLOW_XXX" definitions to main.h to allow overriding the
      default compiled-in values for "allowxxx" resources.
    * remove check on bell-percentage added in patch #242, which
      disallowed zero/negative values (Redhat Bugzilla #487829).
  - Updated vttest to 20091231 snapshot.
* Tue Dec 15 2009
  - enable parallel building
* Tue Apr 07 2009
  - refresh patches to avoid fuzz
* Mon Feb 16 2009
  - updated to release xterm-242
    * fix  configure  check for XkbBell and provide appropriate parameter
      for it.
    * fix  a  caching problem with double-size fonts versus reverse video
      that could cause core dump.
    * repair double-size fonts from workaround used in [246]patch #240.
    * add new section to the VT Fonts menu which allows enabling or
      disabling the font, termcap (tcap-query), title and window operations.
    * add  fontWarnings  resource, to control whether to show warnings on
      failure to load a font.
    * improve warnings for unloadable fonts introduced in [247]patch #240
      by limiting those to the cases where a font would be specified
      directly by a resource setting rather than a derived fontname.
    * further amend fix for Debian #252873 from [248]patch #197 to treat
      a blank cell which does not have both foreground and background
      colored as a non-colored cell. This improves a special case where
      the cursor is on a blank cell which had foreground color scrolled
      in (report by Miroslav Lichvar).
      Also add the same logic when hiding cursor, so the outline matches
      the in-focus cursor.
    * modify internals to reduce places PAIRED_CHARS() is used, making
      WriteText() and ScrnWriteText() accept IChar array, as well as
      providing a wrapper for drawXtermText().
    * change default XIM font from "*" to "fixed" to improve startup time
      in zh_CN.UTF-8 locale (Mike Fabian, bnc#464930).
* Tue Feb 03 2009
  - updated to release xterm-241
    * improve checks for missing bitmap fonts, fallback to "fixed" as
      needed to work around broken font-packages (report by Jacek Luczak).
    * fix breakage from patch #240 changes for xtermAddInput() (patches
      by Jeff Chua, Julien Cristau).
  - updated to release xterm-240
    * use for linking xterm (suggested by Larry Doolittle).
    * add resource descriptions for input method to xterm manpage.
    * update configure script; consistently append to $CFLAGS rather
      than prepend.
    * add install-scripts rule to makefile, to allow roi8xterm and uxterm
      scripts to be altered independently of install-bin
    * add -maximized command-line option and corresponding resource
      (prompted by alt.os.linux newsgroup comment).
    * modify translations of scrollbar widget using xtermAddInput() (see
      patch #181) to accept the actions that the vt100 widget accepts, such as
      shift-insert to perform a paste operation (request by Martin Zwickel).
    * change default for allowTcapsOps resource to false, since it causes
      unexpected behavior for vim users with AltGr.
* Thu Jan 29 2009
  - bnc#464930: change the default for the ximFont resource from "*"
    to "fixed", this still works fine with the XIM servers "scim"
    and "kinput2" and speeds up the startup time of xterm
    dramatically in zh_CN.UTF-8 and zh_HK.UTF-8 locales.



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